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1 Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is the science of natural science and technology as the theoretical basis of technical production practice experience, research and address the development, design, manufacture, installation, use and repair of all machinery in the application of theoretical and practical issues disciplines. Machinery of modern society, the five elements of production and services (people, capital, energy, materials and machinery) of, and participation in energy and materials production. Any modern industrial and mechanical engineering applications are required, such as agriculture, forestry, mining and other necessary agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, mining equipment; metallurgy and chemical industry needs metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery; textiles and food processing industry requires, textile machinery, food processing machinery; housing construction and roads, bridges, water and other projects required construction machinery; power industry need to power machinery; transportation needs of various types of vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc.; the measurement of a variety of goods, packaging, storage and handling needs of the corresponding working machinery. Is the people's daily lives, more and more application of machinery, such as the crusher, cars, bicycles, sewing machines, watches, cameras, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and so on.

The development of various engineering mechanical engineering are required to have a corresponding development of mechanical engineering are required to provide the necessary machinery. Some mechanical invention and improvement has led to new engineering technologies and the emergence of new industries and development, such as large power machinery manufacturing success, led to the establishment of the power system; locomotive and railway invention led to the rise of railway undertakings ; internal combustion engines, gas turbines, rocket engines of invention and progress as well as aircraft and spacecraft led to the successful development of aviation, aerospace engineering and aviation, the rise of the aerospace industry; high-pressure equipment (including compressors, reactors, sealing technology, etc.) development synthetic chemistry has led to many new project's success. Mechanical engineering is increasing in all areas under the pressure of demand to gain traction, same time and from various disciplines and technological advances in improved and innovative capacity.

Mechanical Engineering has always been to increase production, improve labor productivity, improve the economics of production, that in order to improve short-term interests of humanity as the goal to research and develop new mechanical products. In the next era, new product development will reduce the consumption of resources, the development of clean renewable energy, governance, reduce or even eliminate the environmental pollution as a super-economic objectives and tasks.

As a school of mechanical engineering in college, I consider mechanical and automation is a very difficult profession, in our school curriculum is a lot of people complain about more difficult, but to learn the mechanical and automation on the premise that those specialized good understand, and then after a lot of practice learning opportunities, grasp, more hands, more brains, not to indulge in those old knowledge to learn to think more about your mind to think about those things usually do not Ask the teacher to know more, four in the big three to take to participate in the internship, what the teacher does not know how to communicate as soon as possible and do not pressure in the heart, drawing, the physical, computer must learn learn these fine, hope that we can learn this door is very difficult course, do not give away because of pressure of course!

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作为一名在校的机械专业的大学生,我认为机械和自动化是一个很有难度的专业,在我们学校也是很多人抱怨课程多,难度大,但是学好机械与自动化的前提就是把那些专业课好好的弄懂,然后在之后的学习中有很多实习的机会,把握住,多动手,多动脑,不要一味的去学那些老旧的知识,要多思考去想那些平时脑海中闪过的东西,不懂要多问问老师,在大三大四的实习中要好好去参与,有什么不懂得要尽快和老师去沟通,不要压在心里,画图、 物理、计算机这些一定要学好学精,希望大家能学好这门很有难度的课程,不要因为课程压力大而去放弃!