3B 词组及作文(一)
二年级 记叙文 2749字 114人浏览 没戏篮板

four buses 四辆公交车 listen to the teacher 听老师in the classroom 在教室里 an aeroplane 一架飞机 by the window 在窗边three ships 三艘大船 make a spinner 制作转盘on the chair 在椅子上fall down 掉下 some cars 一些小轿车 a boy and two girls 一个男孩和两个女孩

a toy car一辆玩具小轿车tell your classmates 告诉你的同班同学

draw a circle 画一个圆圈cut the circle 切下这个圆圈

colour the circle 给圆圈着色use a toothpick 使用一根牙签

spin the spinner 旋转转盘 look at those dogs 看那些狗

some children 一些孩子how many buses 多少公交车two bananas 两根香蕉 two glasses 两只玻璃杯a school bag 一只书包 touch the bag 摸一摸这个包 rough and soft 粗糙而柔软smooth and hard 光滑而坚硬on the Moon在月球上 Moon bread 月球面包Moon pie 月球派two hands 两只手

ten fingers 十根手指in the shop 在店里close your eyes 闭上你的眼睛 taste the lemon 尝一尝这个柠檬at the fruit shop 在水果店

ride bicycles 骑自行车your friend 你的朋友take a rest 休息一下

jump into the tree 跳上树get his hats back 取回他的帽子in the zoo 在动物园 make a robot 制作一个机器人play with your friend 和你的朋友一起玩 a small ball 一只小球a tall wall 一座高墙on the wall 在墙上

behind the wall 在墙后面a pair of gloves 一双手套a pair of socks 一双袜子 a pair of shoes 一双鞋子a pair of trousers 一条裤子in the living room 在客厅clean the glass 擦玻璃two brown eyes 两只棕色的眼睛 sour lemons 酸柠檬 a smooth skateboard 一块光滑的滑板rough pineapples 粗糙的菠萝

touch and taste触摸并品尝a green lizard一只绿色的蜥蜴his jacket他的夹克衫 clever monkeys 聪明的猴子strong elephants 强壮的大象 stick boxes 粘盒子 lovely pandas 可爱的熊猫tigers and lions 老虎和狮子cats and dogs 猫和狗horses and zebras 马和斑马foolish foxes 愚蠢的狐狸weak rabbits 软弱的兔子nice giraffes漂亮的长颈鹿super robots超级机器人nice skateboards漂亮的滑板 beautiful dolls 漂亮的洋娃娃lovely toy trains 可爱的玩具火车

balloons in the sky 天空中的气球swings and seesaws 秋千和跷跷板

throw rubbish into the bin 把垃圾扔进垃圾桶 hats and scarves 帽子和围巾 socks and shoes 袜子和鞋子a funny hat 一顶滑稽的帽子

A cup of coffee

This is a cup of white coffee. Look at it. It is very nice. Taste it. It is sweet and yummy. Smell it. It is very nice too. It isn’t smelly. Do you like the coffee? I like it very much. Do you want a cup?

My favourite toy

Hello. I ’m … . Look, this is my favourite toy. It ’s a toy bear. It ’s small. It ’s brown. It has a big mouth and two small ears. Its head is round, Its eyes are small. Look at its legs.They are short. The toy bear is lovely. I like it very much. What about you?

My favourite pet(宠物)

This is my favourite pet. It’s a cat. I buy it at the pet shop. It is white. It has two big eyes. It has two big ears too. Its nose is big, but its mouth is small. It can run very fast and jump very high. It likes eating fish. It ’s very lovely. I like it very much. How about you? Have you a pet too?

My favourite clothes

My name is Jerry. I have a new T-shirt. It’s white and black. It’s very nice. It’s my birthday gift. It’s from my father. I can wear this T-shirt in summer. It can keep me cool. It can make me handsome(beautiful). It’s my favourite clothes. I like my T-shirt.