Homework TPO 6 独立作文
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Nowadays, life condition has changed a lot compared with past several decades. In my opinion, today’s life is easier and more comfortable than the past,even though some one may argue that there are also some negative effects, such as air pollution, mental stress and work pressure.

Firstly, compared with the old people ’s communicationmethod, internet brings us more conveniences in many fields. On the one hand, instead of the face to face talk, people can communicate with each other more freely. It is not only beneficial to keep harmony relationship with each other but also improve the efficiency of communication. On the other hand, People can obtain almost everything they want online, such as searching for information, studying, or shopping, which leaves out the trouble of going outside and walking through the crowd.

Additionally, on talking aboutthe convenient public transportation, which not only can saves much more time within the same distance , but also ameliorate the feeling by affording passenger more comfortable environment during their travel. Meanwhile, when our parents were children, their life space was always limited due to poor transportation infrastructure.

Admittedly, with the life pace become more and faster, modern people are also struggling from the increased workload and pressure,because of which they have less time accompany with theirfamilies. However, there are also more entertainments, like gyms, bars and playgrounds which can provides officers opportunitiesto relax themselves.In sum, current life has changed a lot with the development of science and technology, modern people lives more comfortable than the past.