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Here are the results of the student activity surveys in Class 12, Grade 8. Most students watch TV every day. Some students watch TV twice a week. Some students watch TV four times a week. Some students have sports every day. Some students have sports twice a week. Most

students have sports four times a week. All the students do homework every day. No students do homework twice or four times a week. Unit two


Tom is my good friend. He never exercises. He is always stressed out. He likes eating junk food. He drinks coffee every day. I don’t think he has a healthy lifestyle. I think he should drink some milk every day and eat lots of vegetables and fruit. He should listen to some light music as well. I think good food and exercise can help him to stay healthy.


My vacation plan

National Day is coming. I’m very glad. In the vacation I’m going to Beijing with my parents. Beijing is our capital, and it is a beautiful city, too. I love her. We are going sightseeing there. We are going to Tian’anmen Square, the Summer Palace and many places of interest. We are going to take many photos there and buy a lot of things we like. I think we are going to have a good time.


There are fifty students in our class. They come from different places, so they come to school in different ways. Some of them live very near to the school. They come to school on foot. Some of them take buses to school. Some of them ride bikes to school. Only a few students come to school in their parents’ cars.


I’m Li Yang. My best friend is Mei Ting. I’m different from her. She is more outgoing. She likes sports very much. I’m very quiet. I like painting(画画). She is much taller than me. I am heavier than her. She is more athletic than me, but I’m smarter than her. Though we are different in some ways, we both like collecting stamps.


Dear Sally,

Thank you very much for your invitation to your birthday party. I’d love to go, but I have many things to do.

On Wednesday I have to go to my piano lesson. Then I have to go to see a doctor on Thursday afternoon. And on Friday I have to visit my aunt

with my parents. I am going to be busy on Saturday. I have to finish my homework. I have bought a nice present for you. I hope you will like it. Happy Birthday!

八年级上英语作文(Unit 7)

Unit 7 How to make


Ingredients: mushroom, egg, peanut oil, relish, salt

Unit 7 How to make

First, wash the mushrooms and cut them into pieces.

Next,break the egg and put in a bowl to mix it with a little salt

Then, pour two teaspoons of peanut oil into the pan and fried the mushroom,

Next, pour a bowl of water into the pan and cook until it become boiling. Finally, put some relish and salt into the soup. And now you can have a taste

Unit 8写封信给你的朋友,说说你的周末过的怎样。(假定天气不好,60~80词)请根据要求写一篇日记。

上个休息日(4月24日,星期日) ,我过得非常有趣。




Last day off , I had a great time, In the morning, I got up very early, after eating breakfast,I went to Wenzhou Zoo and saw some seals , sharks and dolphin’s show. I bought some souvenirs. Then I went out playing basketball with my good friend Jim for one hour, then we swam at the pool , We had some hamburgers and coke for lunch at KFC. We also had some fruit ice-cream.We had a rest for one and a half hours, then we went to Xinhua bookshop and read some books.we went to Zhongshan Park , we bought some souvenirs,and the park is very

beautiful, we took lots of photos there. We enjoyed ourselves very much. New Year's Resolution

I have two best friends. They're Julie and Ken. One day, we talk about we new year's resolution. I'm going to be a singer. So, I'm going to take

singing lessons .In next year, I'm going to learn to play the piano. Julie is going to be a soccer ball player. So, she is going to play soccer every day. In the next year, she's going to teach other students to play. Ken is going to be a computer programmer. So, he's going to try his best to learn math. In the next year, he's going to ask teachers for help.

以Internet 为题,用英语写一篇70词左右的短文,谈谈你对互联网的看法。参考词汇:more and more, fast and convenient(快且方便), information, talk to different people, in trouble, use it correctly

The Internet is important foe people today. More and more people use the Internet every day, because it is fast and convenient. The Internet can hel p us do a lot of things. We can use the Internet for finding information an d we can enjoy lots of songs, movies and games on the Internet. We can also talk to different people in other countries through the Internet.

The Internet may be fast and convenient, but it may also get you into trou ble. So we should know how to use it correctly. If you do, you can really have a convenient life with the Internet.

地球上水资源非常丰富,但可供我们用的淡水资源却极度贫乏。水是生命之源,动物、植物、人类都离不开水,没有水,地球上就没有生命存在。节约用水是每个地球人的职责。请以How to Save the Water 为题写一篇短文。不少于60词。

Water is important to all living things. All animals and plants need water. Without water, there will be no life on the earth. So we should do our be st to save and protect our water. We must turn off the tap after we use i t. We must save every drop of water in everyday life and tell our parents and friends about it. I think it’s our duty to save water.


参考词汇:like, best, than, help, make, share

I like animals. I think they’re our friends. Among all animals, I like dogs be st, because they can do more things for people than other animals. For ex ample, some dogs can help people to look after houses, to find the lost ch ildren, or to help blind man to do things. I have a pet dog. Playing with it makes me happy and relaxed. Let’s share the world with animals.

在你的生活中总有挥之不去的记忆。除了学习,你还有特别喜欢的事情吗?也许你活波好动,球类,游泳是你的最爱;也许你有艺术天赋,唱歌、跳舞、听音乐、绘画是你的乐趣;也许集邮是你生活的一部分;也许。。。。。。请根据以上提示,将你的爱好及与之相关的故事写信告诉美国的笔友Jack 。 Dear J ack,

I’m glad to receive your letter. You ask me to tell you something about m y hobby. Football is my favorite. I’m a serious football fan. I enjoy football matches very much. I can stay up to enjoy a match on TV. My favorite pl ayer is

Michael Owen. I often dream I meet him and he teaches me to play footb all. But that’s only a dream.

I often play football with my friends. We have a match on the playground near my home every weekend. It is really fun and brings me a special kind of happiness.



俗话说:病从口入。很多同学平时不注意饮食卫生和习惯,结果生病了。我们应该如何做才能保持身体健康呢?请根据下面的提示内容,写一篇80词左右的短文。提示:1)少吃冷饮;2)饭前洗手;3) 不吃变质的食物;4)不喝变质的牛奶;5)多吃蔬菜和水果;6)多喝水;7)有病立刻去就医

Everyone wants to keep healthy. In everyday life, we should have good ha bits.

We should have less cold drink. Cold things are bad for our stomach. We had better wash our hands before meals. We mustn’t eat bad food or drin k sour milk. Vegetables and fruit are good for our health. We should eat more vegetables and fruit every day. We should also drink plenty of water every day. If we are ill, we should go to see the doctor at once.

现在学生在网吧上网(get on-line) 成风, 你们班在下周班会上将谈论有关问题。请你根据表格中提示的内容用英语写一篇60词左右的讲话稿, 要点必须齐全。 Many students like getting on-line very much. They can learn how to use t he modern machine —computers. They can learn much more knowledge fro m the Internet. It can make them clever by playing different kinds of game s.

But some students spend too much time playing games. Some even make f riends on-line. It takes them too much time to write too many letters to e ach other, so they do worse in their lessons.

I think they mustn’t get on -line when they’re studying at school. They can do it in summer or winter holidays.

it. I think it’s our duty to save water.