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The life of early people 早期的人们的生活

It is well-known that Zhoukoudian is the place where the earliest people once lived. 众所周知, 周口店最早的地方是人们曾经住过。

The archaeologist have found a lot things they left. It is reasonable to assume that they led a hard life. 考古学家已经发现了好多东西, 他们就离开了。我们有理由相信, 他们过着艰苦的生活。 They lived in the caves. 他们住在山洞里。

hey didn’t grow crops. The women picked fruit and the men hunt animals. 他们没有种植农作物。摘水果的女人和男人猎杀动物。 They could make tool with animal bones or stone. They used the tools to cut down the wood, to catch animals or to sew clothes. 他们可以使动物的骨头或石头工具。他们使用的工具, 砍下的木头、捉动物或缝衣服。

They could make fires which could help them to keep warm. 他们可以生火, 能帮助他们以保持温暖。

But I think they lived a entirely natural life.

但我认为, 他们住着一个完全自然的生活。

My dreaming cell phone我的梦想的手机

Nowadays, cell phones, as a new media, have come into our life. But I want to design a new kind of cell phone. It is neither too large nor too small. It is like a watch but it has no buttons. It has many functions, for example, it can understand your words. If you want to do something, you just tell it. It can also act as a teacher. When you have some problems in your study, it will help you. 现在, 手机, 作为一种新的媒体, 已经走入了我们的生活。但我想设计一种新的手机。它既不太大也不太小。这就像一块表, 但是它没有按钮。它有许多功能, 例如, 它能懂你的言语。如果你想做一件事情的话, 你就告诉它。它也可以作为一个老师。当你有一些问题在您的书房中, 它会帮助你的。

It will serve as a video-map, when you lose your way. It will tell you where to go.

它将会作为一个video-map, 当你迷失方向。它会告诉你要去的方向。

It will act as your personal doctor, for instance, it can tell you your blood pressure and your body temperature. And it will remind you about your body condition.

它将作为您的私人医生, 例如, 它可以告诉你你的血压, 你的体温。它会提醒你, 对你的身体状况。

I think with the development of new technology, our cell phone will become more and more powerful. Perhaps in the future, it will become a part which can’t be separated from our life.

我认为在新技术的开发, 我们的手机会变得越来越强大。或许在将来, 它将成为一个部件, 离不开我们的生活。

The advantage and disadvantage of cloning

Dear friends,

Nowadays cloing is a pop question raising many


On one hand, cloning brings us a lot of convnience. For instance: it can help medical science to produce cures for srious illness. Especially, cloing is great news to the disabled people. What's more, cloning can let us have a chance to see many extinct creatures,such as dinasors or bison. But on the other hand there are also some problems. Perhaps cloning more fierece extinct animals nowadays may put human beings

into danger.

Personally speaking , I don't like cloning very much. I think it can bring us a lot of bad effects, especially among the animals and our society. First of all, if we bring the dinasors back to life, it will destroy the banlacne of nature, it will cause a disaster to the world. Besides it can also cause many moral


All in a word, I don't like cloning.

Thank you for your attention. 克隆技术的优缺点



一方面, 克隆技术给我们带来了很多convnience 。例如:它能帮助医学治疗srious 产生疾病。尤其, 是很好的消息, 利用残疾人。更重要的是, 克隆技术可以让我们有机会看到许多灭绝的动物, 例如dinasors 或野牛。但另一方面, 也有一些问题。也许更fierece 绝种动物克隆如今可以把人类带入了危险。

就个人来讲, 我非常不喜欢克隆。我想它能给我们带来很多的不良影响, 特别是在动物和我们的社会。首先, 如果我们把dinasors 回到生活中, 它会破坏banlacne 大自然, 它将导致一场灾难的世界。此外还能使许多道德问题。

所有的一句话, 我不喜欢克隆。


A letter 一封信

Dear XXX: 亲爱的XXX:

My name is XX, I study in NO.1 Middle school in Beijing. I learn something about your family from Plan International. I want to help you very much. 我的名字叫XX, 我就读于没有。在北京第一中学。我学了一些关于你的家人从国际计划。我想帮助你。非常谢谢你。

I think knowledge is very important to a child, so I buy some school books for your child. I hope he can study well and change his life in the future. 我认为知识是很重要的一个孩子, 所以我买了一些学校的课本, 为您的孩子。我希望他能好好学习, 改变了他的生活的未来。

Health is also very important to all of us. I buy Child vaccinations against 6 killer diseases for your child. I hope he will be healthy. 健康也很重要, 我们所有的人。我买的孩子接种疫苗对其中6家顽症, 为您的孩子。我希望他会健康。 I hope these gifts will be very helpful for you. 我希望这些礼物将非常有助于你。

Yours 你的 XXX XXX

A wonderful trip 一次令人惊奇的旅行(两篇范文)

My parents and I had a vocation of pure magic in Dalian during last "May

Day" holiday. It was the most fantastic trip I have ever had.

During the trip, I did a lot of exciting things. We went swimming and diving everyday. Sometimes we went surfing or water-skiing. But my favourrite thing was collecting all kinds of seashells on the beach.

But what impressed me most was snorkeling on the reef offshore. When I dived into the sea, I saw a lot of extraordinary beauties, the waving long thin seaweed; the yellow-spotted red sea-slugs; and a large wise-looking turtle. There were a lot of small neat and elegant fish swimming in or around colourful corals. I even saw two green reef sharks. My heart was beating wildly when I saw them. I felt scared to death, but my father told me that they were not dangerous at all. In fact they were very friendly to humanbeings. What a wonderful, limtless world it was under the sea. It was like

discovering a whole new dimesion of life.



在旅行途中, 我做了很多令人兴奋的事情。我们去游泳和跳水日常生活。有时我们去冲浪或滑水。但我的事favourrite 是收集各种各样的贝壳在沙滩上。

但令我印象最深刻的是在珊瑚礁潜水灯具。当我跳入海中, 我看到了许多非凡的美女, 挥舞着细长的海藻,yellow-spotted 红sea-slugs; 和一个大型的wise-looking 龟。有很多小整洁和优雅的鱼儿及周围五颜六色的珊瑚。我甚至看到两个绿色暗礁鲨鱼。我的心在狂跳, 当我看到他们。我觉得很害怕死亡, 但我父亲告诉我, 他们不危险。事实上, 他们非常友好, 给人类。

这是一个多么美妙的,limtless 全球海底。它就像发现一个全新的维的生命。


A wonderful trip

I had a good trip in Dalian during last "May Day" holiday.

During the trip, I did many exciting things. We went swimming and diving everyday. Sometimes we went surfing or water-skiing. But what impressed me most was snorkeling. When I dived into the sea, I saw many wonderful things , the waving long thin seaweed; the yellow-spotted red sea-slugs; and

a lot of small fish swimming in or around corals.

What a wonderful world it was under the sea. What a wonderful trip! 一次令人惊奇的旅行


在旅行途中, 我做了很多令人兴奋的事情。我们去游泳和跳水日常生活。有时我们去冲浪或滑水。但令我印象最深刻的是浮潜。当我跳入海中, 我看到了许多奇妙的东西, 挥动的细长的海藻,yellow-spotted 红sea-slugs; 许多小的鱼儿内或附近的珊瑚食用。

这是一个多么美妙的世界中, 它是在海底。这是一个多么美妙的旅行!

Fighting against H1N1 Flu 抗击H1N1流感

As the disease spreads quickly, Fengtai No.1 middle school has taken many measures to fight against H1N1 flu. 作为疾病将迅速蔓延、丰台一中已经采取了许多措施来对抗H1N1流感。

For example, some teachers check the students’ temperature every

morning at the school gate. And the students must take their temperature in the classroom and keep records. If his temperature is higher than 37.5°, he will be separated or sent to see doctor. Besides that, the students are asked to take Chinese medicine and have an injection of vaccinations. 例如, 一些老师检查学生的温度每天早上在学校大门口。和学生必须参加他们的温度在教室里, 并保存记录。如果他的体温高于37.5°, 他会分离或送去看医生。除此之外, 学生们被要求采取中医和有一个注射疫苗。

With the help of these measures, the spread of H1N1 in No.1 Middle school is now under control. Just as a student said: “I believe we will defeat H1N1 if we unite together.”