五年级 记叙文 4478字 81人浏览 最后几天干什么

话题1 学校生活及成绩

campus(校园) ,facilities(设施), goal(目标) ,course(课程), enthusiastic(热情的), confident(有信心的), easy-going(随和的), distract(走神)

be getting on well with one’s study(学习好)

take several courses at school(参加一些课程)

work hard at…(在某方面很努力)

put one’s heart into(用心做某事)

like English/chemistry/Chinese/physics best(最喜欢)

be good at/do well in (擅长)

be poor at/ be weak in(不擅长)

make progress in(取得进步)

pass the examination/give sb. a passing grade(通过考试)

get an A in the exam(考试成绩优秀)

major in English//chemistry/Chinese/physics(主修)

be the top student in our class/have the best record in school(成绩好)

get a bachelor’s/master’s/ doctor’s degree(获得学士、硕士、博士学位)

be active in class/take an active part in…(课堂表现活跃)

work out (maths)problem(解决……问题)

have a good command of (……掌握得好)

lay a good foundation in (language study) (……方面基础好)

话题2 学生兴趣爱好及课余活动

spare time(业余时间), favorite(最喜欢的), Interest(兴趣), hobby(爱好), appetite(嗜好),taste(口味), read novels(读小说), play golf/basketball(打高尔夫/篮球), surf the internet(上网), chat

online(在线聊天), play video games(玩电子游戏), collect stamps(集邮), make e-friends(交网友), climb mountains(爬山), go camping(去露营), enjoy rock music(喜欢摇滚音乐),be interested in(对…感兴趣), develop an interest in(在…方面发展兴趣), be fond of(喜欢…),be keen on(喜欢…), have love for(喜爱…), have a taste in(对…有兴趣)

spend one’s time in many different ways(以不同方式打发时间)

go for an outing/have an outing (进行户外活动)

have a picnic at the weekend(周末野餐)

enjoy a family trip(享受家庭旅行)

enjoy a change from our busy life(从忙碌的生活中摆脱出来)

relaxing Sunday(放松的周日)

话题3 友谊

get to know sb.(认识某人), know sb. reallywell(熟知某人), make friends with sb.(和某人交朋友), a strongpersonality (一个很强的个性), personal matters(隐私), friendship(友谊), friendly(友好的), a close friend(一个亲密的朋友), trust each other (相互信任), precious(珍贵的), worthy(有价值的), understanding(通情达理的), share …with sb.(与…分享…), be loyal to(对…忠诚), keep in touch with sb. (与…保持联系), keep company with sb.(和…结交), stay best friends withsb. (和…保持很好的友谊)

话题4 健康问题

physical and mental condition(身体与精神状态), strong(强壮的), un/healthy(不健康/健康的), overweight/fat(肥胖的), thin(瘦的), near/short-sighted(近视的), mentallyunhealthy(精神不健全的), normal(正常的), abnormal(不正常的), energetic(精力旺盛的), unhealthy eating habit(不健康的饮食习惯), eat much junk food (吃太多的垃圾食品) 等,Stay/keep healthy/fit(保持健康), build up one’s body/ improve one’s' health(强身健体), enough sleep(充足的睡眠), take

regularexercise(进行有规律的运动), proper diet(合理的饮食), good living habits(良好的生活习惯), lose weight(减肥), remove heavy burdens(减轻负担), be good for/dogood to(对…有益处), nutrition(营养), go on diet(节食), form a … eating habit(养成一个…的饮食习惯)

话题5 求职和招聘

interview(面试), commubity servise(社区服务), pocket money(零用钱), spare time(业余时间), challenging(有挑战的), waste time in(在……方面浪费时间), employ(雇佣), look for(寻找), take in(吸纳), full-time(全职的), part-time(兼职的), well-paid(薪水高的), be paid by thehour(按小时发工资), requirement(要求), résumé(个人履历),schooling(受教育情况), subjects(课程), working experience(工作经历), qualification(合格证明), transcript (成绩单), health(健康状况), present address(现在通讯地址) 等,apply for(申请…), graduate from(毕业于), major in(以…为专业), degree(学位), scholarship(奖学金), good grades(良好的成绩), hobby(爱好), favorite(最喜欢的), be skilled in(在…方面熟练), be good at(擅长…), experienced(有经验的), confident(自信的), English and computer ability(英语和计算机能力), healthy(健康的) ,voluntary labor(义务劳动) ,physical labor(体力劳动), mental labor(脑力劳动), workday(工作日), be devoted to(奉献于..), value(价值), earn money(赚钱) , personal interests(个人利益)

话题6 环境保护

climate(气候), environmental-friendly(环境友好的), ecological(生态的), pollute(污染),Waste is scattering here and there.(到处撒满了废弃物),protect the environment(保护环境) ,save energy(节省能源),solar energy(太阳能) ,

send out smoke and poisonous gases into the air(散发出烟和有毒气体);

cut down trees(砍伐树木) ;

pour waste water into the rivers(把废水注入河流);

It is a shame to throw rubbish around. (乱扔垃圾是可耻的);

form good habits to protect the surroundings(养成良好的习惯来保护环境);

take active measures to protect rare animals(采取积极措施保护稀有动物) ;

take good care of our forests(关心我们的森林);

plant more trees to improve the environment (多植来改善环境);

The terrible pollution have done great harm to us as well as tothe surroundings.


话题7 中外交流

Confucius Institute (孔子学院), sister cities (友好城市), local culture (本土文化), mass

culture (大众文化), oriental culture (东方文化), traditional (传统的), decorate (装饰), get together (聚集), set off fireworks(放烟火), lucky money(压岁钱),celebrate the springfestival(过年),spring festival couplets(春联),paper-cuts (剪纸),new year paintings(年画),do shopping for the spring festival/ do spring festival shopping(买年货),firecrackers (爆竹) redpackets(红包),lion dance(舞狮) ,dragon dance (舞龙),traditional opera(戏曲)