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1 Sample essay 1

My Understanding of Environmental Protection

Man and the environment are closely related. Man relies on the environment for water, food and shelter. A harmonious relationship between man and the environment is essential for human survival on the earth.

However, man and the environment have never been on such bad terms as they are now. As society develops, man ’s transformation of nature has severely polluted his living environment. Deforestation leads to changes in rainfall patterns, causing devastating floods, droughts and sandstorms. The discharge of chemical pollutants endangers our health and the lives of other beings. And mass production has resulted in the shortage of irreplaceable natural resources such as coal and oil. If we take no immediate and effective steps to protect our environment, human beings may be the next species to become extinct.

We should do our best to protect our environment by planting more trees,taking care of wildlife, reducing industrial wastes, using renewable energy, and imposing heavy fines on environmentally-unfriendly activities, so as to preserve the environment for future generations.

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Sample essay 2

The Impact of the Mobile Phone on People’s Lives

Among the many technological inventions, themobile phone impresses me most.

The mobile phone brings considerable convenienceto our lives. It not only enables us to keepin touch with each other almost anytime and anywherebut also helps us solve problems or do businessefficiently. In emergencies, a mobile phone caneven be a life-saver. Besides, its multi-functions addease and color to our lives. With a mobile phone,we can receive mail, read news, listen to music,play games, and take pictures.

Yet, the mobile phone has its disadvantages,too. Most of us have experienced the nuisance ofunwanted or wrong calls. We are inconveniencedby calls on occasions when we least expect one. Besides,the technology infrastructure to support mobilecommunication has consumed valuable naturalresources and caused significant environmentalproblems. It is reported that electromagnetic radiationwaves from the phone may result in healthproblems.

Despite its negative side, the advantages ofthe mobile phone outweigh its disadvantages. I believethat with advances in science and technology,improved and safer models of mobile phones willsurely serve us still better. (184 words)

Sample essay 3

Fame — Good or Evil?

Fame has always been pursued by many people for the advantages it brings about. Fame canassure one of a high social status, high regard, great admiration, etc. Fame can also bring one wealth as a celebrity has more chances to earn big money. Besides, the applause and flowers from fans may boost one’s self-confidence and increase one’s sense of fulfillment.

However, fame can ruin one’s life, too. Itdeprives one of his privacy. As a public figure, he is often chased by fansand journalists, and his private life never escapes the media’s attention or public curiosity. Fame also places one under great pressure. He has to work in line with public expectations and thus becomes the slave of his own success.

So fame is a double-edged sword. I don ’t seek fame and I don ’t envy those who are famous. I highly appreciate what the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow says about

2 fame: “The talent of success is nothing more than doing well whatever you do without a thought of fame.”

▆Sample Essay 4

My Career Choice

When it comes to the choice of career, different people consider the matter from different perspectives. Personally I prefer to be a teacher.

I have three reasons for my decision. The first reason is that the profession of teaching is in agreement with my personality. Being an outgoing, patient and understanding person, I think I am able to communicate with my students and understand their feelings easily, which constitutes an important factor in ensuring success in teaching. The second reason is that I am interested in the job. It would always give me great joy and satisfaction to see the happy faces of my students, to share my knowledge and life experience with them and to participate in their process of growing up. The third reason is related to my occupational attitude. I always believe that school teachers all over the world are respected for their profound knowledge and higher social status. I have always held my teachers in respect and I hope I would be respected as a teacher, too, in the future.

I think teaching is an ideal career for me. Being a university student now, I will work hard to realize my dream.

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▆Sample Essay 5

Healthy Lifestyles

Different people have different interpretations of a healthy lifestyle. To me, a healthy lifestylemeans living in a way that helps us to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

We can benefit a lot from living a healthy lifestyle. On the one hand, a healthy lifestyle can give us a strong body, increase our life expectancy, and help us form good living habits. On the other hand, a healthy lifestyle enhances self-esteem and confidence, reduces stress and pressure, andenables us to develop a positive outlook and live in harmony with each other.In short, a healthy lifestyle improves our overall sense of well-being and happiness.

There are many ways to develop a healthy lifestyle. We need to exercise regularly, keep a balanced diet, and avoid alcohol and cigarettes. It would also help if we could balance our time for work and play, and find ways to release stress and pressure. With such efforts, we will be able to live in a way that contributes toour physical, mental, and emotional health.

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▆Sample Essay 6

Attitudes Towards Life

People hold different attitudes towards life. Some take a positive attitude and they always appreciate the beauty of life with zeal and gratitude. Some take a negative attitude towards life and any slight trouble in life may seem like the end of the world to them.

A positive attitude ensures a happy, successful and healthy life. With a positive attitude, people find it easy to accept changes and overcome obstackles while maintaining peace of mind. Besides, a positive attitude boosts their self-esteem, lifts their morale and helps thime fulfill their commitments both in their career and in their everyday life. Moreover, medical research shows that positive thinking can improve the immune system and strengthen the body ’s resistance to diseases.

3 There are several ways to develop a positive attitude towards life. One needs to think positively, read uplifting stories, hang around with optimistic people, give up jealousy, and participate in meaningful activities. By building a positive attitude towards life, one can enjoy a happy, successful and healthy life.

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Sample essay: 7

The Declining Popularity of Reading

Reading has always been an essential part of human civilization. It enlightens us, empowers us with knowledge, and improves our character and taste. It opens an unknown world to us. However, there has been an acknowledged global decline of the public interest in reading. I think there are several causes for this decline. The first is probably the temptation brought about by modern technology, seducing people to replace reading with other means of entertainment and relaxation such as computer games, films, TV programmes, and online chatting. The second is the social frenzy for money and power which has drained people of their time and energy, leaving them hardly any time for reading. The third cause might be the decreasing social awareness of the importance of reading and, and as a result, less attention is paid to reading.

It is high time that we took action to promote reading. Firstly, we should view technological advancements discreetly, and people should be aware that modern means of entertainment can not replace reading. Secondly, the social perception of success must be modified so that people should know that wealth alone does not make a gentleman while reading can improve one ’s character. Thirdly, efforts should be made to enhance public awareness of the importance of reading. In short, I believe the decline of reading indicates the decline of a nation and must be addressed.

Sample essay: 8

My View on Globalization

Globalization has brought us immense benefits. It helps realize our dream of a prosperous world. It boosts the world economy by opening global markets, smoothing the flow of capital and commodities, and increasing productivity and employment opportunities. In addition, the concerted efforts globalization motivates in areas like fighting against terrorism, environmental protection, health, and education have also contributed to the wellbeing of humanity.

However, there are always voices against globalization. Some people accuse multinational corporations of providing unfair and unsafe working conditions, using cheap labour, exploiting natural resources and causing ecological damage. They also criticise globalization for not only modernizing but also westernizing native cultures. They also argue that globalization leads to the spread of epidemics and diseases. In short, globalization is a double-edged sword and we must handle it with care. We must set up rules and regulations as well as sound supervising systems. If it is well handled, globalization will surely serve humanity. (155 words)