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dear mark:

your sincerely li ming篇二:英语作文推荐信 dear mr burr

further to your inquiry about the ware housing at the w1 site,i am delighted to

say this space is still available.however,with regard to your additional

requirements,please note that you have to rent two separate space 0f 50 square meters

and the house ware has limited parking for five cars only and limited access. ----easy access for lorries and adequate parking for twenty. ----brand new facility.cctv and security firm check once a night. ----space

available of 100 square meters. please also note that it would be two thirds the price of w1,and we could offer

10% discount for two—year booking. i look forward to hearing from you in the very near future. yours sincerely篇三:考研英语小作文:推荐信 考研英语小作文:推荐信 为了帮助大家顺利通过研究生入学考试,勤思考研辅导老师会在第一时间为大家搜集整

理考研的复习资料及相关信息,希望对大家的复习备考有所帮助! 推荐信是考研英语小作




简介:结构要点推荐信是向收信人推荐某人做某事的信件。 写作“三步走”:



3.总结说明被推荐人值得被推荐(例如能胜任工作) 。 注意:推荐信应多写被推荐人的优点,肯定其成绩。但内容应真实可信,语言热情得体。




第二部分:介绍被推荐人的情况 he/she is a/an„


your consideration. 作文范文:



write about 100 words. do not sign your own name at the end of your letter, using

“li ming” instead. you do not need to write the address. dear sir, sincerely yours,

li ming





下面是一个推荐信模版,它可以帮助你写好一封推荐信。 salutation

如果你的推荐信是要给某一个人的,你应该加上称呼,例如dear dr. smith, dear mr.

jones ,等等。如果你的推荐信非常general ,你在称呼的地方写to whom it may concern 或


paragraph 1



paragraph 2


要为他/她写推荐信。如果必要的话,可以分几段来描述细节。 paragraph 3


职位。可以参考招聘广告上对职位的要求和被推荐人的简历一起来写。 summary



式和email address。

最后,还要写上下面这一段: sincerely, writers name


(tel number

mailing address)



英文求职信结尾常用的十句话 一封好的求职信,内容一定要反映出你对应聘工作的态度和你自身的能力,结尾也不可



1. i would appreciate the privilege of an interview. i may be reached at the

address given above, or by telephone at 32333416.

2. i would be glad to have a personal interview, and can provide references if


3. thank you for your consideration.

5. i have enclosed a resume as well as a brief sample of my writing for your review.

i look forward to meeting with you to discuss further how i could contribute to your


6. thank you for your attention to this matter. i look forward to speaking with


9. i feel confident that given the opportunity, i can make an immediate

contribution to any corporation. i would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you

to discuss your requirements. i will call your office on friday, to schedule an

appointment. thank you for your consideration.

10. i look forward to speaking with you. 英语推荐信例文:推荐一位普通员工 有时候,请你写推荐信的人并不都是在行业内做出





to whom it may concern: ive been michael smiths manager at xyz engineering for almost four years. it was

my pleasure to promote michael to mechanical engineer last year, because he

consistently meets and often exceeds his job requirements. michael is an enthusiastic, dedicated employee with reliable work habits. he

often does not need guidance or supervision, but willingly accepts it when offered.

he is consistently successful in improving his skills, and he works hard to do so. sincerely,


john doe

manager, mechanical engineering 推荐信例文:推荐毕业生 给大家带来一份推荐信例文。这位教授着重描述了自己学生的能力和品格,以表达这位

学生确实能胜任她将要担任的工作。 to whom it may concern, betty derives satisfaction from helping our customers troubleshoot problems.

many of those who have received help from betty specifically ask for her if they need

to contact support again, and for good reason: shes professional, courteous and quick

to help. she is skilled and tackles problems without prompting. i often see betty

in our lab before or after work hours, working on problems. sincerely,


tom green


单位推荐信 下面是一封副总裁为被裁员的员工写的推荐信。信中副总裁说明了该员工被裁员并非员


外,还向新公司推荐这位员工可以胜任的职位。 to whom it may concern: had i been given the choice, i would not have laid scott off. but it was not my

decision to make. xyz decided to withdraw from the pc market, balance expenses with

the anticipated reduction in sales revenue, and hire a consulting firm to evaluate long-term staffing needs. as a result, xyz drastically reduced the size

of its workforce by dissolving the entire pc division, including the technical


department. unfortunately, this major reorganization left no other position open

for scott. we regretfully had to let him go.

scott is a conscientious, highly skilled technical instructor, worthy of at least

a senior management position. he has keen insight into the learning process, and is

an expert in needs analysis, project management, course development, and classroom

instruction. scotts in-depth product knowledge, unique instructional techniques, and

excellent people skills have consistently received rave reviews from his students.

should conditions at xyz change i wouldnt hesitate to hire him back. if you would

like to speak to me about scotts skills, talents and work habits, feel free to call

(123) 555-0002 or page me by dialing (123) 555-0003. sincerely,

mary doe

vice president, technical services 自我推荐信

for example, its no secret that employers often use the cover of legit layoffs

(合法裁员) to get rid of undesirable employees. if you get laid off, it might raise


雇主通常很愿意接受一封推荐信而代替去查阅关于你的更多信息。 高中英语作文范文:一封推荐信 假如你是王林, 李明是你的好友, 他对布朗先生的公司感兴趣,打算到该公司谋职

(apply for a position)。请根据下面李明的简历表,用英语为他写一封推荐信。 词数110左右。