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高考英语“书信、电子邮件、留言条”经典作文范文20篇 经典范文1

假设你是李华,你的英国朋友Patrick 给你发来一封电子邮件。他想在今年暑假到广州学习汉语,请你帮忙找一所汉语学校。你恰好看到下面的海报,请根据海报提供的信息,给Patrick 回一封电子邮件介绍学习课程的相关情况。


Course: Chinese for beginners

Time: 26 July-25 August

Place: Guangzhou Guangming Language School

Tuition(学费) : RMB 2,000

For more information: www. gzgm. org




Dear Patrick,

I'm so delighted to leam that you're coming to Cuangzhou to leam Chinese. I've got some

information about foreigners leaming Chinese. Here I'd like to recommend a famous lanSuage school-Guangzhou Guangming Language School, which offers such a Chinese trainina course as will satisfy your demands. The course starts on 26 July and lasts a month till 25 August. It's intended for beginners like you. Besides, the tuition, which is only RMB 2,000, is reasonable.I hope it will fit you well.

If you have any question, please let me know or just visit www. gzgm. org.

Hope to see you in Guangzhou soon.


Li Hua


下面是某中学生写给《中学生英语报》的一封信,请你以《中学生英语报》编辑的身份就信 中提到的问题写一封回信。


Dear Editor,

I'm a senior middle school student. Many students in our class have computers at home. They often chat with friends, send emails to each other and leam English on the Intemet. As my English is not good enough,1 want to ask my parents to buy one for me. But when I think of my family which isn't rich,I feel worried. What should I do?

Li Ming

Dear Li Ming,

Ican understand how you feel now. Personally,I think there is no need for you to buy a

computer. First, as you mentioned in your letter, your family isn't rich enough. It will be a burden for your parents. Second, having a computer isn't the only way to learn English well. In fact, students today enjoy easy access to learning and educational resources, such as libraries, morries, TV, tape- recorders as well as computers and the Intemet. You'd better make full use of these learning resources. What's more, asa senior middle school student, your time is limited. Please focus your attention on your studies. I'm sure you can do well in English as long as you put your heart into it. In a word,I think you should search for more practical leaming resources apart from computers. Yours sincerely,



假设你叫李华,你的笔友王林来信说,班里有一个同学老是挑他的缺点,他为此很苦恼。 请你根据下面的提示,给他回一封电子邮件。内容包括:






2.词数:120~ 150。

Dear Wang Lin,

I'm glad you trust me and tell me about your trouble.I shall be pleased to talk over the matter with you. As we know, getting on well with our classmates is very important. The harmonious relationship between students make us in a relaxed moodr which in tum has agreat effect on our study.

As for the“shortcomings" your classmate pointed out,I think you should critically absorb them. If you do have the shortcomings, you should thank your classmate, and then correct them, which can help you do better in the future. For something like "too thin" or "too short", just ignore them. In addition, you'd better have a talk with him.

I hope my advice will prove more or less helpful.


Li Hua


假设你叫李敏,你的笔友Bob 在电子邮件中要求你对你们班的同学就“影响你选择音乐的 因素是什么”这一问题展开调查,并通过电子邮件告诉他调查的结果。以下是你在班级中调查 的结果,请根据下列图表所反映的情况给Bob 回电子邮件。

词数要求:120 ~ 150。

Dear Bob,

How nice to receive your email! Recently I have carried out the survey among; students in our class to find out what influences the music we listen to. According to the survey, TV and films have the greatest effect on our choice of music, 40 percent of the students sharing the opinion. About 30 percent of the students say they are influenced by friends when deciding what to listen to. Radio comes third, with 20 percent of the students choosing it. Parents seem to have very little influence. Only 10 percent of the students say they listen to what their parents recommend.

In my oEinion, one of the major reasons why TV and films influence our choice of music so much is that the music in the TV and the film usually f;oes with beautiful pictures, or expresses certain feelings of heroes. Cood music, as is often the case, can accompany a person's entire life.

With best regards.

Yours sincerely,

Li Min


假如你是李华,你校校刊“Our Steps”的招聘启事引起了你的兴趣,请根据下列信息用英文 写一封自荐信。

注意 :

i.词数不少于 60; .

Dear Harry,

I'm writing to apply for the photographer for Our Steps.

I'm Li Hua, a boy of sixteen, presently in my first year of high school. I'm outgoing and

energetic. I'm interested in photography because it allows me to record the beautiful moments in my life. Last year I won the second prize in youth group at Peking Photography Competition. Besides, I'm

good at writing, which might be helpful for the work. Takint! part in all kinds of outdoor activities is also one of my hobbies.

I would like to work for Our Steps since it would be a great opportunity for me to join in social activities and enrich my life.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours 8incerely,

Li Hua


为了帮助中学生度过一个精彩的暑假,EF 国际语言学校(the EF Intemational Language

S 。hool 。) 将举办海外游学活动。假设你是EF 国际语言学校北京区代理人Robert ,一名中学生 李华向你询问此事,请你根据以下信息给他回信,告知相关事宜。

注意 :

1.可根据要点适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯;


Dear Li Hua,

I'm glad that you are interested in the summer course that will be held by the EF Intemational Language Schools in July, 2008. It is specially designed for Chinese middle school students who are 16 years old or above.

You can choose the UK, the US, or Australia as your destination. Besides enjoying many places ofinterest on the trip, you'll have a three-week English course with 20 classes per week. What's more, living with a host family is surely a good opportunity to experience quite a different culture. Also, wonderful outdoor activities will add to the pleasure of the tour And most importantly, you needn't worry about your safety with teacher organizers all the way round. I'm sure you will have a

good time.

For more information, please visit www. ef. com, or phone us at 010 - 65630027.

Best wishes !

Yours sincerely,



假如你是刘涛,在星期六下午四点到你的好友David 处想借一本牛津高级英汉双解词典,

碰巧你的朋友不在家。因为晚上你要去参加一个朋友的生日宴会,不能久等,便请他帮你准备 好,你星期日上午10点去取。你最近正忙着看一本英文小说,保证用完后立刻归还。请你给 David 写一张留言条。




Dear David,

I came here at half past four this aftemoon to borrow an Oxford Advanced Leamer's English- Chinese Dictionary. Unfortunately you were out. Ive been .reading an English novel written by Dickens recently. But there are many new word8 in it.So I have to ask you for help. I'll takegood care of the dictionary and it will be retumed to you as soon asI finish the book. As I am to attend my friend's birthday pany,I can‟t wait any longer. I'll come for the dictionary at ten tomorrow. Pleaseget ready.

With best wishes.


Liu Tao


假定你是李华,你所在的学校计划在下个月举办美国电影节(American Film Festival)。请 你根据以下要点给你的美国朋友Peter 写一封信,邀请他给学生做一次讲座。信的主要内容 包括:







Dear Peter,

Our schoolis planning to hold an American Film Festival next month. I'm writing to invite you to come and give a talk on American films and'filmmaking industry. It will help us understand how the industry has developed into big business as it is today.„rhis understanding should go a Iong way

toward increasing their knowledge of American culture in general. Do you think one and a half hours will be enough? Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can make arrangements.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and enjoying the talk.

Best wishes.

Yours ,

Li Hua经典范文9

目前,“学汉语”的热潮在世界上很多国家悄然掀起。假设你是李明,你的美国笔友Patti 想让你向他推荐一个比较好的学习汉语的节目。请根据下列信息,给Patti 写一封推荐信,介 绍一个十分受欢迎的电视节目“学汉语”。

注意:词数 ioo左右 。

Dear Patti,

Nowadays, Chinese is holding a very big popularity all over the world, and I am very pleased that you want to leam Chinese, too.

Here I'd like to introduce to you the TV program " Leaming Chinese" on CCTV 9, which is an intemational channel, so I think it is convenient to receive in your country. The broadcasting time is at 9:15 a. m. and 15:15 p. m. from Tuesday to Saturday. The program is being hosted by Da Shan, a Canadian, who has experienced a lot in leaming Chinese and is very popular in our country. The program contains: Communicate in Chinese, Travel in Chinese and Sports in Chinese, which has

been broadcasting from the time when the Peking Olympic Games started. I think you will benefit a lot

because the language is very easy and interestinfi to understand and leam, and above alli it is a very good way to understand and spread our Chinese cultures.

So I hope you will like the program and benefit a lot from it !

Yours ,

Li Ming经典范文10

假如你是李华,家住湖北省武汉市中山大道80号,去年暑假参加了全国中学生英语夏令 营。请你根据所给信息,用英语给加拿大的笔友Thomas 写一封信,谈谈夏令营的情况和你的 感受。




3.参考释义:全国中学生英语能力竞赛NEPCS 。

80 Zhong Shan Street

Wuhan, Hubei Province

August 10th, 2009

Dear Thomas,

Nice to hear from you again. This summer vacation, at the end of July, we winners of NEPCS went to a four-day summer camp held in Yantai. Some English teachers from China, the USA, England and Australia joined us. We had an English speech competition, watched wonderful performances given by the students in Yantai. We visited some places of interest. Besides, we exchanged our English leaminS experience. All the time English was spoken. Thus our spoken

English has improved a lot. What's more, I have made many new friends. We really had f;reat fun in the camp.

With best wishes,

Yours truly,

Li Hua


假如你是李梅,你的朋友晓军在来信中谈到他不知道该如何提高听力。现在请你给他回 信提出一些忠告,内容包括:



3.选择一些轻松、有趣的听力材料,开始时可以选择发音清晰、语速不太快的磁带,然后 逐步提高难度;

4.中国国际广播电台、BBC 等播出的英语节目有助于听力能力的提高。


December 12, 2009

Dear Xiaojun,

Thank you for your letter. You asked me how to improve your listening skill. Here is some advice of mine which I hope may be useful for you.

First, listen as much as you can. The more you listen, the easier English will be. So form the habit oflisteninS to English every day. But don't listen too long each time. Half an hour a day is enough. Choose something easy and interesting as listening materials. You can get some tapes in

which English is spoken clearly and not too fast. Then you can move on to some more difficult tapes in

normal speed. Finally, turn to China Radio Intemational and BBC English programs. They will help you a lot to improve your listening.

I think that's all I can tell you now. Just keep on listening, and you'll find your way out. I wish great success !

Yours .

Li Mei


假定你是李明——北京某中学高三的学生,你于五月五日收到了居住在新加坡的笔友 Mike 寄来的一封信,请你仔细阅读他的来信并给他写一封回信。




Dear Li Ming,

Glad to hear from you last Friday. From your letter, I've leamed a lot about Peking. Great

changes have taken place in Peking during the past few years. It must be more beautiful than it used to be. Pm expecting to visit Peking sometime in the near future.

' Now, I'm eager to know something about your school life, especially about what you usually do after class. I will be delighted if you can satisfy my request.

I am looking forward to your letter.

With best wishes.

Yours ever,

Mike Nelson

Dear Mike,

I was very glad to receive your letter on May 5th. At your request, I'll tell you something about my school life.

In Senior 3 at school, I have six subjects: Chinese, math, English, physics, chemistry and

P. E. Now, I'm busy preparing for colleae entrance exams. School hours usually begin at 8 a. m. and end at 4 p. m. After class, we have sports, such as ball games and so on, or do some reading in the school library. Then I go home. This is my school life.

It's spring now in Peking. It's really very beautiful. Welcome to Peking, Mike.

I'll appreciate it if you can tell me something about your school life in your next letter. I'm looking forward to it.

With best regards.

Yours ,


参考词汇:烟花爆竹fireworks and crackers;庙会temple fair;春节联欢晚会Spring Festival evening gala。

Dear Peter.

Glad to receive your letter. Now rm telling you everything I know about how Chinese people usually spend the Spring Festival.

It is a custom for all members of each family, married and unmarried, to gather at their parents' house to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Adults in the family all work together to make a special kind of Chinese food-dumplings, while small children play about in the house, or watch the Spring Festival evening gala on TV. When the New Year bell sounds, fireworks and crackers begin to

explode here and there r which usually lasts for hours. Then a special meal of dumplings starts and the

whole family stay up for the night, chatting and playing games.

During the next few days, quite a lot of people visit Chinese temple fairs, which are quite like camivals in the West. Some families go to places of interest for a visit throughout the country.

Of course Chinese people spend the festival variously from place to place. If needed, I'll tell you more about it.

Best wishes.

Yours ever,

Wang Hua


假如你叫王军,国庆节期间去深圳的叔叔家度假。到深圳后你给你的朋友周刚写了一封 信,其内容如下:








October 3 , 2009

Dear Zhou Gang,

I arrived here safely last Friday. The train was crowded and so I felt very tired when I got here. But now I'm quite all right. Uncle's family are all very well. They are friendly to me, especially my uncle. In these days, he has been showing me around this city. Tomorrow we are going to visit the Windows of the World. I'm sure we'll have a good time.

Shenzhen is a beautiful city. Life here is busy, exciting and colorful. I hope to have a chance to work here in the future because I like it very much.

Best wishes.

Yours ,

Wang Jun经典范文17

中国现在有很多中学生出国留学。根《环球时报》报道,澳大利亚驻华使馆2009年签发的 留学签证有50%发给了高中生。假设你是李华,是一名高中生。请你给某报社编辑写一封信,

注意: 1.除以上内容外 ,你还可以陈述其他赞成或反对的理由 ;

2.词数: ioo左右。

Dear editor,

I think it is good to send teenagers abroad for further study.

Compared with China's education, foreign education has many advantages. It has a good

education sense, pays special attention to the traininf; of students' abilities and creates relaxing self- study circumstances for them. In the schools, we don't have to bear a heavy learning load as we do in China, and therefore we can leam much and better. In foreign countries, we have more chances to leam about foreign culture, customs and habits, which can broaden our mind.

Though we have to look after ourselves abroad and maybe life is hard for usi it will help us train our ability to live independently and deal with problems.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua经典范文18


参考词语:食堂canteen; -份食物helping 。

注意:1.词数:100左右;2.应包括表格中所有内容要点,可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 Dear Mr Headmaster,

I am writing this letter to tell you something about our canteen.

There are many kinds of food in our canteen, and generally they are cheap. Some food is delicious. The dining environment has been improved, with the walls painted and some pictures posted up. The students are satisfied with the new look.

But students are not given a proper helping of every dish. Also, as the number of the students continues to increase, there is not enough space for us to have meals there. As a result, many of us go out to have meals.

All in all, there is still much room for improvement in food quality and service.

Best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming


假设你是Tom ,你在澳大利亚时参加了一个野生动物之旅,但你对这次旅行很不满意,并 想将你的钱要回一半。

仔细阅读下面的宣传册以及你在旁边所做的说明,然后给该公司写一封信,要求包含所有 的内容要点,可适当增减细节。


参考词汇: tropical热带的; unique独一无二的; binoculars双筒望远镜。

Dear Manager,

I'm writing to you about the wildlife safari I went on last Friday. I have some complaints about it. First of all, the so-called luxury air-conditioned coach is hardly modem, and it sent us back to

our accommodation so late that we missed our dinner. Although the experienced guide has specialised knowledge of the area, she couldn't make herself heard among the crowd. We had not enough time to swim and take the guided rainforest walk. There were not enough binoculars for everyone. so some of us lost the chance to watch birds. As for the tropical lunch, what we had were only sandwiches. Everybody had complaints about it.

I hope you will agree that the wildlife safari is something different from what you advertised. I would be grateful if you could send us an apology together with half of the cost of the safari. ' I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours ,

Tom 经典范文20

某网站针对人们对广告的看法做调查,下面是调查表。请你根据此表给该网站的编辑写 信,表达你的观点。

注意: i.除以上提示外, 你还可以陈他观点; 2.词数 120左右。

参考词汇:奢侈品 luxury product。

Dear Editor,

We are exposed to advertisements every day: While ads do provide some useful information about

new products, their primary effect is to encouraf;e people to buy things they don't really need. First of all, when a product is new, ads are often designed to create a demand for it, not to

provide information. Second, instead of helping to compare different brands, most ads are designed to

persuade consumers that one company's product is better than another company's. Finally, many ads are image ads, designed to sell people luxury products. They imlly that by buyinf; such products the consumer will gain something else such as respect and love, which is not true.

I'm not saying that all ads are deceptive, but we should look at ads with critical eyes. Sincerely yours,

Li Feng