Three Wishes (三个愿望)
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Three Wishes

Once upon a time, there lived a woodman and his wife. They were very poor, and they lived in a cottage on the edge of a forest. Every day, the woodman would set out early in themorning to chop down trees.

As the woodman was travelling through the forest one day, he saw a fine old oak tree. "That will make plenty of planks," he thought, as he felt the blade of his axe to make sure it was sharp. He was about to strike the tree with the axe, when he heard someone crying out: "Please don't hurt this tree."

The woodman looked around him and saw a tiny fairy. "If you do not hurt this tree , " she said , "I will grant you and your wife three wishes."

"I won't hurt the tree," said the woodman kindly. Then the fairy vanished!

That evening, the woodman walked slowly home. He was feeling very hungry and could not wait for his supper.

"Is my supper ready?" the woodman asked his wife.

"Not for at least two hours, replied his wife. So the woodman sat in a chair by the fire.

"I wish I had a big black sausage to eat right now," he said out loud. And suddenly, a delicious sausage appeared on the table before him! "Why has that black sausage suddenly appeared?" the woodman's wife asked.

So the woodman told his wife the story about the fairy. But his wife was very angry. "You have wasted the first of our wishes," she said crossly. "I wish that sausage were on your nose!"

And with that, the sausage jumped up and stuck fast on the woodman's nose. His wife could not pull it off and nor could he, so the only thing to do was to wish it on the table again, which the woodman did.

What a waste of three wishes! The only thing the woodman had was a good supper of black sausage.