National Day
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又是一年国庆佳节,神州大地繁花似锦,祖国长空乐曲如潮在此无忧考网为大家整理的喜迎国庆节英语作文:National Day的文章,供广大家查阅!!更多最新信息请点击节日作文大全

It is known to everyone:Oct,1st is our National Day.At this day I went to street and saw something.Now I will tell you! At 8:00 I got up and went bus station with my mother .O my god there were so many people!With difficult we got up the bus and felt very crowed.The traffic was so bad too!I cost nearly 1 hour that we arrived the center of street.What were worse there were even more people!In my opinion it was not very interesting to come out at this day!Nest time I prefer to stay at home and study!