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四段字数比例是 2:5:2:1



数据:In accordance with the most updated statistics conducted by Newsweek(报纸、大学、著名杂

志), a famous newspaper conerned with public health in America, smoking is the biggest killer today for us(废话插入语), causing over 3million lives a year.

理论: Based on the most widely accepted theory concerning public health and smoking by professor Alexsandra Coffman(名字必须牛逼) , a leading expert in the research of health, smoking is causing huge disaster for human beings today.

伦理:【respecting the old was,is and will be a highly valued tradition for everyone(尊重老人)蒙太奇写法】

【 respecting the old was,is and will be a highly valued tradition for everyone ,old or young, rich or poor,man or woman(尊重老人)升级版】{可以写抽烟等,用途广泛}

基础差的模式:(救命稻草) 【Miss gao, a teacher who taught me english when i was in school; a friend who helped me a lot when i was in trouble; a lady who is always nice to her students, died now. 】(红色为主干)

第二句话 :从实践中找原因。(好处/坏处){可以选两个写,写了这种抽象句子,要加实际内容,具体化,不嫩该台空洞} 主题词: environment ;physical and mental health ;economic development ;public health;education ;cultural

heritage ;social harmony ;career development.


EG :吸烟的坏处

1.Smoking is like opening a Pandora box, causing tremendous harm for everyone, old or young, rich or poor,men or women.It will hurt +目标词。【=具体带来的伤害(会带来…………)】{贬义}

2. Smoking will bring so many harms(或benefits), in which hurting your health is only a tip of an iceberg.(吸烟会带来很多伤害,其中,损害你的身体不过是冰山一角){中性}

{Using internet will bring so many advantages, in which finding information is only a tip of an iceberg.it can also……}使用网络…………

3.Studying seems boring, yet it is nothing but a blessing in disguise。(没有找到准确的中文意思)学习似乎是一件很无聊的事情,但是从长久来看是很好的。

EG:protecting the environment seems a waste of money today, yet……

in the long run, it will better our living condition.

4.Smoking is the last thing a young person should do,+带来的坏处…… 吸烟是年轻人最不该做的事

【no is the last wor i would say to you.我死也不说不】

5. If a young person gets addicted to smoking, he will be trapped in the shell of his own making.because……沉迷抽烟就会作茧自缚

6. If a young person falls into smoking, it will become the Waterloo of his life.沉迷抽烟,这讲会成为他人生的滑铁卢。(加入西方概念)

7. If smoking can not be controlled, a better tomorrow will be nothing but Utopia.如果抽烟不能控制,那一个美好的明天便是一个乌托邦【华而不实的梦】(加入西方概念)

8. his theory is the bible in this field.他的理论是权威。(加入西方概念)

9. 【省略句】With years of smoking, your physical health will be damaged(被动), and with it (省略句标志) your ability to focus in study.烟抽多了,身体和智商双下降。(前后一致才能用省略句,省略谓语)

EG: With years of protecting the environment,our city will be changed,and with it our living conditiong.(环


10. 【比喻句】

A 否定比喻:anymore than {否定比喻句的翻译模式:“就像……(不)一样}

A collection of facts can not be called science, any more than a pile of bricks can be called a house.科学不仅仅是事实的堆积,就像房子不是砖头的堆积一样

EG:Money is not important to the young, any more than……(英文是肯定,中文翻译是否定。”anymore than a comb is important to monks.“梳子对和尚)

EG :I can not understand why it is ignored by so many, anymore than the day can understandthe night.我无法理解这一点,就像白天不懂夜的黑。

B 肯定比喻:no less than { 肯定比喻句的翻译模式:" 就像……对……一样“}

EG : Time is important to the young,no less than the air to the animal.(肯定比喻前后都肯定)


dig your own grave 自掘坟墓

tempest in the teapot 大惊小怪

EG :the harm that smoking may bring is never a flash in pan, but long -lasting and far -reaching.吸烟的坏处不是昙花一现,是一个长久的并且影响深远的。(好坏都可以)

第三句话: 举例子{两个例子:1. 名人例 2.国家例 (正反都可以,用简单句,一般用现在时,明确的时间才更换时态) 【可以编】 新加坡:singapore }

第四句话:例子的反述 (重点)

虚拟语气句式 :如果不……就不……【固定格式:前面使用过去完成 后面使用 would +现在完成】

EG:If they hadn't paid so much attention to the environment, the country would not have been so charming.如果他们不保护环境,他们的环境不会这么好。

第五句话:承上启下 (引出下文具体方法)

EG: time has come to do something, and it is now or never.机不可失失不再来

EG : it is time to put thoughts into words,and words into action.心动不如行动

二、 开篇段(描绘和引出)【英语一】


1. [奥巴马版]If there is anyone who still doubts the value( harm) of (*主题词) ; who still wonders what to do; who still questions the power of (*), the (picture\topic) above is your answer!如果还有人在怀疑,上图就是你的答案。

2. [莎士比亚版]To (*), or not to,that is a question.

EG: To smoke,or not to,that is a question

[加长版]To smoke, or not to, that is a question, a question raised in the picture, and a question to be answered by all of us, old or young, rich or poor.

3.Based on the theory of Butterfly Effect (蝴蝶效应), a tiny defect today may end up with huge disaster in future, and this is exactly what the picture is showing us: (坏事)

4. [星爷版]The biggest distance in the world is not between truth and false, but when truth is before you, like we can see in the picture, yet you fail to understand.时间最远的距离不是真理和谬误之间,而是真理摆在你面前,你却不懂。就像这副图,摆在你面前你却看不懂。(英语二不适用)

5. [托尔斯泰版]joys are similar,yet troubles comein diversity, especially when faced with ( 主题词)

6. [文艺版:顾城]A dark night gives us dark eyes, yet we use them to search for light; a simple picture shows a

simple story, yet we use it to search for truth.黑夜给了我们黑色的眼睛, 但我们用它们来寻找光明, 一个简单的图片显示了一个简单的故事, 但我们用它来寻找真理。

第二句 描绘

第三句 观点 (选一方面写,非常明确)

三、第三段 方法段


1.Facing the challenge(opportunity ) of (主题词)it is not the time to ask what can be done for you ,but what can be done by you.(红色为精华)不是问为你做什么的时候,而是被你做什么的时候

of people by people for people 民族民权民生

2.a better tomorrow is shared by all , yet made by each , and it is time to do something now.未来由我们共享,也由我们每一个人创造

3.Although the way to ban smoking is filled with ups and downs(充满困难), the tide is unable to return.(或:the dominoes are starting to fall). 虽然禁烟的路途充满荆棘,但是大势所趋。

4. Sometimes in life we are called to do great things, but everyday we are called to do small things, with great love. 从小事做起

第二句:具体方法{从政府、教育、钱、法律、专家教育公众、个人等角度(前面加入人人为我句型:shared by all made by each )}

EG :

个人: A better tomorrow is shared by all, yet realized by each, so each person, old or young, rich or poor, has the duty to take part in to (help, increase, promote prevent) +主题词


政府: The government is due to play a positive role to..(promote.\reduce\control\ help\prevent\protect) EG: Functional laws and regulations must be set up to regulate...

EG:For the sustainability of a program (for 支持)against (反对) smoking, sufficient fund is so important and inevitable.

教育:S cientists and experts(Teacher ) should adopt classrooms to make the importance (或harm) of (主题词 ) clear to the students, making sure that they are aware of ( 主题词/that从句) since they are young.

EG:teachers should adopt classrooms to make the importance of confidence clear to the students,making sure that they are aware of the value of confidence since they are young.

四、第四段 重播 (英语二可以和第三段放一起)


If smoking is well controlled, a better tomorrow is not a question of ’if’ but 'when'.如果抽烟能被控制,那么一个美好的明天迟早都会到来。