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Heathily 成长是我们的责任。我们每个人应该尽力保持

自己的健康。 首先, 保持一个均衡的饮食。我们应该吃大量的蔬菜和水果


其次, 足够的睡眠和足够的锻炼。早睡早起


每天锻炼至少两到三次一个星期, 放松自己


除了身体健康, 我们也需要友谊。我们应该得到的



沟通在我们的一生中扮演一个重要组成部分。 一个健康的生活方式和与他人交流可以帮助我们成长


Growing up heathily is our duty. Every one of us should try our best to keep

ourselves healthy.

First of all, keep a balanced diet. We should eat a lot of vegetables and fruitevery day. Don’t eat junk food. Drink water instead of cola.Secondly , get enough sleep and enough exercise. Early to bed and early torise help a lot to our health. Try to sleep eight or nine hours every night. Try toexercise every day or at least two or three times a week and relax ourselvesby listening to light music.Besides the physical health, we also need friendship. We should try to get along well with people around us. We can share our problems and happiness with

them. And we should often communicate with our parents and teachers.Communication plays an important part in our life.

A healthy lifestyle and communicating well with others can help us

grow uphealthily.