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1 Compositions


假设你是星光中学的李华,将参加主题为“Let’s Ride Bicycles”的英语演讲比赛。请撰写一份演讲稿,主要内容包括:

1. 目前汽车带来的空气污染和交通堵塞等问题;

2. 骑自行车的益处,如节能环保、有利健康等。

参考词汇:低碳生活(low-carbon life);节能(energy saving)

Good morning, everyone,

I am Li Hua from Xingguang Middle School. The topic of my speech is “Let’s Ride


As is known to all, with the improvement of people’s living standards, cars have become a popular means of transport, bringing great convenience to our life. However, they have also

caused some problems such as air pollution and traffic jams. (骑自行车的优点:a____________)

How can we solve the problems then? As far as I’m concerned, riding bicycles is a good solution. For one thing, bicycl es don’t need any petrol and they’re energy-saving. For another, bicycles are environmentally-friendly because they won’t give off waste gas. What’s more, riding bicycles is a good way for us to exercise and it is beneficial to our health.(缺点d_____)

Therefore, let’s take the responsibility to build up a low-carbon city by riding bicycles. Come on and join us! (总结c_________)

Thank you!

1. 众所周知,随着人们生活水平的提高,汽车已经成为一种受欢迎的交通工具,这给我

们的生活带来了极大的便利。(translation )


2. 那么我们应该怎样解决这个问题呢?


3. 而且, 对我们来说,骑自行车是锻炼的一种好方法且对我们的健康有利。

_____________________________________________________________________________ (二)

在生活中, 你自已或他人曾有过物品不慎丢失而又找回的经历, 其间有烦恼、有惊喜、有感慨……请就此写一篇英语短文. 主要内容包括:

1) 丢失的物品; 2) 物品失而复得的经过; 3) 你的感想。

注意: 词数不少于120个; 不能使用真实姓名和学校名称。

One possible version:

Getting back what you have lost would be an unforgettable experience. Last Monday, I lost my expensive cell phone, on which my name was inscribed. Fortunately, it was returned.

That morning, I rushed out of my house and jumped into a taxi, for I would be late for the final examination. On arriving at school, I headed to my classroom quickly, not noticing that I had left my cell phone on the back seat. When the exam ended, to my great surprise, I found the

2 driver waiting at the school gate. He handed the phone over to me, wearing a smile on his face. So touched was I that tears rolled down my cheeks.

From this story, I am firmly convinced of the significance of honesty, which will

contribute to building a warm and harmonious society.

1. 一到学校,我就迅速向教室走去,没注意到我把我的手机忘在后座上了。


2. 我是如此的感动以至于眼泪沿着脸颊往下流。


3. 从这个故事中,我坚信诚实的重要性,这有助于创建一个温暖的和谐的社会。



请根据下列要点提示,写一篇短文给校英文报“Teens ”栏目投稿,介绍自己帮助一位摔伤老人的经历。

要点:1. 遇到老人从自行车上摔下,腿部流血;

2. 利用急救常识进行急救并等待救护车的到来;

3. 你的感想。

注意:1. 词数: 不少于120个; 2. 可以适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯。

Last Monday, I was walking in the street ______(就在这时) I suddenly saw an old man fall off his bicycle. What’s _______(更糟的是), one of his legs was bleeding badly. Many people crowded around him immediately including me. As(=________) I had learnt some knowledge about first aid in school before, I suggested that the old man ________ stay where he was and not move his leg. Then I asked someone in the crowd to telephone for an ambulance; meanwhile(____________), I pressed a cloth on the wound to stop the bleeding. Ten minutes _____(十分钟后), the ambulance arrived. The doctors and nurses praised me for my actions, saying what I did was right. I was very happy that day for I really helped someone in an emergency.


你校将于下周开展“读书周”活动, 请你以学生会的名义写一则英语通知,发布在你校英语网站上。


时间: 下周一至周五

主要活动: 1. 邀请书店来校举办书展;

2. 举办写作比赛

3. 举办“诗歌,散文朗诵比赛”活动。

注意: 1. 词数: 不少于120个

2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

3 Notice

A Reading Week is to be held next week by the Students’ Union. The activity aims to create a good learning environment for students and guide students to read good books.( 活动时间及目的) Two main activities have been planned: First, some bookstores will be invited to sell books in our school, making it easy for students to buy books. Second , there will be an essay writing contest, where writers are expected to r_________(推荐)their favorite books they have read to readers. Besides, a recitation contest (_______)will be held, where

participants(_________) take turns to read their favorite poems or essays. The winners will be chosen at the end of the competition.(活动内容)

It is hoped that all students will prepare well for the activity and take an active part in it.


Students’ Union



假定你是长沙某中学的学生李明,得知你的美国朋友Jack 准备到中国来, 请你给他写封

注意 1. 词数120左右,信的格式及开头已为你写好(不计入总词数)

2. 可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

3. 参考词汇:莲花峰Lotus Flower Peak; 奇松 amazing pines

温泉 hot spring; 好客 hospitality;

齐始皇兵马俑 Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses

Dear Jack,

I am very glad to hear that you will visit China. I hope the following schedule can be helpful. In the first week, you can visit the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses in Xi’an. It is praised as “the eighth wonder of the world”. Besides, it is in a favorable geographical location surrounded by water and hills, for example, the Weihe River and Mount Huashan.(介绍第一周计划) In the second week, I s______(建议) you visit Mount Huangshan. It is said that(______) Mount Huangshan boasts 72 peaks. Among them, the highest one is called Lotus Flower Peak. In addition, you will enjoy the four well-known wonders (_____)--- amazing pines, stones of

4 strange shapes, a sea of clouds and hot springs, and especially the famous Yingke Pine which has become a symbol of hospitality. (介绍第二周计划)

They are really worth your visiting. I look forward to your coming. (小结)


Li Ming


假如你是李华,打算暑假和你的美国朋友露西(Lucy )一起去旅游,请你根据表格给露

Dear Lucy,

I’m writing to tell you the arrangements for our trip during the summer holidays.

Our destination (________) is Hainan Island, which is located in(_____) the south of China. It is well-known as a popular tourist attraction(_______) worldwide because of its fantastic scenery. The island is surrounded by(_________) the blue water and golden sand, and has a lot of places of interest(________). We will stay from July 18 to July 26. The activities wil include hiking on the island, surfing in the water and sleeping in tents at night so that we can get close to nature and experience the life on the island. Please remember to take your

swimming suit(______) and make sure(____) you have your passport with you. I ’m sure we will have a great time there.

Looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua

My favorite three sentences are as follows:

For one thing, _________________________________________________________________. For another, ___________________________________________________________________. Furthermore, __________________________________________________________________.

本文旅游安排从Our destination is Hainan Island到_______________________________. 注意事项从_____________________________到______________________________.

5 Good Sentences

1. 只有这样我们才能生活在更安全且更健康的世界里。

Only in this way _____ ____ live in a safer and ________ world.

→总之,保持良好的思想状态。只有这样你才会是一个阳光男孩且使你的父母开心。 All ___ all, keep ____ good state of mind. Only in this way ____ _____ ____ a sunny boy and make your parents _______.

2. 随着高考的来临,许多学生倾向于吃各种各样的补品来保持精力充沛。

W_____ the college entrance examination a________, many students tend to t_____ a great v______ of tonics to keep e________.

3. 总之,青少年真正需要的(东西)是均衡的饮食,充足的睡眠及锻炼,而不是补品。

_____ short, ______ teenagers really need is a _______ diet, enough ______, and sports, i______ ____ tonics.

4. 如果您能考虑我的______,我将不胜感激。

I would appreciate ____ if you could take my application into _________.

5. 有一句英语谚语是这样说的,“机会只留给有准备的人。”

There is an old English saying _____ goes, “O____________ are only for the prepared minds. ”

6. 我已经养成了在业余时间读书的习惯,这使我受益匪浅。

I have f_____ the ______ of reading ___ my spare time, ______ b______ me a lot.

7. 我们应该和谁交朋友呢? 我喜欢选择善良且诚实的人,因为当我们处于困境中时,他们会主动给我们帮助。

Who shall we _____ _______ _____? I like to choose kind and ______ people because they will offer us help when we are ____ _______.

8. 以月饼盒为例,人们吃了月饼之后不知如何处理其盒子。

______ moon cake boxes as _____ _______, people don’t know _____ to deal with the boxes after they eat the moon cakes.

9. 这个活动对顾客和环境都有利。

The _______ is b_______ for both customers and the e___________.

10. _______所有的学生会为这个活动做好准备并且积极参与。

It is hoped that all students will prepare well ____the activity and take ____ _____ _____ ____ it.

11. 这个活动旨在为学生_______________________且_____学生读好书。

The activity a___ ___ create a good learning environment for students and guide students to read good books.

12. 结果是她的右腿断了。

It t_____ o_____ that her right leg was b______.