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Today , I read a very funny story of a foolish .今天,我读了一个愚蠢的非常有趣的故事。 It say : One day , Peter’s mother had to go to attend a picnic . So Peter had to stay near the door and look after itall the time . Because many of the town thief . After an hour , one of his aunt came . She ask Peter to tell his mother , they will be in the evening to visit their house . His aunt is gone , but a very difficult Peter . So he pulled the door down , put it on his back and wentto his mother with it . Read here , I burnt out laughing . I think Peter is stupid . Mother said he didn’t know the meaning of the words . 它说:有一天,彼得母亲不得不去参加野餐。所以,彼得必须整体留门照顾它。由于有许多城市窃贼。一个小时以后,他的姨妈来了。她让彼得告诉他的母亲,他们将在晚上参观他们的房子。他的姨妈走了,但是彼得去很辛苦。因此,他拉下大门,把它放到他的背上,和它一起去找他妈妈。读这里,我禁不住笑了。 我认为彼得是愚蠢的。因为妈妈说她不知道这些字的意思。