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We are living in a world of distrust. We live behind cold security bars; we do not talk to strangers, let alone go out of our way to help them; we live in fear of fake products. In short, fear and feelings of insecurity fill the environment we live in.

All this greatly harms our society. Growing up in such an environment, we tend to feel isolated and care only about ourselves. If things go on like this, ‘trust’, ‘teamwork’, and ‘harmony’ wi ll eventually become terms unheard of.

In my opinion, trusting others and being trustworthy are the two basic principles that we should follow if we want to improve human relationships. We may not be in a position to change others, but we can change the way others see us by winning their trust in us. Mutual understanding and love

are the pillars that support a harmonious society.

我们生活在不信任的世界里。我们生活背后的冷安全吧; 我们不

和陌生人说话,更别说走出去我们的方式来帮助他们; 我们生活在恐惧假冒产品。总之,恐惧和不安全感填补我们生活的环境。






Thinking positively means allowing your mind to be filled with optimistic feelings, and always hoping for the best though still aware of the difficulties that might be involved.

The human mind is powerful; thoughts of optimism and pessimism can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Though it might seem impossible to some, positive thinking and success actually have a cause-and-result relationship. The reason is that a person with positive thinking will always broadcast goodwill and confidence and that kind of radiating attitude will take a hold on everybody.

Gradually, people’s attitude will shift towards more trust and respect. This not only opens up more opportunities for the individual, but it also feeds back emotionally, and the cycle continues.

Though the shaping of a positive or negative personality often happens subconsciously, it is possible to control such processes consciously. A person can try visualizing favourable situations, whether it is remembering a contest won as a child or imagining getting that job offer so long sought after. Over time circumstances will change accordingly. (169 words)


人的心灵是强大的; 乐观和悲观的想法可以是一个自我实现的预




In my opinion, before a person becomes successful, he or she should fully understand the basic elements of success: competence, determination and optimism.

For a person to succeed, he or she has to face great competition and excel in his or her chosen career. The person needs to demonstrate and prove his or her competence in dealing with problems. Without competence, the person can neither stand out among the crowd nor attract the attention of those who hold the keys to the doors of opportunity and advancement.

Yet ability alone cannot guarantee success. Often enough, things do not go the way we have planned and failure is unavoidable no matter how intelligent or capable we may be. In such cases one needs to remain firm and optimistic, always believing that hard work will eventually pay

off. If the person gives up halfway, success will never knock at the door. (149 words)




My physics professor is a very creative person. His research project for his doctoral dissertation dealt with a very complicated physics problem at a time when many others thought it was impossible to solve it. But he creatively introduced a new concept and finally resolved the theoretical and experimental contradiction.

He possesses many unique traits. He is very energetic and hard-working. He chairs the Physics Department and teaches many hours a week. Meanwhile, he is in charge of the university’s technology research. Obviously he is a quick efficient worker. My professor can be eccentric, once he shocked the whole class by saying “Good physics,

everyone” instead of “Good morning, everyone”. But above all, my professor has a sincere interest and a strong passion in his research field. No wonder he is highly respected by both his colleagues and his students.