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A Tale OF Two Cities

1.Sadness .n.悲伤 All that money brought nothing but sadness and misery and tragedy. I felt sick to my stomach with sadness for them.

2.Whisper.n. 低声耳语 I stroke his short curls,whisper into his ear.

His voice died away in a whisper.

3.Nobleman .n. 贵族 It had once been the home of a wealthy nobleman. One very old nobleman tripped and rolled on the floor.

4.Message.n. 消息 But not everyone has taken on board that message。 You will be charged at your standard message rate。

5.Passenger.n. 乘客,旅客 Pruitt ,badly wounded in the front passenger seat. He said passenger traffic is growing faster than capacity.

6.Customer.n. 顾客 Will this cost me more as a bank customer.

We think we need to provide a customer experience.

7.Marry.v. 结婚 I will return,find you, love you,marry you and live without same. I think I picked the right person to marry.

8.Receive.v. 接受,接受 All the children will receive a small gift.

She received an honorary degree from Harvard.

9.Disappear.v. 消失 The sun had disappeared behind a cloud.

David watched her car until it disappeared from view.

10.Tremble.v. 发抖 His lip started to tremble and then he stared to cry. I tremble to think what will happen when she finds out.

11.Afterwards.adv. 以后,后来 The experience haunted me for years afterward. She died not long afterwards.

12.Narrow.adj. 窄的 A long narrow road.

The stairs were very narrow.

13.Knit.v. 编织 My grandmother taught me how to knit.

Emily knitted him some socks.

14.Prisoner.n. 犯人 He is a prisoner of his own past.

The army advanced,taking200000 prisoners.

15.Arrange.v. 安排 Have you arranged to meet Mark this weekend. We still have to arrange how to get home.

16.Exhaust.v. 用尽 A full day’s teaching exhausts me.

He ’d exhausted himself carrying all the boxes upstairs.

17.Trial.n. 审讯 Brady was on trial for assault.

The defendant has a right to a fair trial.

18.Criminal.adj. 犯罪的 It seems criminal that teachers are paid so little money. She usually deals with serious criminal cases.

19.Enthusiastically.adv. 热心的,热情洋溢地 They discussed the question enthusiastically. He extolled her virtues sky-high.

20.Spy.n. 间谍 He was jailed for five years as an alleged British spy The spy ring passed secrets to the enemy.

21.Trap.v. 陷害 To catch an animal or bird using a trap.

I was trapped into signing a confession.

22.Innocent.adj. 无罪的 Nobody would believe that I was innocent.

He ’s innocent of murder.

23.Assistant.n. 助手 I was appointed as an assistant in English.

The assistant had been accompanied to the meeting by an assistant.

24.Detail.n. 详情 She told me every detail of her help.

He described the process in detail.

25.Servant.n. 仆人 Many young girls became domestic servants.

Are we the servants of computers?

26.Mirror.n. 镜子 She was studying her reflection in the mirror.

He spends hours in front of the mirror.

27.Alarming.adj. 吓人的 An alarming increase in violent crime.

The disease has spread at an alarming rate.

28.Frequent.adj. 时常发生的 Her headaches are becoming less frequent.

Trains rushed past at frequent intervals.

29.Stony.adj. 冷酷的,无情的 He drove us home in stony silence.

She gave me the stoniest look I ever got.

30.Coin.n. 硬币 I pulled a coin from my pocket and flipped it.

I put the coin in the machine and pulled the lever.

31.Sensible.adj. 明智的 She seems very sensible.

Moving house seemed like the sensible thing to do.

32.Unfortunately.adv. 不幸地 Unfortunately,my time is limited

Unfortunately,my application for a grant was rejected.

33.Doubtless.adv. 无疑地 Doubtless he was justified in some of his criticism of the media. She took off her shoes,doubtless because her feet hurt.

34.Miserable.adj. 不幸的,可怜的. I ’ve been so miserable since pat left me.

Jan looks really miserable.

35.Shadow.n. 影,阴影 An oak tree cast its shadow over a tiny round pool.

Most of the lake was in shadow.

36.Nephew.n. 侄儿;外甥 I am planning a 25th birthday party for my nephew.

She has a nephew who is ten years of age.

37.Citizen.n. 公民 I invite every citizen to carefully study the document.

Today every citizen aged eighteen or over has the right vote.

38.Wave.n. 波浪, 挥手 Jessica caught sight of Lois and waved to her.

The shock waves of the earthquake were felt in London.

39.Thunder.n. 雷,雷声 The day was heavy and still. It would probably thunder later. The horses thundered across the valley floor.

40.Echo.v. 发回声 The room echoed.

His feet echoed on the bare board floor.

41.Flame.n. 火焰 A volcano spouts flame and lava.

She felt flame up in her cheeks.

42.Revolution.n. 革命,改变 This was a prologue to today’s bloodless revolution.

Lenin was the great orator of the Russian Revolution.

43.Emigrant.n. 移民 He is a British emigrant to Australia.

In any case you can ‘t get an emigrant visa for the USA.

44.Persuade.v. 说服 My husband persuaded me to come.

Do you think you could persuade them over to see me?

45.Arrest.v. 拘捕 The ICC has warrant out for his arrest.

The court issued warrants for their arrest in June.

46.Employ.v. 雇佣 We employ a managing agent to run the block.

He agreed to employ them on a day to day basis.

47.Unconscious.adj. 失去知觉的 He himself seemed totally unconscious of his failure.

By the time ambulancemen arrived he was unconscious.

48.Wildly.adv. 狂野的,激动地 The shark was writhing around wildly ,trying to get free.

The truck sways wildly, careening down narrow mountain roads.

49.Delighted.adj. 高兴的 She stood preening in their midst ,delighted with the attention.

The news will have delighted detractors of the scheme.

50.Inheritance.n. 继承 She feared losing her inheritance to her stepmother.

The Duke signed away his inheritance.