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During the last summer vacation, I went to Shandong province and experienced an interesting journey. Mount Tai is famous among we Chinese, and I was able to visit it finally. At first I was ambitious and couldn ’t wait to conquer the giant. However, my enthusiasm went weaker and weaker as the endless path stretched and stretched. At the moment I almost gave up, it was my father ’s words that encouraged me to hold on till the last. I was inspired by him and kept climbing the mountain and I reached the peak eventually.

We shall always keep that saying in mind which says “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Hold on to the end, and we will succeed.

During the last summer holiday. I learned a basic life skill—cooking. At first, I just watched what my Mum did, and then I tried. However, cooking was not as easy as what I imagined. Sometimes I even burned the vegetables. Luckily, whenever I did something wrong, Mum would encourage me to continue. Now I can cook simple dishes and help with housework as well. I needn ’t depend too much on my parents as usual.

I feel proud when I can do something to thank my parents for the love they have shown me.


We all expect an exciting journey to say goodbye to our unforgettable middle school life, as far as I am concerned, the best choice is to go to visit Mount Tai. It is located in Shandong province and it has long been famous for it’s history and cultural meaning. Firstly, climbing does good to our physical constitution. Secondly, we can enjoy the atmosphere constructed by the popular mountain impressively. In a word, we can harvest much from the trip.

Here is a piece of important advice to follow if you decide to visit the mountain. Mount Tai is so high as to be quite cool at its peak, so you had better carry your warmest clothes. Have a good trip!


It ’s Interesting to Learn English

I started to learn English from my primary school, and now I find that learning English is more and more interesting. At first I thought it was difficult to learn it well, and my grade was also not satisfying. Then I met with an excellent teacher who spoke English well and encouraged me to learn English willingly. I came to realize the beauty of English and began to study English actively. Consequently, I became a student who was good at English and kept the priority until now.

I am confident now and always inspire others to find the interests in English. I want to spread the happiness to all of my friends around me.

It ’s Important to Learn English

As we know, with the development of our society, English is playing a more and more important role in our daily life. So it’s important for us to learn English. The following are my reasons.

First, English is spoken most widely in life. If we can learn English well we can communicate with the people who come from English-speaking countries very easily. It’s useful for our own country.

Second, for our students it’s also important to learn English because it’s one of our subjects. If we learn English well we can get a good mark. Then probably we can go to a good senior high school.

Third, English is widely used in the computer now. We can’t do work without the computer. If we learn English well we can use the computer very well so our life will become more and more colourful.

In a word, English is very important so it’s necessary for us to learn it well.


During the past three years, somebody and one thing she has been doing impress me deeply. She is my friend Mary, and she is an outgoing and enthusiastic girl. The special thing which she is used to is that she can always keep being herself wherever she is. One afternoon, I saw her studying in the classroom alone, when she was going to leave she looked around the classroom, picked up all the rubbish quietly, cleaned the blackboard, turned off the light and went out.

It may be hard for all of us to keep being a nice and welcome person all the time, especially when we are alone. Mary’s behavior tells me we should try our best to be a person honored by others and it’s a career deserving our lifetime effort.

Here I’d like to say something about my good friend Lucy. Lucy is my classmate. But no one wants to be her friend. Because she is so ugly with short black hair, small eyes and a pair of black glasses.

But one day I entered a race. I was good at running. And she was in the race, too. The race began. I was the first and Lucy was the second. Suddenly I fell down because of another student. But that student didn’t stop to help me, while Lucy came and made me stand up. She dropped her race and helped me. Just then I felt very moved. Since then Lucy and I have become best friends. I know the appearance doesn’t mean anything but a kind heart makes one beautiful.


We all want to live a healthy life, but sleeplessness haunts modern people more and more severely. Among these kinds of persons, students are an emerging group which deserves much attention. In my opinion, two reasons cause this problem. On one hand, students often bear overloaded homework and studying assignments, so they may feel nervous time to time, especially during the period before an important examination. On the other hand, students are too young to solve this sort of problems properly, on the opposite, they may be trapped in it and leave the trouble alone.

I think schools should establish mature systems to prevent and improve this kind of problem. And students had better learn to communicate with their families and teachers as long as they come across it.

Now there ’s a serious problem which affects teenagers a lot. That is, many students are putting on weight. Many people think it’s a serious problem for the teenagers, so do I. Now I will give the teenagers who have this problem some advice.

First, please eat healthy food. As we know, now there’s a lot of junk food, and it’s really bad for our health, such as KFC, Pizza Hut and so on. So stop eating it at once. The more you eat, the fatter you will be.

Second, please do more exercise. Most students have spent too much time on homework, so they have got less exercise, which can make them fatter and fatter. So try your best to do more exercise, then you will find you have lost more weight.

Finally, please go to bed on time. Staying up late also does harm to you, and it’s bad for your health.

This is my advice. I wish it could help you lose weight. Good luck to all of you.


Dear Mr. Brown,

I'm glad to tell you something about my school life. As a grade 3 student, I usually get to school at half past seven in the morning. The arrangement of our school day is in fast pace. We usually have six classes the whole day, and we take exercise between two classes everyday.

I think our school life is a little boring. As far as I am concerned, colourful school life and school culture do good to students’ grown. They can help us keep an active and enjoyable mood throughout our schoolyard life, and that is, in my opinion, quite important. It will be appreciated if my advice is accepted.

Welcome and Thank you!


Lin Fang

Dear Mr. Brown,

I'm glad to tell you something about my school life. Our school day starts at 8 o'clock, but I usually get to school at about 7 o'clock. Before the lessons start, I will do lots of sports for the coming PE test. During the school days, I spend most of the time having classes, doing endless homework and taking exams in different subjects.

It sounds a bit tiring and boring, doesn't it? However, I always enjoy learning things. I believe the harder I work, the greater progress I will make. So I'm really looking forward to your class.


Lin Fang


Dear Mike,

Although I haven’t written to you for a long time, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now I have graduated from my middle school successfully and entered a wonderful high school. To some extent, I attribute that to you. When I recall that period preparing for the exam, I still cannot calm down. Because I experienced the dimmest mood. I thought the examination was too important to confront, as a result, my self-confidence vanished and I felt stressful everyday. It was your appearance that led me to overcome all the difficulties. You analysed my strengths and weaknesses in detail, and the analysis finally came to a conclusion that if I could keep studying hard in a peaceful mood, I would be a winner in the examination. I followed your advice and I really did it!

It cannot be too much to show my thanks to you. If you have some troubles, write to me, and I will be pleased to help you, too.


Yang Fan

Dear Mike,

Although I haven’t written to you for a long time, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Since I failed in the PE test, I’ve lost interest in studying anything. I believed no matter how hard I worked, I wouldn ’t realize my dream to a famous senior high school. It is you who encouraged me to overcome myself.

What you said is right. Whether to enter an ideal high school is not my real goal. The most important thing is that one should always dream to be better. As long as I try my best with the spirit of not giving up, everything will be OK.

Having a friend like you, I’m sure we will make progress together. Thank you.


Yang Fan


Dear Ms. Smart,

I agree with you that everyone should make a contribution to our school environment.

However, some students are still doing something that harms the environment such as spitting, littering things about or drawing on the desks or school walls. So it’s time for everyone to do something useful to keep our school clean and tidy.

Firstly, we’d better p ut up a poster to let everyone know how to improve our school environment. Secondly, we can also make room for collecting waste paper or bottles for recycling. What’s more, it’s a good idea to ask each class to look after the trees and flower beds in turns.

Best wishes,

Liu Jing


Dear Bob,

I am very pleased to write to you. I am in Grade Three this year, and I do quite well in all the subjects except English. I really hope you can give me some advice on how to study English well. I always spend a lot of time in remembering so many words, phrases and sentences every day, but I can't use them freely. Sometimes I even feel a little frustrated.

I'm not doing well in reading, especially when I read passages. I can't catch the main ideas. I often don't know what to do with the new words exactly.

Could you tell me the best ways of studying English? I expect to improve my English with your help. With best wishes.


Fang Hua


Dear Mr Brown:

I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you very much. Here I’d like to tell you something about my class and myself.

As you know, there were 45 students in our class last year, but now the number has reached

47. By the way, Wang Zhe, the tallest boy, has left for Canada with his parents.

Do you still remember that our basketball team was beaten last time? You can hardly imagine we won the first place last week.

And you must remember I was weak in both English and maths before. Can you believe I’ve made great progress in them? I often go to the English Corner on Saturday to practice my spoken English. What’s more, I’ve become more and more interested in maths with the teacher’s help.

What about you? How are you getting along with your work?

I hope you can visit our school again if you have time.


Bai Mei


Dear Miss Zhao,

The graduation is around the corner, and I would like to express my inspiration to you at the moment.

English had been hard for me before, and I was always frustrated at it. It was your help that took an important role and I made great progress in it at last. You were strict in my English study since you took over our class, and we complained at first. However, our rage changed into happiness and admiration the moment we discovered that we all improved a lot in English.

He who does not make painstaking efforts commonly goes nowhere. You taught me the principle with your hard work and I will keep it in mind forever.


Li Lei


Dear Shirley,

Thank you for your last letter. You asked me to tell you something about my hobby. Football (maybe you call it soccer) is my favourite. I'm a serious football fan. I enjoy football matches very much, especially the British League Matches. I can stay up to enjoy a match on TV no matter what I should do the next day. My favourite player is Mike Owen, a real natural striker, with a kind of "can-do" spirit, a true man, I think.

I play football myself, too. We have a match on the playground near my home nearly every weekend. It's really a fun and a special kind of happiness.

We've set up a football team called "can-do" of our own. Do you want to be a member of it? Expecting your reply.


Li Lei


Jun, 22nd, 2002

Dear Tom,

I received your letter yesterday. I'm very glad to know that you'll come to Dalian. I'm just going to have a one-month holiday after the exam. We can spend our holidays together. We can go swimming, go fishing, climb the hills and enjoy many kinds of delicious seafood. We can also visit our beautiful city and I hope you'll love her. At the same time we may learn languages from each other.

By the way, please call me and let me know about your flight number and the time as soon as you get the ticket. I'll meet you at the airport. I'm sure we'll have a good time together. Best wishes to your family!


Wang Peng