Labor day travel
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May holiday is coming. Our family is going to do something. Today I called my little brother's phone at the noon. He asked me what I am going to do in the holiday. I told him we want to go on a trip some day during but where we don't decide to go. We are going to sleep in the morning May first. Then we are going to go to Dawukou by bus in the afternoon. We are going to have a day off May 2nd. If it's will fine in May 3rd we are going to go out on trip. I am going to go to the Forest Park. Your sister's husband is going to hometown Xiamiao. He wants to go fishing.

Gui Zexuan is going to climb the hill with his friends. We are discussing. I asked my little brother what plans you are going to in the holiday. He invited us to go his home. He wanted to go Suyukou with us. I was glad to hear the news. Our family decided to go Yingchun to Suyukou on trip.