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1 2014作文(满分30分)

① A friend in need is a friend indeed.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

I think lots of people have ever heard this word: a friend in need is a friend indeed. In fact, it is the word exactly right that indicate the true meaning of friendship. As all we know everyone has his or his friends, but what is the real friendship, and who are your real friends, these are the point of the word let us know.

What is the genuine friendship, as I see it, it is the one you need, then the one turn up, to the contrary, you appear at the right time your friend needs you. It is the friendship meaning. It comes to us at the right time when we need. Meanwhile, the word gives us the information that distinguish who are our authentic friend, a real friend is the one you always think of, no matter when you are in happiness or sorrow, you want to share you feeling with them. At the same time, they keep company with you, without asking for any return. Finally, a truthful friend is as important as your families, whenever you may need them, and you never want to lose them.

Something or someone arrives constantly with their own meaning, when they turn to us, which have other particular meaning. A real friend is the god-given. We must cherish it. Keeping in need to your heartfelt friends, then they will keep needed to you. This is a friend indeed. ②Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Some people always make up their minds to do something better ,but

they can’t be successful . The reason is that they can’t insist on finishing

what they have decided to do.

As we all know ,whatever we do ,we can’t do them better at the very

beginning because nothing is so easy . We will meet with many

difficulties . If we get into trouble , and then give up right away , how can

we succeed ? You may say that I have failed again and I have lost heart .

My suggestion is that you should think of the stories of Edison and many

other scientists . Their success came from great willpower and

uncountable failure .

If you wish to be successful ,you should have willpower . The more

difficulties you meet with ,the harder you must forget ahead .

Remember :where is a will , there is a way .

第二节: 书面表达(满分25分)2014天津

假设你是晨光中学高二(1)班的班长李津, 得知美国学生Chris 作为交换生, 下学期将到你班学习。 请你根据以下提示, 给他写封邮件:

(1) 表示欢迎

(2) 介绍与本地生活相关的信息(如天气, 饮食等)

(3) 介绍本班情况

希望Chris 做哪些事情, 以增进中美学生之间的了解和友

Dear Chris,

I’m Li Jin, monitor of Class One, Grade Eleven. I have heard that you are to come to our school as exchange students, and I, on behalf of our class, welcome you wa rmly and sincerely. Now, I’d like to introduce some details about the weather, food, and our class.

The weather in fall is very pleasant. It is neither too hot nor too cold, and neither

2 too dry nor too humid. The temperature here is at about 20 centigrade. Moreover, the food in Tianjin is delicious, including the Eight Great Bowls and The Four Great Stews, and some snacks such as Goubuli, a kind of steamed bun with filling. I am sure you will enjoy them.

Our class is a very warm family. There are 60 students in our class, containing 35 boys and 25 girls. You will find it easy to join us since we all want to make friends with you. Then, you needn’t worry about the life here, because the girls and boys in our class are very friendly and helpful. Whenever you get in trouble, they are ready to lend their hands to you.

At last, I personally advise you to learn some basic Chinese, in order to communicate with local people and it is much easier for you to get on with teachers and classmates by speaking Chinese. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Yours Li Jin


Dear John,

I am happy to hear that you will have a lecture on Western Culture. This is exactly what we are longing for.

I have long been enjoying your class. You always explain the difficult point in a fun way, making it easier for us to understand. When we make mistakes in class or in our assignment, you always encourage us and avoid making us feel embarrassed. Therefore, we all love you and your class. As to topics we’re interested in, I prefer western music and education. You know, most of us teenagers love music and it makes us relaxed and happy after long hours of study. What’s more, we want to know more about western education and culture which are surely helpful to us.

Looking forward to your lecture.

Sincerely yours,

Li Hua


假如你叫李华,是某中学英语俱乐部的负责人。请你写一封电子邮件,邀请外教Brown 担任周末英语演讲比赛的评委,要点包括:



3.备选话题:a .China Dream b .True Friendship

C .If I were a president...

Dear Mr. Brown ,

My name is Hua Li. I am happy to inform you that there be an activity held by our English club. The activity will begin in the afternoon this Saturday, and the location is the school library. There are totally three topics for communication. The first one is "China Dream ", the second one is "True Friendship" and the last one is "If I were a president...". We are expecting to you to come.


Hua Li

3 2014广东[写作内容]用约30个词概括上文的主要内容。用约120个词就Miss McCarty 的捐助谈谈你的想法,内容包括:




2014北京 你给英国朋友Chris 写一封信,内容包括:

1. 你们原计划7月份一同去云南旅游;2. 由于脚部受伤,你无法按原计划前往;

3. 表达你的歉意并建议将旅行推迟到8月份。

Dear Chris,

How is everything going?

I remember we planned to visit Yunnan in July but now because my left foot was injured, I cannot go with you as planned.

I ’m sorry about it. Can I suggest that we put it off until early august? I wish you could understand. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours, Joe

2014北京 假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,用校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文,记述你和同学们向学校提建议,解决自行车存放问题的过程。注意: 1. 词数不少于 60.

2. 短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。

There was a problem with the parking place for bikes in our school, I noticed the entrance was small and almost blocked. So my classmates and I had a discussion and wrote a report. Then we went to meet the schoolmaster in his office and gave the report to him. He accepted our suggestions. Soon afterwards, a second entrance was opened to the parking place. Now it is easy

4 to park our bikes there.

2014 学校英语报正在酝酿改版,拟从现有的三个栏目(健康、娱乐、文化)中去除一个,并从三个备选栏目(时尚、职业规划、读者反馈)中挑选一个纳入该报。假设你是该校学生程飞,给校报编辑写一封电子邮件,表达你的观点。邮件须包括以下内容:

1. 你建议去除的栏目及去除的理由;

2. 你建议增加的栏目及增加的理由。

Dear Sir/Madam,

As an avid reader of your newspaper, I'd like to offer some suggestions for changes that hopefully could be made to your future editions. A section that I think you can do without would be Culture and, in the meantime, a section that I suggest adding to the newspaper is Career Planning. My reasons are as follows.

Since this newspaper is intended for students, a relaxed tone and light-hearted topics would get in good graces with us. Culture seems a rather serious section, which isn't really necessary considering our school curriculum has done an excellent job imparting to us gems of various cultures in the world. Besides, culture and entertainment are inextricably linked that is, we can subliminally learn about western culture through listening to English songs and watching American or British TV series. For example, Big Bang Theory has shown us how Americans now regard "smart is the new sexy," and Sherlock has shown us how the wry humor of Brits can actually strengthen the bond between two detectives. The reason why I'd like to see a Career Planning section is that high schools in Shanghai seldom offer career guidance, something that should be made indispensable to the curriculums. Employers often complain about graduates' lack of skill and, more importantly, mental preparedness to do things professionally. I think that it's part of a school's responsibility to help students build links between academic subjects and employable skills. These are not mutually exclusive entities, but rather a mutually dependent whole. Book knowledge bolsters our qualifications and confidence necessary for a successful career, while proper career planning will be beneficial in directing our limited time and energy to what really matters to us personally. Better still, it would be fantastic to read about other people's reflections on job-seeking and career development.

It is time we made the newspaper breezier to its readers and incorporated some practical tips on finding work and building a career.

Many thanks

Chen Fei


1. 简述你写信的目的及你对场所的选择;

2. 说明你的理由(从便利性,专业性等方面对这两个场所进行对比)

To whom it may concern:

I ’ve learned that an art exhibition is to be held and that you ’re collecting suggestions on its location. I’m writing this letter to share with you my opinions.

In my opinion, it is more advisable(适当的) to hold the art exhibition in Shanghai Museum than in community libraries(社区图书馆). My reasons are as follows.On one hand, it is more convenient for people to get to Shanghai Museum which is located in the center of the city. And the museum is much more spacious(宽敞的) than community libraries, which provides visitors with a more comfortable environment for appreciating art.

5 On the other hand, as a well-known museum, Shanghai Museum is more professional and experienced in holding art exhibitions. Its professional security guards and advanced facilities can better protect those famous paintings from being damaged or stolen.

Therefore, I suggest the exhibition be held in the museum.

Wang Min


假如你是新华中学的学生李华,你的美国朋友Tom 一周前给你发电子邮件,询问你暑假里的打算,但你因准备期末考试未能及时回复。请根据双下要点给他回封邮件:

1. 未及时回信的原因;

2. 你假期的打算(如做兼职、旅行、做志愿者等)

Dear Tom,

How is everything going on with you? I’m writing this letter to express my appology to you for not writing you back in time.

In the first place, I’ll be so happy if you could accept my apology. It’s of great importance for me to make full preperations for the final exam last week. Therefore, I couldn’t spare enough time to write you back in time . Wh at’s more , I am willing to tell you that I am to do some part-time jobs in the summer holiday. No one can deny the fact that we can have our vision broadened in the process. Last but not least , it must be pointed out that I would love to go travelling during this holiday.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. And I'll appreciate it very much if you give me an early reply.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua


假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,请按照以下四幅图的先后顺序,用英文写一篇周记。记述爸爸出 差期间,妈妈生病,你照顾她的过程。

LastMonday, my father would be on a business trip for five days.Having gotten my promise of being great at home and taking care of my mother,he rest assured and put his luggage into the trunk of his car. Seeing my father’sdriving away, my mother and I waved our hands and said

goodbye to him. For amoment, I began to miss my father, wishing that he would be safe and well thenext days。

I thoughteverything would go well, as this was not the first time that my father had beenaway for several days. Yet, unfortunately, my mother caught a cold the nextmorning. Looking at her pale face, I experienced high levels of anxiety.However, I told myself that I had to calm down and look after my mum, as Ipromised to my dad. The moment I got my mum to sleep, I put cold towel on herforehead, found pills in the medicine box, and made some noodles for her. Luckily,she waked up and felt better, after taking the pills and the noodles. That herfever was gone relieved and satisfied me a lot。

In the nextfour days, I was taking her body temperature twice a day, ensuring that she

wascompletely well. To our delight, my dad went back home safely and healthily onSaturday. On hearing what I had done to my mum, he, as well as my mum, beamedat me and gave me a big

6 thumb. Hearing their praises and seeing bright smileson their faces, I really felt overjoyed and thrilled. Conceivably, taking careof my parents was, indeed and definitely, my mission and obligation 。

Hi, Jim,there is an interesting picture conveying a message vividly that a differencebetween reality and dream may as well be recognized in our life. Evidently,realizing this difference and trying to shorten this gap is the key toachieving our accomplishment, otherwise nothing will be gotten in the end。

In our dailylife, some people are aware of their ability, making great efforts to

improvethemselves, while others ignore the disparity between their earnest wish andpoorest

actuality, doing nothing but complaining. Conceivably, the confused manin the picture is exactly the latter one. In this picture, a man is fishing ona big stone, waiting and waiting. However, the small fish he has caught istotally different from the big one he is longing for. Now, there are twooptions in front of him: face the reality and keep trying till get the dreamyfish, or drop his fishing rod and feel desperate. Apparently, he chooses thesecond one. Such a situation seems fairly common in our society. We are facedwith this kind of intriguing question all the time, and every choice we makehas great influence on our way to success. Making an accurate estimate of ourrealities and dreams, then sparing no efforts to approach the tip is the onlyoption for us to make, provided that we are in great want of achieving ourgoals。a

Based on theabove statement, a conclusion will be arrived at that learning to accept thereality and adopting a positive attitude towards the dream is what we aresupposed to do, when

confronting our less-satisfying situation.





* 同年同月同日生的人:time twin

Richard Avis, a British, was born on December 1st, 1974. In

order to understand the meaning of successful life in different

cultures, Richard, from 2011, began to seek time twins around the world. With the help of the local media, he has already found 32 time twins from 13 countries, of whom there are 17 males and 15 females. Their positions include government officials, athletes,

drivers, teachers, artists and so on. Richard intends to find 40 time twins before his birthday and he is going to write a book based on this experience.



(2)用2- 3 个理由或论据支撑你的观点。


1. 可以支持文中任一观点, 但必须提供理由或论据;

2. 阐述观点或提供论据时, 不能直接引用原文语句;

3. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称;

4. 不必写标题。

Today, more and more English words find their way into the Chinese language. Even the Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese includes 239 English words. Some people support it while others do not.

Generally, I am in favour of the inclusion. As the number of English learners is on the rise, it's not difficult for them to understand these words in Chinese contexts. Besides, it is, on some occasions, more convenient to use English words. Most people nowadays use " IT" instead of its translation " xinxi jishu. " In our global village, we can see that it's not uncommon for one language to borrow words from other languages. In English, there are many words borrowed from Latin, French, or even Chinese. In fact, Chinese has never stopped taking words from other languages, say, "ganbu " or "minzhu " from Japanese.

So, it's safe to conclude that it is reasonable to include English which facilitates daily communication.


With English words getting popular in both media and daily life, a Chinese dictionary has included 239 of them, leaving the public divided into two opposing groups: " For" and " Against."

8 I tend to take the " Against" side for two reasons. Firstly, this inclusion has actually polluted our mother tongue. Sooner or later, many English accents will rise and fall with the four Chinese tones. And, rules don't tell us how to pronounce such English-turned Chinese words as " wifi" and " Out" in a Chinese way! Secondly, such an inclusion may give rise to prejudices of the educated against those with little knowledge of English. Just for one illustration, while college students take " Bye-bye " for granted when parting from each other, it may unconsciously hurt the feelings of someone who is used to “zaijian . “

In short, not only has the inclusion poisoned Chinese, it may also bring about distance between the Chinese people.