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Is it better to be self-reliant or, instead, to rely on those around us? In my opinion, while self-reliance is an essential quality that everyone should strive to develop, it is also crucial (关键)that we know how to enlist (使…帮助) and accept the support of others.

In addition to fostering greater efficiency in our daily lives, self-dependence can also (除了….还…) help to make life more meaningful. As an illustration(例如) , self-reliant individuals might teach themselves how to play the guitar, bake an apple pie, or grow a flower garden. Nevertheless 尽管如此, it would be difficult to survive without the assistance of others. To demonstrate 例如, a doctor might have to call a plumber to fix a leaking faucet(漏水的管道); an engineer may need to ask an accountant to fill out填写 his tax returns; and a lawyer with a sore tooth will have no choice but to consult a dentist.

In the final analysis, neither complete self-dependence nor (…和…都不) excessive reliance on others is advisable or even feasible. Insofar as(就…而言) self-reliance can boost our efficiency and add meaning to our lives, I believe that it is a desirable trait to possess.


If your personality(个性) is outgoing (外向的)and dynamic(好动的), you will likely choose friends who are different from you, to give you the most colorful life possible. If you are more introvert ed (内向的), you may prefer to choose friends who are similar to you, as(引导原因状语) they will be very predictable(容易看透的).

Having friends who are different from you and introducing you to their lifestyles can help you broaden your range of experiences and point of view.(增广你的阅历和见解)They can help your personal development by exposing you to people, places or things you may not have an opportunity to contact on your own. This type 类型of relationship with friends can be very rewarding 有益的. On the other hand, having friends who are very similar to you may allow you to feel much more comfortable around them, because they are very predictable.

As for myself, (就我自己而言) I prefer to make friends who have a different way of life. If comfort and predictability were (如果…----虚拟语气使用过去式) important to me, perhaps I would choose friends who were similar to me, but because variety is the spice of life, I always seek out new experiences.(丰富多彩是生活的一种调味品,我会寻找新的体验)


Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Richard Branson are all billionaire businessmen who not only have made their fortunes through fair and legitimate means, but also enjoy meaningful relationships with others and have a passion for the endeavors in which they partake参与.

Without close personal relationships with family and friends, life would become empty and devoid of meaning (无意义). Every dollar we earned would be worthless if we had no

companions (with whom…修饰companions )with whom to share our ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and sorrows. In addition to loving relationships, genuine success also requires a fulfilling 令人满意的,有意义的 vocation or some kind of raison d’etre. Some people are born into rich families or generate substantial wealth through lucky circumstances, such as buying a winning lottery ticket. Despite being wealthy, these individuals would not qualify as successful unless they had a career or purpose in life to keep them occupied and nurture their souls.

As captured引用 in the title and lyrics of American singer Ralph Tresvant’s song “Money can’t buy you love”, true companionship cannot be bought at any price.


According to a survey conducted among a group of people who were in the same college 10 years ago, those whose grade-point average was in the middle fifty percent, all become rich or managers of different fields, while not a single young man of the upper ten percent becomes an executive n. 总经理,执行者 or boss.

One ingredient, among other things, is good interpersonal skills. With a wide circle of friends who can be trusted to provide information and resources, your chances of success are much higher. On the contrary, if you arecompetent in profession 胜任工作, but have difficulty in getting along with your colleagues and even your boss, you can hardly survive the corporation(公司). Another component(成分) is the ability to express oneself. In today’s world, what really counts is the ability to express oneself rather than technical competence or professional knowledge. The larger the organization of which you are an employee, and the fiercer(fierce比较级,更激烈) the competition(竞争), the more important it will be thatyou know how to convey your thoughts and convince others of (使信服)your ideas.

To sum up, according to my observation,academic brightness(学术上的突出)is only part of the story, the other factors are very important.


In recent decades, some people have become increasingly concerned that China’s c ultural heritage could become marginalized (margin ) or even disappear entirely. In my opinion, however, the traditional Chinese culture is not only certain to survive, but, in fact, is destined to thrive and prosper.

One factor that has already begun to contribute to the preservation of China’s traditional culture is its commercialization. For instance, since China’s opening-up to the outside world改革开放, China’s acrobatic, theatrical and opera troupes have emerged as burgeoning tourist industries. Another reason that the future of China’s ancient culture can be considered “safe” is the active efforts to protect it on the part of the Chinese government. As an illustration, traditional arts, such as calligraphy (书法), dance and music, are often taught (teach 的过去分词)as a

mandatory element of young children’s education, ensuring that they grow up with an awareness of their cultural roots. Finally, the culture of China is buttressed and supported by widespread and growing international interest in China and its traditions.

As a result of successful commercialization efforts, unwavering government support and growing interest overseas, the future of China’ traditional culture looks brighter and more secure than ever before. (191 words)


Enthusiasm for sports is of tremendous benefit to young people and should be promoted as an integral (不可分割的)part of their education.

The main reason for promoting enthusiasm for sports among youngsters is to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. To illustrate, exercising and playing sports can have huge benefits for a person’s strength, agility(灵敏) and fitness, as well as helping to reduce stress and improve the immune system. Another reason that schools should foster young children’s interest in sports is to instill in(逐渐灌输)them the values of teamwork and sportsmanship (运动员精神). To demonstrate, enthusiasm for sports in general (一般来说), whether individual or team-based, can teach children how to besportsmanlike (adj. 有运动员精神的) in competitive circumstances, including playing by the rules and beinggracious (得体的,和蔼的)in either victory or defeat.A final reason for promoting enthusiasm for sports in children is to enhance their sense of national pride. (名族自豪感) A case in point is that children who develop a stronger sense of national pride will be more willing to serve society and look after their country when they grow up to be adults.

By fostering enthusiasm for sports as part of children’s education, society can ensure a generation of healthy, sportsmanlike and patriotic citizens. (198 words)


As is symbolically illustrated in the cartoon, a boss is teaching his staff the most vital rule, which is “There is no substitute for innovation”! It is obvious that only through innovation can we make progress and conservatism(保守主义) means regression (后退).

The purpose of the drawing is to show us thatutmost (非常的) importance should be attached to innovation and creativity. To begin with, an attitude of innovation could be said to be the watchword (口号), or motto (座右铭) of science. Think of all the innumerable times a scientific experiment must be carried out(实施), all the laboratory tests, all the live trials, before a new medicine or vaccine is discovered. In addition, innovation is also responsible for many of today’s business successes. For instance, I personally worked with such a company and its entrepreneur. It was only after four years and four different tries of varying business models that he finally found success, and went to become the chairman of one of the largest Internet companies.

To sum up, in any field of endeavor, whether it be in medicine, engineering or in business, it seems necessary to first put great emphasis on innovation before one can finally reach success. (195 words)


As is symbolically illustrated in the cartoon, a large number of people are surfing online within a stretching spider web, either to entertain 娱乐themselves or to meet the work's needs满足工作需求. Unfortunately, it seems rather ironic to present 呈现,现在的 people separated from each other by the spider web when they attempt to communicate. Undoubtedly, the spider web serves as充当a symbol of Internet, both connecting people and isolating them from each other.

The metaphorical (比喻) and impressive (令人影响深刻的) portrayal has subtly 微妙的revealed the duality of the relationship between man and Internet. On the one hand, there is no denying that Internet is currently one of the most efficient media used for interpersonal communication. But on the other hand, a good many people admit that they are too much addicted to Internet to maintain face-to-face contact with their friends and colleagues. Once indulged in the fictitious world, people feel reluctant to approach others and to concentrate on real life.

Hence, it is necessary for us to use Internet in a reasonable way and restrain from overindulgence. After all, Internet is invented to connect you and me, and to bring conveniences to our life rather than set a barrier to keep people beyond reach.


The diagram above clearly illustrates that dramatic elevation has occurred in the recruitment of Master of Engineering (ME) in the past seven years. In 1998, the number was at a low level, only about 2,500. Surprisingly, it reached to more than 35,000 in 2004 within no more than seven years.

Some driving factors that contribute to the above-mentioned changes may be summarized as follows. First and foremost, China has become particularly active in manufacturing, which leads to the increasing demand of qualified engineers. In addition, the development of job market on the whole cannot keep pace with the expansion of college graduates, which obliges 迫使a large number of students to stay on campus for another three years to get better prepared for their career.

On the other side of the coin, however, this tendency may bring about a good many problems, such as the waste of talent. It is necessary for us to take effective measures to ensure this situation doesn’t get out of hand 失控, and encourage students to choose majors in which theoretical knowledge and practical skills will be demanded in the job market.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my opinion about the current policy on the Golden Week holiday. As you might know, some believe it is a good idea to enjoy a week-long 长达一周的 break. For one thing, it provides enough time for people to refresh their minds and thus to have better preparations for their future work. For another, it will lead to increased tourism and in turn stimulate the development of the local economy.

Truly, the past decade has witnessed many advantages of the Golden Week holiday, but we should never ignore its disadvantages. On the one hand, it may lead to heavy traffic in that a large number of tourists go on traveling during the same Period. On the other hand, some tourists, with no awareness of environmental protection, often drop litter at random so that the scenic spots are polluted and thus it demands a tremendous sum of money to eliminate the pollution.

Considering the current grim situation, it is necessary that the authorities concerned should take immediate measures to eliminate these disadvantages. Only through these efforts can we relieve the traffic pressure and at the same time raise people’s awareness of environmental protection.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming