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The Yellow River—China‟s mother river


In human history, many ancient and splendid civilizations were born and died. China is the only country with uninterrupted human civilization. 在人类历史中,许多古老的灿烂文化在新生和消逝。而中国是唯一一个人类文化未断层的国家。

Chinese civilization was born on the shores of the Yellow River in 2800 BC. And the fertile land where Chinese civilization began is Henan province. The yellow river traverses central Henan. It is China ‟s main north-to-south and east-to-west artery. China‟s most ancient tribal leaders the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor were born here. Even today, Chinese people all over the world still call each other the descendants of those two emperors.


The magnificent river holds an unshakable position in the heart of every Chinese, worshiped by every generation and called “the mother river ”. With wit, diligence, and tenacity, Chinese descendants pursue co-existence and common prosperity on this land. The 5000 km Yellow River breaks into the broad plain, forming the cradle of Chinese


黄河在每个中华儿女的心里有着不可动摇的地位,世代被称为“母亲河”。在这块土地上,顽强、智慧、勤劳的中华儿女追求共生,共富。 五千公里的黄河冲破了最后一道屏障,涌进了大平原,形成了中华文明的摇篮。

With 2000 years history, the Yellow River has nourished 13 dynasties ‟ capital Luoyang, ten dynasties‟ capital Kaifeng and the biggest economic center in its basin —Zhengzhou. In the long history of China, there were 20 dynasties, over 200 emperors built or moved their capital here, this lasted for over 3200 years.


That left many valuable cultural relics in Henan, three of them are listed as world cultural heritage sites, including “the Center of Heaven and Earth ”, the Longmen Grottoes, and Yin Dynasty Ruin.


In ancient Chinese cosmology, China was regarded as the center of the heaven and earth, and the center of China was Dengfen. Therefore, Dengfen became the popular location for the capitals and cultural center

of early dynasties.

在中国古代的宇宙观里,中国是天地的中心,而登封则是中国的中心,因此,登封成为了古代王朝最理想的国都和文化中心的所在地。 The three mainstream cultures, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism set up base here to carry forward the culture. And the essence lies in the buildings of “the Center of Heaven and Earth ” which have the longest history, most building types and the richest cultural connotations.


Writing is one of the most important manifestations of civilization. The oracle bone inscriptions found in Anyang top the ten greatest archaeological discoveries in 20th century. As some of the oldest character in the world, their cultural significance is remarkable. Fortunately, we can still enjoy their everlasting charm in the ruins of Yin Dynasty.


If characters are the manifestation of abstract civilization, stone inscription can be seen as the concrete representation of civilization. Longmen Grottoes, the magnificent stone carving complex in ancient

“All styles or schools of martial art originate from Shaolin Temple.”Today, Shaolin kungfu has become a window of Chinese culture to the world, which also turns Shaolin Temple into the most influential „holy land ‟ of martial arts in the world.


Moreover, Taichi or shadow boxing, another school of kungfu in Chinese martial art culture, was born here as well. It ‟s said that when a fighter surnamed Chen saw the symbol of Taichi in a place named Chenjiagou where two rivers flow together, he then founded the world-famous school of martial art —Taichi after realizing that the universe consists of Yin and Yang.


Taichi, because of its combination of Chinese Confucianism and Taoism, Oriental Inclusive Concept, and unremitting effort to the unity of nature and man, can help attain the goals of self-cultivation and longevity.

太极,能使人们提高自我修养、实现长寿的目标,因为其糅合了儒家、道家、东方包容性的观念以及为达天人合一而所做的坚韧努力! Chinese civilization with it‟s thousands of years of history is just like an

old man remain stubborn, tenacious, intelligent and industrious. No matter what happens in the world, he is always standing there with a big smile and an inclusive attitude.


Henan, the cradle of Chinese civilization, is a treasure trove of cultural relics, defying the concepts of space and time and shining brightly over us.


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