Online Shopping(网上购物作文)
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Online Shopping

It is a real shopping paradise for people who prefer to online shopping, nowadays. Large amounts of young people don’t employ the traditional method of going to entity shops to purchase whatever they want; instead, they usually shop online, which becomes a trend. For there are many fascinating goods online and they can capture consumers’ attention easily As consumers, we can realize that these products have high quality with cheaper and more reasonable price personally owing to the low cost of sale. Actually, it isn’t a perfect thing to shop online. We maybe encounter difficulties, making us feel disappointed when we shop online. For instance, since this is a type of virtual shops, consumers purchase them without the opportunity to try them on at first; consequently, they aren’t suitable to customers, what’s worse, there are many more fishing websites existing online, which often cheat customers who don’t have experience in online shopping, resulting in bank password being stolen and the loss of property.

Aimed to these weaknesses of shopping online, sellers should establish the credit mechanism between business and consumers. From customers’ perspective, it is particular critical that they should take comprehensive consideration before making decisions, besides, it is worth referring to others evaluation of goods.