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一、Winter holiday is coming,and I have a plan about it.


I get up at 8:00,then do the morning exercise in the park which is near my home,then do my homework,sometimes I watch TV ,sometimes I play computer games,I think it is very good.

早上8 点钟起床,到离我们家不远的公园去做晨练。然后回家做功课,不时再看会电视,玩玩电脑游戏。我想这样的寒假一定会很有意义。

During the holiday we will have the Spring Festival,it is one of the most important festival in China,we are very happy because we can have red packets,eat many delicious food,wear new clothes. joozone.com


So,I think this Winter holiday will be very happpy .I like it. 所以我想我的这个假期将会非常愉悦,我喜欢寒假!

二、My winter vacation plan

My winner vacation is coming soon .I am so happy I decide to make a winter vacation plan .First, I will do my homework carefully Second ,I am going to help my mother with housework .Then,I want to play with my best friend.I will also visit my grangparents with my parents .We will spend Spring Festival with them.I think every day during my winter vacation will be happy.

I am sure I will have a wonderful vacation. I can not wait

三、The winter vacation is coming.I'm going to do a lot of things.First,I must do my homework every day.And I'll also help my parents do the housework.If I feel tired,I'll listen to music to relax myself or go to the library to read

books.Knowledge is power.My grandparents don't live with us and they live in the countryside.I miss them very much.So I'll go to see them during the

vacation and live with them for a few days.I love doing sports.So I'll play soccer or basketball with my friends on the afternoons.Sometimes we'll play

against.That's my plan for the coming winter vacation.What's your plan?Can you tell me?

四、假设你是导游,请根据下面表格所给的提示,用英语向外宾简单介绍一下景点的情况及参观时的注意事项。词数: 70词左右(开头已给出, 但不计入总词数) 。

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the Sandu Island! Now let me tell you something about it. The Sandu Island is a

beautiful place surrounded by the sea and it has a long history. It‟s a good place to spend holidays because there are many places of interest on it.

Y ou can have great fun on this island. You can go boating, go fishing and have picnics if you like. Besides, you can walk along the beach.

Y ou ‟ll stay on the island for the whole morning, have lunch on the island and leave in the afternoon. While you are traveling, pay attention to your own safety.

Hope you have a good time on the island!

Thank you.

五、现在学生在网吧上网(get on-line)成风, 你们班在下周班会上将谈论有关问题。请你根据表格中提示的内容用英语写一篇60词左右的讲话稿, 要点必须齐全。

Many students like getting on-line very much. They can learn how to use the modern machine —computers. They can learn much more knowledge from the Internet. It can make them clever by playing different kinds of games.

But some students spend too much time playing games. Some even make friends on-line. It takes them too much time to write too many letters to each other, so they do worse in their lessons.

I think they mustn‟t get on-line when they‟re studying at school. They can do it in summer or winter holidays.



1. 李明以前是个电影迷, 一周至少去看两次电影,有时租VCD 在家里看,最喜欢的影星是姜文;

2. 李明现在的兴趣是集邮, 认为集邮非常有趣,可以从邮票上学到很多关于人物、地点、历史的知识, 有些旧邮票非常有价值;

3. 上周五是李明的生日, 他从朋友那里得到了许多邮票,非常高兴。

Li Ming is my good friend. He has many hobbies. He used to be a movie fan. He went to the movie theater at least twice a week. Sometimes he rented VCDs and watched them at home. His favorite movie star was Jiang Wen.

Now Li Ming is interested in collecting stamps. He thinks it‟s great fun. He can learn a lot about people, places, history and many other things from stamps. Some old stamps are very valuable.

Last Friday was Li Ming‟s birthday. He got many stamps from his friends. Li Ming was very happy.

七、以“How did you spend last Sunday? Did you have a good time? What were you doing at different times last Sunday?”为内容,写一篇80词左右的短文。

提示:watch a movie, climb mountains, play basketball, visit friends, play computer games, do housework ... happy, excited, sad ...

A Happy Sunday

I had a happy day last Sunday. From 6: 30 to 7: 00, I was running along the road. At 8: 00 a. m. I was doing cleaning at home, because my parents were out. At 9: 50, I was watching a movie with my friend, Han Xingxing. The film was very interesting, and it made us excited. From 2: 20 to 4: 30, I was playing basketball with my classmates on our school playground. At 6: 00 p.m. my grandparents, my parents and I were having a big dinner together in a restaurant. We all felt very happy and enjoyed it.

I was watching TV from 7: 30 to 9: 30 at home in the evening, and then I went to bed.

八、依照下列问句,以My Hobbies为题写一篇60词左右的短文。

1.What hobbies did you use to have? Why did you like them?

2.What hobbies do you have now? Why do you like them? 3.What different hobbies do you have in different seasons?

My Hobbies

Different people have different hobbies. I used to ride a bike and read story books. They could give us lots of knowledge. I keep cats and dogs. I thought pets were very friendly and lovely, but now I like listening to music and chatting on the Internet, because music can relax me after the daily work and chatting can bring me happiness and friendship.

I have different hobbies in different seasons. In spring I like flying kites. In summer I go swimming. I often climb hills in the fall. I like making snowmen best in winter.

九、以How to keep healthy为题写一篇80词左右的短文。

How to keep healthy

If we want to keep our bodies healthy, we must have a good habit. We should get up and go to bed early and sleep at least eight hours every day . Do more exercise, such as walking, swimming, playing balls and so on. We should also eat healthy food——more fruit and vegetables and less meat. If you don‟t feel well, you‟d better see a doctor at once. And we should wash our hands before meals and drink enough boiled water every day. It‟s necessary for our health.

We should not throw litter about, keep long fingernails and smoke etc. It ‟s also very important.


参考词汇:personal health个人健康 spit 吐痰

overwork 使„„过于疲劳 food and drink饮食

Keeping healthy

My father is a doctor. In 2003, he took an active part in the battle against SARS.

He said,“We don‟t have to be afraid of catching the illness. If we have good habits, we can keep the illness away.”

My father and I like running in the morning. We keep the windows open so that the air in the room is clean and fresh. We wash our hands before meals. We have healthy food and drink. We don ‟t spit here and there. He told us not to overwork because too much work will make us tired and make it easy to get sick.



1. 抽烟有害健康, 不能长寿;

2. 抽烟易导致疾病;

3. 抽烟还危害别人。

Smoking and Health

Everyone knows smoking is bad for health. People who smoke too much may not live long. Many people die from smoking each year.

Smoking causes many illnesses. Smokers have bad teeth. A lot of people always cough because of smoking. Smoking can easily cause lung cancer.

Smoking is bad for smokers, and it‟s also bad for women and children, too.

I hope all the smokers can give up smoking for themselves and also for the people around them. Let‟s enjoy clean air.

十二、假如你是Li Tao,请根据昨天的情况写一篇60词左右的日记。


Wednesday, October 12th, 2009 sunny I felt terrible yesterday morning. My mother took me to the hospital. “What‟s your trouble, little boy?” the doctor asked. “I can‟t stop sneezing and I have a headache. ” “When did it start?” “This morning. ” “Open your mouth and say „Ah ‟. ” My mother was worried and asked the doctor, “What‟s the matter with him?” “He has a bad cold, but it‟s nothing serious. ” the doctor said. Then the doctor let me take some medicine. He asked me to stay in bed and have a good rest.

I feel better after taking the medicine.

十三、以My favorite player为题写一篇60词左右的短文。

My favorite player is Zhang Yining who is 1.68 meter tall. She is a table tennis player on the national team of China. She was born on October 5th, 1982. When she was six years old, she began to practice playing ping-pong. She started to play on our national team in 1995. She is clever, quick and hard working. In 2004 Athens Olympic Games, she did very well and got medals. I like her best because I like ping-pong.