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(1)How do you deal with the poverty in China?(怎样看待中国的贫富差距问题?)

China is a developing country. People in quite a few areas are poor. Because they have no

enough money. They live poorly and uncomfortable .They have no enough food to eat, no

house to live. Many people live a very small house.

I think , The government can improve the level of their education .Then, offer free education

rewards of to the good students . Built ordinary house that they can live , enplayment training

learn skills to live, construct infrastructure, birth control population .Do you agree with me? Do

you have any better suggestions?

(2)What is your opinion about nature? How does nature mean to you?(你怎样看待人与自然的关系,自然


The relationship between nature and human beings is complex. On the one hand, humans need to change the

environment of their living so that they can survive. But if they changed too much, it would damage the


People can’t live apart from nature. We get the basic materials from nature. We improve the soil to get fruits

and food; we change the path of river to irrigate our farms. These changes are beneficial and harmless if it was

controlled in an appropriate ways.

But some changes we have done to nature are evil. With the increasing ambitions of humans, we exploit

nature not because we need do it but due to ours greedy. People pursue the economical profits blindly and they

overlook the results. In the end, people must suffer from the bad results.

Nature and human beings are not independent, they rely on each other. Whatever we have done to nature

some day would act on us. People must protect the environment which they are living so they can escape from

the punishment of nature.

( 3)Where do you want to travel and by what means?Why? (你想去哪旅行?为什么?) 旅游1: I have a dream, that is travelling to Yunnan Province. It is a very beautiful place. I will go to Yunnan

when I have enough money and time. First I will go to Kunming City to see flowers. It is a city of spring. Then I will

go to Dali and Li jiang to see some old buildings. I will learn some knowledge about history from them. After that I

will go to Xi shuang banna to enjoy the beautiful mountains and the rivers. It will be interesting to see the house

made of bamboo, and I hope to be lucky to celebrate the Water-splashing Festival with the people there. If I can

ride on an elephant, I will be so exciting.

I think having a journey in Yunnan will be so interesting, but it’s just a beautiful dream now and I must word

hard for the dream.

旅游:2: I want to go to Paris, France tourism, legend there's a fantastic scene.

Paris is the capital and largest city, is also the political and cultural center of France. Paris is also the province,

belong to 75 France France island sector. Paris metropolitan area is the largest European will be one. Historically,

from all over the world come to Paris of the young people have various dreams and ambitions, here they have

dreams, and have had disappointed, however as what lillke has said: "Paris is a unique city."

Often look at movie story, has "the Eiffel Tower, the arc DE triomphe, etc" don't know don't think began to

fantasies, what is the leading role in the sky of how difficult it is, the scene around how beautiful, can't express

the beauty. Only from already experience. Just know how beautiful is found......

But it is an illusion, no experience, I think if one day, I definitely to not eat, sleep a few days on the legend of the Paris throughout.

(4) I n t r o d u c e o n e o f C h i n e s e m i n o r i t i e s t o u s . 介绍我国的一个少数民族

As we know, there are 55 minority groups in China, each with its traditional customs, costumes and culture. Now let’s take a look at the Tibetan Minority.

The Tibetan Minority group live in Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan Province. And the highest ridge in the world─beautiful and mysterious Tibet is their major habitat .

As the fertilized prairie stretches around the habitants as far as the eyes can see, most people live on animal husbandry, raising sheep, goats, cattle and growing a special kind of plant called Qingke. On account of the unique climate, people often wear warm and comfortable boots in winter, and they are always dressed in delicate robes which are made of the fur of sheep. Often they take off one sleeve of the clothes and tie it around their waists in order to work easily and use it as warm quilts at night.

Both men and women there like wearing silver ornaments, which look very mysterious and full of magical power. And they are good at singing and dancing, and the men there can have braids too. When they meet an important guest, they will present him or her a Hada, a piece of long white silk cloth to show their respect. And they will also treat the guest to a special kind of drink called Suyou Tea, which some people find hard to enjoy. Besides, the habitants have developed both their own written and spoken languages, and the long poems they wrote play an important role in Chinese literature. And there are many well-protected culture relics as well, taking the grand Budala Palace as an example. It is a historical museum as well as an art treasury, where people can share their spirit belief in Buddhism and get artistic entertainment of the carved paintings and the beautifully-written chirographies.

The Tibetan ethnic group is also famous for its strange custom in funeral. Thinking that the soul belongs to the sky after a person dies, they usually put the body on a platform outdoors, spray on it and wait the condors to come to eat the body. In this way, they believe the soul goes up to the sky.

The Tibetan Minority is brimming over with deep emotions. The people there are very zealous and hospitable and they live freely and happily on the spacious grassland. Their history and culture contribute to the diversity of China, so we certainly should protect them and get them popularized and let them receive great respect they deserve.

因为它是我们大家都知道,有55个少数民族群体在中国,各有自己的传统习俗,服饰文化。现在让我们看一看在藏族。 西藏少数民族居住在青海,甘肃,四川和云南省。和最高的脊在世界─美丽而神秘的西藏是他们的主要栖息地。