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十天突破雅思写作必备 词汇

Parenting 家长对孩子的教育 schooling 学校对学生的教育 Cultivate 培养

awareness=sense=recognition 意识 Creative/original 有创造力的 physical 身体的

psychological 心里的 Peer 同龄人

motivation 动力

adapt to 适应

discipline 学科,纪律 memorise 记忆

Acquire 获得

stimulating 有趣的 prevalent 无处不在的 objective 客观的 biased 不客观的

celebrity 名人

journalists 记者

the press 新闻界 coverage 报道

misleading 有误导性的 dependable 可靠的

up-to-the-minute 非常及时的 informative 信息量大的

entertaining 娱乐性强的

transform 改变

breakthrough 突破

advance 发展

a staggering rate 惊人的速度

information overload 信息爆炸

enhance=boost 提高

innovations 创新

telecommunications 远程通信

productive 提高生产效率的

priority 首要任务

stability 稳定

establish 建立

solve=combat=tackle=resolve 解决

alleviate=ease 缓解

invest in=allocate money to 对…投资

the authorities 当局

ban=forbid=prohibit 禁止

scrutinise/monitor 监督

administer=regulate 管理

tax revenue 税收

democratic 民主的

demand 需求

efficient 高效率的

broaden one’s horizons/expand one’s outlook 开阔人的眼界 conflicts 冲突

explore 探索

promote 促进

tourist attraction 旅游点

local residents=local inhabitants 当地居民

mutual understanding 相互了解

enrich one’s experience 丰富人的经历

the proliferation of … …的大量扩散

plays a dominant role in … 在…占统治地位

go extinct 灭绝

lesser-known languages 小语种

the widespread use of … …的广泛使用

ancestors 祖先

descendants 后代

cultural assimilation 文化同化

indiscriminate 盲目的

time-honoured 历史悠久的

cultural heritage 文化遗产

Cultural diversity 文化多样性

cultural identity 文化特性

ethnic minorities 少数民族

the pace of life =the tempo of life 生活节奏

the gap between the urban area and the rural area 城乡差距 eliminate 消除

inferior 质量差的

facilities 设施

alienated 疏远的

materialistic 现实的

the present situation=the current situation=the status quo 现状 exterior 外观

function 功能

sweeping trends 席卷一切的潮流

synthesise the Asian and the Western cultures 中西方文化的有机结合 erode 侵蚀

universal 普遍的

isolated 独立的

import 进口

export 出口

domestic violence 家庭暴力 gender equality 性别平等

discrimination 歧视

an enlightened society 一个开明的社会 household chores 家务

be tied down by 被…拖累

offspring 后代

personality clashes 性格冲突 household 家庭

affluent 富裕的

impoverished 贫穷的

community 社区

family values 家庭观念

generation gap 代沟

family bonds 亲情

harmony 和谐

crimes=offence=criminal acts 犯罪 stringent 严厉的

punishment 惩罚

the crime rate 犯罪率

rampant 猖獗的

violate the law 违法

restrict 限制

impulsive 冲动的

consequence 后果

circumstance 处境

reform criminals 改造罪犯

preserve 保护

inhumane 残酷的

biodiversity 生物多样性

companions 伙伴

replacement 替代物

habitat 栖息地

endangered species 濒危动物

hide 兽皮

sustainable development 可持续发展

exploit natural resources 开采自然资源

the ecosystem 生态系统

disposable 一次性的

conserve 节约

deteriorate 恶化

discharge 排放

contamination 污染

consume=deplete 消耗

eco-friendly 有益环保的

scarcity 短缺



Cultivate/ foster/nurture 培养

promote the student’s physical, mental and emotional development. 促进学生身心发展 attend school 上学

single-sex school 只有男生或女生的学校

aptitude 学习能力(先天)

skill 学习能力(后天)

schooling 学校教育

upbringing/parenting 家庭教育

give the students motivation to do sth=motivate the students to do sth 给学生动力做某事 adolescents/youngsters/youths 青少年

impart/inculcate knowledge 传授知识

instill high moral values 灌输高尚的道德观念

give the students inspiration 给学生灵感

teaching methodology 教学方法

adapt to sth=adjust oneself to sth=become accustomed to sth 适应

adaptability 适应能力

students ’ grasp of what has been taught 学生对老师所教知识的掌握

employable skills 就业技能

force-feed the students 填鸭式教法教学生

learn things by rote 死记硬背

students should not be treated as passive receptacles of predigested ideas 学生不应该只是被动的接受知识

memorise for memorisation’s own sake 为了记忆而记忆

a sense of obligation/duty/responsibility 责任感

memorise equations记忆方程式

formulas 公式

theorems 定理

laws 定律

apply 应用

follow sth blindly/indiscriminately 盲从

extinguish creativity 限制创造力的发展

dampen the students’ enthusiasm = the students 打击学生积极性

beget undue pressure 产生不必要的压力

mould one’s character 塑造某人的性格

segregate students 把学生分开教育

peers 同龄人

peer pressure 来自其他同学的压力

adverse circumstances=adversity 逆境

team spirit 团队精神

think independently 独立思考

learn things through understanding 在理解的基础上学习

encourage the students to think critically 鼓励学生用辩证的眼光看问题 students ’ feedback=students’ input 学生的反馈

students appraise/evaluate their teachers’ performance 学生评价老师的教学 curriculum 各门功课的总称

extra-curricular activities 课外活动

A school is society in miniature 学校是社会的缩影

Indiscipline=misbehavior=mischief 不遵守纪律

disruptive students=unruly students 违反纪律的学生

theoretical knowledge 理论知识

generalist 通才

specialist 专才

well-rounded=versatile 全面发展的

contribute to societal well-being 为社会健康发展做贡献

humanities 人文科学

social science 社会科学

arts 艺术

liberal studies=arts 文科总称

sciences 理科

engineering 工科

discipline 学科

basic sciences 基础科学

applied sciences 应用科学

primary-level education 小学教育

secondary-level education 中学教育

tertiary-level education 大学教育

vocational education 职业教育


cutting-edge technology 尖端技术

information explosion 信息爆炸

the information age/era 信息时代

the widespread use of the Internet 互联网的广泛使用

technological innovations and advances/progressions 科技创新及发展 enhance/boost efficiency 提高效率

enhance/boost productivity 提高生产效率

labour-saving machinery 减少人力的机器

labour-replacing machinery 取代人力的机器

automation 自动化

automated 自动的

produce=manufacture 生产

biotechnology 生物技术

clone 克隆

telecommunications 远程通信

space exploration 太空探索

one ’s genetic makeup 人的基因构成


current affairs 时事

the press 新闻界

the print media 印刷媒体

the electronic media 电子媒体

news outlets 报道新闻的机构

prevalent=ubiquitous=pervasive 无处不在的

be awash with=be inundated with=be saturated with 充斥着…

censor 审查

delete=eliminate=excise 删除

excessive violent and pornographic contents 过多暴力和色情内容

misleading=misrepresented=distorted 有误导性的

fraudulent 诈骗性的

false=bogus 虚假的

report sth in graphic detail 报道非常详尽的细节

media hype 媒体炒作

exaggerate things =sensationalise things =blow things out of all proportions 夸大事件 objective and balanced 公正客观的

expose=reveal 揭露

violate someone’s privacy 侵犯某人隐私

paparazzi 狗仔队

celebrities 名人

scandals 丑闻

cover up=gloss over= whitewash 掩盖

biased=skewed=unobjective 不客观的

factual accounts 如实描述

reliable=trustworthy=dependable 可信的

up-to-date=up-to-the-minute 及时的

informative 信息量大的

entertaining 娱乐性强的

newsworthy 有新闻价值的

code of ethics=code of conduct 道德准则


authorities 当局

citizens=the citizenry 公民

regulate =monitor=oversee 管理

implement 实施

legislate = make laws 立法

strictly prohibit=ban altogether 严禁

stringent laws 严格的立法

scrutiny/scrutinise/monitor 监督

allocate money to sth=be a patron of =invest in 为…捐款 budget 预算

tax revenue 税收

the government spending 政府开支

curtail 削减

augment 增添

priority 当务之急

give priority to sth 把…当做当务之急

duty=responsibility=obligation 责任

arms race 军备竞赛

self-defence 自卫

national security =homeland security 国土安全 short-sighted policy 缺乏远见的政策

expansion/aggression 扩张

seek hegemony 谋求霸权

a vicious circle 恶性循环

destabilizing factors 地区不稳定因素

rules and regulations 规章制度

space race 太空竞赛

arms/weapons/armaments 武器

laid-off workers 下岗工人

unemployment/joblessness 失业

infrastructure 基础设施

public transport system 公共交通系统

power grid 电网

democratic 民主的

pipelines 石油天然气管线

water supply and drainage system 供水和排水系统

a democratic and progressive government 民主与开明的政府


A lingua franca=a universal language=a global language 一种可以通用的语言 the proliferation of English 英语的广泛应用

the dominant role of English 英语的统治地位

dialect/vernacular/the indigenous language 方言

lesser-known languages will become extinct 小语种将会消亡

the extinction of lesser-known languages 小语种的消亡


preserve 保护

forefathers=ancestors 祖先

descendants=posterity 后代

ethnic minorities 少数民族

the harmony between ethnic groups 民族团结

cultural integration and synthesis 文化融合

interaction 相互影响

cultural diversity 文化多元性

enrich 丰富

insular mentality 狭隘的观念

deprecate=denigrate=trivialise 贬低

sth is not set/carved in tone …不是一成不变的


The tempo/pace of life is accelerating 生活节奏加快

fatigue 持续的疲劳

create alienation between people 导致人与人之间的疏远 materialistic/mercenary 过于功利的

pursue maximum profit 追求最大限度的利润

modes of transport/means of transport 交通运输方式

vehicle 交通工具

private vehicle 私家车

petrol 汽油

traffic jams=traffic congestion 交通堵塞

car wrecks=car accidents 撞车

pedestrians 行人

traffic accident perpetrators 交通肇事者

jaywalk 违章横穿马路

surveillance camera 监控摄像头

impede /hinder/hamper/obstruct 阻碍

poverty alleviation 扶贫

job opportunity /employ opportunity 就业机会

needy/deprived/destitute/indigent 贫穷的

affluent/wealthy/well-off 富裕的

disposable income 可支配收入

old buildings of special aesthetic value 有特殊审美价值的老房子 buildings of historic significance 有特殊意义的老房子 vernacular dwellings 民居

enhance the cityscape 让城市更美观

decrepit/rundown 破旧的

tear down/knock down 拆除

high-rise buildings 高楼

skyscrapers 摩天大楼

urbanization 城市化

the disparity between the city and countryside 城乡差距 rural 乡村的

relocate 搬迁

build/construct 建造

telecommute 在家上班

leisure/recreation 休闲

amusement and enjoyment 精神上的享受

entertainment/ diversion 娱乐

laissez-faire management 宽松的管理

operating costs 运营成本

recruit 雇用

counterproductive 会导致效率降低的

labour pool 劳动力资源

health/fitness 健康

depression 抑郁症

sleeplessness/insomnia 失眠

population explosion/population boom 人口爆炸 family planning/birth control 控制人口

pretentious/ostentatious 爱慕虚荣的

sedentary lifestyle 缺少运动的生活方式

over nourishment 营养过剩


co-operate 合作

cultural identity 文化特性

global cultural homogenisation 全球文化同一化过程 cultural homogeneity 文化统一性

Globalization is a two-edged sword 全球化是一把双刃剑 The global village 地球村

Cultural assimilation 文化同化

erode thr Asian culture 侵蚀亚洲文化


gender equality 两性平等

gender discrimination 性别歧视

the opposite sex 异性

prejudice 偏见

a progressive society 一个开明的社会

be tied down by household chores 被家务事拖累 child bearing 生育孩子

child rearing 抚养孩子

maternal instinct 母性本能

housework 家务事


elderly people 老年人

family bonds 家庭成员间的情感纽带

a sense of belonging 归属感

an attachment to sth 对…的依恋

community 社区

single-parent households 单亲家庭

mistreat /abuse 虐待

domestic violence 家庭暴力

addiction to drugs 毒品上瘾


tourist attractions 旅游景点

expand one’s horizons 开阔眼界

tourists can interact with the locals 游客可以和当地人互动

promote cultural communication 促进文化交流

draw /attract 吸引

first-hand experience 亲身经历

conflict 冲突

discord 争端

seclude the tourist from the locals 把游客和当地人隔离

commercialise 商业化

second-hand experience 间接体验

cultural heritage 文化遗产

the Internet will not render tourism obsolete 互联网不会让旅游业被淘汰


ecological balance 生态平衡

sustainable development 可持续发展

environmentalists 环保主义者

environmentally-friendly 对环境无害的

conserve 节约

preserve 保护

reuse /recycle 再利用

countries on this planet must join force to combat environmental problems 各国必须携手解决环境问题

raise the public awareness of sth 增强公众的…意识


put a strain on the resources 让资源承受很大压力

wreak havoc on natural resources 破坏自然资源 deforestation 砍伐森林

over-grazing 过渡砍伐

agricultural land 农业用地

pollute/contaminate 污染

poisonous 有毒的

boost crop yield 增加农产品产量

renewable resources 可再生资源

non-renewable resources 不可再生资源

consume/deplete 消耗

use up/ exhaust 用尽

harsh actions/ harsh measures 严厉的措施 ecosystem 生态系统

the wildlife in a region某一地区所有生物的总称 biodiversity 生物多样性

effluent/sewage 污水

discharge 排放

car emissions 汽车尾气

electric car 电动汽车

hybrid vehicle 混合交通工具

greenhouse effect / global warming 温室效应 serve/grave/grievous 严重的

non-biodegradable garbage 白色垃圾

condemn rather than condone sth 谴责而不是纵容… ozone layer 臭氧层

fertile soil 肥沃的土壤

infertile soil 贫瘠的土壤

arable land/farmland 耕地


break/disobey the law 触犯法律

commit a crime 犯罪

offences /crimes 罪行

criminal/offender/culprit 罪犯

accomplice / accessory从犯

resent society = hold a grudge against society 憎恨社会 inmate/ convicts 囚犯

victim 受害者

trauma 心理创伤

cell 牢房

imprison someone 监禁

be brought to justice 被绳之以法

lenient 宽容的

reform criminals 改造罪犯

law enforcement agencies 执法部门

heinous crime = flagitious crime 重罪

petty crime =misdemeanor 轻罪

first-time offender 初犯的人

hardened criminals 惯犯

revert to crime 再次犯罪

law-abiding citizens 守法公民

abide by the law=comply with the law 遵守法律 disregard 无视

traumatize someone 给某人造成心理创伤

track down=hunt down 抓捕

criminal tendency 犯罪倾向


animal rights activists 动物权益保护主义者

medical research 医学研究

cruel/inhuman/callous 残忍的

vivisection 活体解剖

anaesthetic 麻醉

ease/relieve/alleviate animals’ pain 减轻动物的痛苦

pets are their masters’ companions 宠物是主人的伙伴

afford their masters consolation and comfort 给主人心理安慰

poach 偷猎

there are no replacements /alternatives for sth 某物是无可取代的


人类 the human race=humanity=man=humankind

在当代 at present=currently=in this day and age=in contemporary society 解决 tackle=address=resolve=combat

破坏 destroy=impair=undermine=devastate

影响 impact=repercussions=ramifications

危险 peril=hazard=danger

明显的 apparent=evident=obvious

从事 carry out=conduct=perform=go about

积极的 beneficial=advantageous

消极的 baneful=detrimental

好处和坏处 advantages and disadvantages=strengths and weaknesses=pros and cons 无处不在的 prevalent=pervasive

大量的 a host of=a vast number of =a great deal of=a multitude of 需要 require=necessitate=call for

增进 enhance=boost

贫穷的 impoverished=needy=deprived

保护 preserve

富裕的 affluent=wealthy

污染 contamination

采取措施 take measures=take steps=take actions


因为 as=since=due to=owing to

因此 hence=thus=therefore=as a consequence/result=so that=consequently

从而 thereby


以…为例 take …for example

比如 for instance

例如 such as

这个观点可以用…例子来有力地证明 This point is best illustrated with the example of… 这个观点可以被…例子支持 this point can be confirmed by the example of… 以…为例 consider … for example

…是一个恰当的例子 … is a case in point


用在句首或者句中表对比的词 while/whilst/whereas

用在句首表对比 by/in contrast


尽管 despite/in spite of /notwithstanding 后面跟名词或代词

尽管如此 nonetheless /nevertheless 后面加句子

尽管 even though 后面跟从句

即使 even if 后面跟从句

尽管 albeit 用在句中,后面跟形容词或介词短语 只要 as long as


如果 if/provided that

如果什么条件可以满足的话 on the condition that

否则 otherwise

而不是 rather than

无论… regardless of …

类似地 similarly / likewise

更准确的说 more precisely

具体来说 specifically

就什么而言 in terms of …

我很难想象… I would be hard-pressed to imagine that … 本质上讲 essentially / in essence

为了… for the sake of

一方面,另一方面 on the one hand , on the other hand 雅思写作36个基础句型


benefit from …. 从…中受益

invest in … 对…投资

promote the development of … 促进…的发展 boost efficiency/productivity 提高生产效率

play a pivotal role in… 在…中起关键作用

enrich one’s social/academic/professional experience 丰富某人的社会/学术/职业经历 keep the society stable and safe 保持社会稳定

have a duty / obligation to do 有责任做…

relax their bodies and ease their minds 让人放松身心

be based on 基于…

generate employment opportunities 创造就业机会

be less time-consuming and more economical 省钱又省时间的

relieve one’s academic/financial/psychological burden 减轻某人的学业/经济/心理负担 fulfill one’s potential 发挥某人的潜能

remove the barrier for 为…消除障碍

promote the cultural communication and interaction between …and …促进…和…的文化交流与互动

curb the proliferation of 控制(污染、犯罪)的扩散

raise people’s awareness of 提高人们的某种意识

have the inherent advantage of 在某方面有内在优势


live in poverty/misery/frustration/anxiety生活在贫穷、困苦、沮丧、焦虑中

drive up the crime rate 导致犯罪率上升

the competition is increasingly stiff 竞争越来越激烈

to avoid …,people should … 为了避免…, 人们应该…

widen the gap between A and B 加大A 与B 之间的差距

stem from … (某种坏现象) 起源于…

pose a threat to .. 对… 构成威胁

stifle creativity/imagination 扼杀创造力、想象力

find … monotonous and unmotivating 发现某事物很单调,无法给人动力

diminish individuals’ leisure time 减少人们的休闲时间

there is definite link between A and B A 和B 之间有密切联系

spin out of control 失去控制

cause tension and conflicts between … and … 在.. 和.. 之间产生紧张和冲突

be overly dependent on 对某事过度依赖

have a detrimental influence upon 对…有负面影响

the population is booming 人口在激增

is markedly incompatible with 与…明显不协调


Profit from 从…中获益

A is an dispensable/integral part of B A 是B 不可缺少的一部分

…is the cornerstone of … …是…的基石

enable sb to do 使某人能够做某事

get accustomed to sth 适应…

sb can utilize sth 某人可以使用…

strike a banlance between A and B 在A 和B 之间保持平衡

assume /shoulder the responsibility for 承担起…的责任

sth has been consolidating its status as the… 某物在不断加固它作为…的地位

draw on 借鉴

get a clear perspective of 对…产生更清晰的认识

afford people a sense of belonging/ a sense of fulfillment/a sense of achievement /a sense of security 给人们提供归属感、满足感、成就感、安全感

acquire knowledge/skills 获取知识/技能

put … into practice 把…投入实践

strengthen family ties 增进亲情

be interrelated and interdependent 相互联系,相互依赖

… is accompanied by… …便随着…

Sth is unwarranted/unjustified 某种做法很不合理

Be afflicted with 遭受

Deprive someone of sth 剥夺某人某物

Sth impels sb to… 促使某人去…

A has rendered B +adj/n A 让B 变成…

Sth is the root cause of … 某事是…的根源

Be confronted with sth 面对

Be inundated with sth 充斥着…

If …, sth will ensue 如果…, 某事将会产生

Distract sb from 分散某人注意力

Be addicted to sth/ be preoccupied with sth 对…上瘾

Copy sth mechanically/ apply sth indiscriminately 机械地照搬某物

Increase the government expenditure 增加政府支出

Run contrary to… 与…背道而驰

Erode the national identity/national pride 侵蚀一个国家的文化特性和民族自豪感

At expense of 以…为代价

It is wrong to equate … with … 把…等同于…是错误的

Support/oppose…on the grounds that 以…为理由去支持或反对某事

Abide by the rules /law/regulations 遵守法律法规

A prevail over/ outweigh B A 大于B

A create/generate/cause/induce/spawn B A 产生B 这个结果

A is a key determinant of B A 是B 的决定因素

It is standard practice for someone to do sth 某人通常会做某事

A is best characterised by … A 的重要特质是…

Given the choice … 如果可以选择的话

Someone would be well-advised to do sth 某人应该做某事

There seems to be plenty of research findings to confirm this 看起来有足够的研究证明这个观点

In all likelihood 很可能

This trend is not restricted to … 这个现象并不仅限于…

Tend to 倾向

Hinge on 取决于

A reflect B A 体现,反映B

The proportion of … is very high …的比例非常高

In this regard/respect 在这方面

…is a frequent topic of discussion …是一再引起辩论的话题

Give priority to sth 把…放在优先位置

Be vulnerable to 容易成为…的受害者

Sth should be condemned rather condoned 某事应该被谴责而不是被宽恕

It is imperative/ essential that 至关重要

Sth requires .. 某物需要…

Distinguish between A and B 区分A 和B

Take … into account 把…纳入考虑

…is an important element of … …是… 的重要因素

… are not mutually exclusive (两者)并不互相排斥


It is generally/widely/commonly/extensively/universally believed that…

It is generally /widely/commonly/extensively/universally accepted…

It is generally arguable that…

We are all agreed that…

It is generally/widely/commonly/extensively/universally acknowledged that…

It is a well-known fact that…

It is popular/common belief that…

越来越重要 plays an increasingly key/ crucial/essential/vitally role in

以惊人的速度向前发展 …is advancing at an amazing/astonishing/astounding/drastic speed in present-day society

越来越流行 …is increasingly prevalent/popular in the contemporary world

彻底改变我们的生活 …has transformed=fundamentally changed=completely change our lives …的问题越来越严重 the problem of … is becoming increasingly severe/grave/serious/disturbing/worrisome