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1 Generation gap

Nowadays, many young people are complaining that their parents can not understand them very well. They say that their parents take care of every aspect of their lives, leaving them unable to have their private space. Yet, parents are worried that their children don't show any respect to them and never give them any trust.

Consequently, the household phrases spreading. It is the "Generation Gap". By using this phrase, both the young and the old have found a good explanation for their misunderstanding of each other, yet they don't bother to take any measures to cover the distance between them. In my opinion, I think we should first admit that there are indeed some differences between parents and children. Then, we should try to take some time to communicatewith each other frequently. Not only the parents, but also the kids should be equal when exchanging their views. Only by their joint efforts can the parents and children bridge the generation gap between them.


现在,许多年轻人抱怨他们的父母不太了解他们,他们认为父母对他们生活的各个方面干涉太多,使得他们没有自己的空间。然而,父母却担心孩子对他们不够尊重和信任. 这种现象的结果使得“代沟”一词广为流传。通过使用该词,年轻人和上了岁数的人都能对存在于他们中间的误解找到很好的借口。然而,他们却不去想办法消除彼此的距离。 在我看来,首先我们应该承认父母与孩子之间的确存在着差异。然后,我们应该经常花时间去沟通。在交换彼此意见时,父母和孩子应该处于平等地位。只有通过他们的共同努力,父母和孩子才能拉近彼此的距离。

What Electives to Choose?

Nowadays many college students prefer to have electives in their spare time because the courses can offer a variety of skills and abundant knowledge apart from what they learn in the daily courses. There are many factors that may account for it, and the following are the most conspicuous aspects.

To start with, many students want to get another degree besides their own, so that they can have more competence when they seek a job. Furthermore, as for me, I don’t care about degree or job, I just want to obtain some necessary skills to make my college life worthwhile. What I’m concerned most is// how to own more skills that may be necessary for my future. Finally, some students want to learn anything that is different from what they are learning now. The science students, for example, want to know about Shakespeare while the art students want to tell how a vehicle works and how to deal with it when it breaks down. So, they can all get what they think is useful to their college life.

On the whole, the phenomenon is one of the results of multi-demand of the employment market. There is still a long way for us to improve the elective itself, but as a student myself, I find it rewarding and interesting.





3 Thrift is Always a Good Virtue

With the improvement of the living standards, many people are no longer interested in the simple life style and some of them even feel ashamed to be thrifty. What they pursue is the latest fashion. In their eyes,thrift is already out of style.

Why should we keep thrift?First of all, our life is better than the past, but high living

standards doesn't necessarily mean to waste.In order to lead a better life,we should try to save as much as possible.

Secondly, waste has been a serious problem in china. Large amounts of energe,materials and others are wasted every day. What's more,china is a developi--ng country, we can't afford such waste.

Finally, thrift is considered as a kind of virtue not only in china but also in the world. As to me, I believe “Waste not, want not.” The truth of this saying is not to give up comfort but to enhance efficiency. In fact, economic growth depends enormously on saving. Besides, there are still millions of Chinese living under poverty line. We can never afford

reckless waste. Therefore, it is no doubt that thrift is still a good virtue that we should not give up.


随着生活水平的提高,许多人不再简单的生活方式感兴趣,他们中的一些人甚至羞于节俭。他们追求的是最新的时尚。在他们眼里,节俭已经过时了。 我们为什么要保持节俭? 首先,我们的生活比过去,但高生活标准并不意味着浪费。为了更好的生活,我们应该尽可能多地。




Is the College English Test Band 4/Band 6 Necessary Recently there has been a heated discussion about whether the national college English test band 4/band 6 is necessary or not. Some teachers, students and authorities are in favor of it. To begin with, they hold that it is an effective way to raise the level of English in our country. Besides, they hold that it may stimulate / motivate the teachers to improve their teaching and urge students to attach more importance to English so as to improve their communicative skills .

However, others hold an opposite point of view. They maintain that this kind of test does not help to improve the students’ actual ability in mastering the language, but only conduces to their acquiring some techniques to deal with the best. Besides, it only makes learning and teaching and teaching (and almost everything) test-oriented. As a result, it only helps to produce students with high scores but lower abilities.

For all its negative aspects. I still think CET is very necessary. Thanks to CET band 4/ band 6, the overall English level of college students has been greatly raised. Besides, students now learn to stress the comprehensive learning skills. And eventually I believe the test will continue to spur students to push their English to a higher level so as to be more competitive in the new century.


最近有一个激烈的讨论, 关于是否全国大学英语四级、六级是必要的或不。一些老师、学生和政府赞 成它。首先, 他们认为这是一种有效的方式来提高英语水平, 在我们的国家。此外, 他们认为, 这可能会刺激/激励教师改善他们的教学, 要求学生重视英语, 以提高学生的交际技能。

然而, 其他人则持相反的观点。他们认为这种测试法, 也并不能有助于提高学生的实际能力掌握语言, 但只有有助于他们获得某种技术来处理最好的。此外, 这只能使学习和教学和教学(和几乎所有的) 学校应试。结果, 它有助于生产高的学生分数较低的能力。

为所有的负面影响。我仍然觉得CET 时间是十分必要的。由于四级考试/六级, 整体英语水平的大学生已经大大提高了。此外, 现在的学生学习压力综合学习技巧。并且最终我相信测试将继续刺激学生想把他们的英语到一个更高的水平, 更有竞争力的新世纪。

如何拥有更多的技能,可以为我的未来是必要的。最后,一些学生想学什么是不同的,他们现在正在学习。例如,科学的学生,想知道莎士比亚在艺术学生想告诉如何车辆工程,以及如何处理它时,它打破了。因此,他们都可以得到他们认为是有益的大学生活。 总体上,这种现象是一种多的就业市场需求的结果。还有我们要提高自身的选修课有很长的路,但我作为一名学生,我觉得这是有价值和有趣

Tomorrows Internet

Tomorrows Internet Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the

Internet becomes more and more popular. You can find it nearly everywhere in our life, work

and study, in other words the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in people’s


Also ,at present, the Internet has become increasingly popular during our life . Network

brings about many convenient for our life. If you have a computer and network, you can get

almost all information you need or the latest news conveniently. For example, with the

Internet, we can easily access the data we just need, and we can always browse the movies or

TV news that we are interested in.

Besides , we can save a lot of time while go shopping online without going out. The

Internet also provides a wide platform for our study and entertainment. By the way of sharing

the resources it meets our needs and promotes the rapid development.What’s more, the

Internet changes the way people communicate with each other. E mail allows us to write to our

friends and receive letters from our friends cheaply and instantly. Furthermore, the Internet

has revolutionized business. E-commerce enables people to do business and go shopping at

home easily and conveniently.

Finally, the Internet plays important roles in mass education .We have the reason to believe

that the Internet will create more and more miracles to human tomorrow. In a word, I think

we may live badly without it! I believe that the Internet must become an important part of our

future lives



生活中到处找它,学习和工作,换句话说,网络在人们的生活中扮演着越来越重要的作用。 同时 ,目前,互联网已在我们的生活中变得越来越受欢迎。网络带来了许多方便我们的生