a trip to Huad Shan
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This afternoon, my parents and I went to Huad Shan with their friends.Recently, they have developed a new feature such as Gu Keng coffee, yard coffee shop, and B&B.This time, we went to a place that has natural trees, flowers around us. On the side of the stone road, had a long river and we could hear the water voice. It was very comfortable. The most I like it because there were not many people so that we could have a quiet condition.In addition, adults took noodles, fruits, and teas to get more interest. People in there were so friendly; they could lend us the desk, the chair, and everything we need.Now, Huad Shan is not only a place for hiking but also a tourism scenic spot. We can go there with our family or friends on holiday. It is certainly can relax ourselves.There are full of busy and nervous feeling in our usual life. So we took advantage of free time to go for relax. It is really a big enjoyment