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作文每位同学必须打草稿 写作前需先确定人称,时态!书写必须整洁。

每个人都是独一无二的,都有与众不同之处,人们喜欢你一定会有很多原因。请以 “What makes me a good friend?”为题写一篇英语短文。

要求:1. 语言表达准确,短文连贯通顺;

2. 文中不得出现真


3. 80词左右。

What makes me a good friend? ______________________________________________________________________________

What makes me a good friend? I am a boy easy to get along with. I never get angry easily. That ’s the most important reason that makes me so popular.

I’m always ready to help others. When my friends meet with any

problems, I will always give them a hand without thinking.

I’m quite humorous. I can always tell some jokes or funny stories to make my friends laugh.

I’m honest. I never tell lies and I can keep secrets for them.. So my friends always can trust me..

上个暑假,我和我的家人坐火车去了青岛。那里总是阳光明媚, 空气也很清新,令人心情舒畅。我们去了海边,海水和天空一样的蓝,在沙滩上沐浴着阳光,是件很享受的事儿。我和妹妹还捡了好多五颜六色的贝壳shells 。我们在这里买了好多有趣的东西,我打算送给我的朋友们。我们在这里

吃到了很多东西,比如鱼,虾.. 真的很美味。



Last summer vacation,my

family and I went to Qingdao by train.There was always sunshine and fresh

air,which made us so

comfortable.We went to the

seaside,the sea was as blue as the sky,and bathing in the sunshine on the beach, was really an enjoyable

thing.I also picked up a lot of colorful shells with my little sister.There we

bought many interesting

souvenirs,I was planing to send them to my friends.We ate many things there,such as fish,prawn,and so on.

They are very

delicious.Then we lived in a clean and tidy hotel,and the price was not so

expensive.I like Qingdao very much,and if I got a

chance,I hope to come here again,it is such a

beautiful and interesting place.


你的网络朋友即将来拜访你,你为了迎接她,想把她带出去玩一天,地点在南山。你正在为了这一天的行程做计划,并且写一封邀请信给你的同学。 要求; 1写出地点,时南山 South Hill Sunday) 2准备要进行的一些活动。如: 唱歌、野炊、捉迷藏 3.最后要拍照留念。


My online friend Amy will come to visit me, I plan to have a day out with her at South Hill . I am going to climb the hill with her, on the top of the hill, we can enjoy ourselves, we can sing songs together, we also can have a picnic and

hide and seek. At last , we will take some photos for this activities. and I will put them on my home page to remember this day.

we will start our trip at 8:30 this Sunday, let ’s meet at the gate of South Hill. I really hope you will come to join us, if you come , we ’ll have a better time.

1. 请你向别人介绍你理想中的学校

提示:⑴ 每天上午8:00上课,下午4:00结束。你们有足够的时间进行课外活动

⑵ 你们在学校餐厅吃午饭,可以吃到可口的食物

⑶ 你们有一个很大的图书馆,里面有许多有用的书,你们经常可以借书看

⑷ 每天你们只有半小时的作业,周末你们不做作业

⑸ 你们还经常去参观博物馆或去电影院看电影。

My ideal school starts at 8 a.m. every day. It finishes at 4 p.m. SO we have enough time for after-school activities.

We have lunch at the school dining hall. We can eat tasty food there. We have a big library with lots of useful books. We can often borrow some books from the library. Every day we only have half an hour of homework and we don’t need to do much homework at weekends. We also often visit the museum or go to the cinema.

3. 请你根据以下的内容,你(Millie )用英语写一封邀请信,词数70左右。 ⑴ 请你的网友Danniel 一起参加你们学校下周五的旅游

⑵ 计划一天的旅游:早上7:00在学校门口碰头,乘两个小时的长途汽车,到达世界公园,那里有来自全世界的一百多个名胜古迹,他们将游览金字


⑶ 中午将乘船游玩,并在船上用餐

⑷ 大约在17:00回来,旅行会很累,但很开心

⑸ 你们一定会为每个人安排好愉快的一天,如果他来,请让你尽快知道,你希望他能来参加

Dear Danniel,

We will have our school trip to the World Park next Friday. We’ll meet at the school gate at 7:00 in the morning. It will take us two hours by coach. There are over one hundred places of interest from all over the world. We’ll visit the pyramids, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower and so on.

We’ll take a boat trip at noon and have lunch in the boat. We’ll come back at 17:00. The trip will be tired, but very wonderful. We’ll make it a really fun day for everyone.

If you want to come, please let me know as soon as possible. I hope you can join us.

Best wishes.

Yours ,


4. 你和朋友要去杭州,请根据下面的提示写一篇80词左右的旅游计划

⑴ 杭州是我国最美丽的城市之一,有很多名胜古迹,以西湖而闻名

⑵ 旅游出发时间是下周五上午8:00,乘长途汽车,大约六个小时达到杭州市区,住蓝天宾馆

⑶ 在杭州游园,划船,爬山等

⑷ 旅途中要照顾好自己,注意安全,仔细计划,要玩得开心

We’ll go on a trip to Hangzhou next Friday. Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in China. It is famous for the West Lake. And there are many places of interest.

We are going to take a coach to the city. The coach will start at 8 a.m. It will take us about six hours there. We’ll live in the Blue Sky Hotel. We’ll visit the parks, go boating and climb the hills.

Please look after yourselves and keep safe during the trip. We’ll plan

the trip carefully and have a great holiday. 请根据下面表格中所提供的信息,用英语写一个80词左右的通知,将活动安排告知全班同学。

Attention, everyone. We will have a great day out this Sunday. We will go the People Park by bus. If you are free and want to join us, we will wait for you at the school gate at 6:30 this Sunday. And we will leave at 7:oo, it will take us

one and half an hour to get there at 8:30. .

There we will have lots of activities, for example, we can boat on the lake, we can have a picnic in the morning, in the afternoon, we can fly kites, pick up the park. at about 4:00 pm , we will come back to school.

If you come, please bring some food , drinks , a

camera , a notebook and wear your sports shoes.

We hope you can join us. Let ’s enjoy ourselves in the park on Sunday.

请以 “My School Life” 为题写一篇70词的英语短文。要点如下:

Test for nuit 1

My best friend

Nancy is my best friend . She has a square face and bright and smiling

eyes.She is a pretty girl with short and black hair .She is honest, kind and helpful.She is willing to share things with others .She has many friends and works very hard .She does very well in all her subjects and she is one of the best students in her class .She likes singing and she would like to be a

singer when she grows up. Test for unit 2

The life in our ideal school The life in our ideal school is colourful and interesting. It starts at 8:30a.m . and finishes at 4:30p.m. We have Music,Computer Studies,Home Economics and so on .After class , wehave lots of time for after-school activities. We

can play football,read books, draw pictures and do many other things.We only have half an hour of homework every month.we enjoy the life in our ideal school very much.

I am crazy about DIY, and I often do some things with my own hands .Sometimes I

have to read the instructions carefully. Last week, I thought my bedroom was boring , so I decided to paint it yellow . My mum told me to stop, but I kept on painting until the walls and the ceiling were all yellow . Yesterday I put up a shelf above my bed, and put many storybooks on it . now, it is very easy for me to get

to the books because I do not have to go to the study for them.

My first DIY job

Mum ’s birthday was coming , so I decided to make her a birthday music box. I kept this secret , because I wanted to give her a surprise. It took me three hours to make it .

During the course of making ,many things went wrong. I sticked a real rose to the cover of the box. After Mum opened the boxed, she heard the birthday song. This was the first time for me to make a present for Mum with my own hands. Mum was very happy, and I was even happier.