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【文一】 As we can see from the picture, a teacher is passing on a book to a child with an unwilling expression. We can imply that the teacher encourages the child to read literature by saying: “Just think of it as if you’re reading a text message.”

The picture illustrates that reading literature can benefit us a lot. First, we are able to know what other famous people

thought about as if we are chatting with them, second, reading literature can contribute to the development of our personality. We may become more polite, more knowledgeable by reading books. …

【文二】In this picture, we can see that the teacher give the student a book, while the teacher is happy but another isn’t. As far as I concerned, reading literature is good habit for people because which can improve their IQ. I believe the

people has not only IQ, but also EQ, can be successful earlier. What’s more, in my opinion, in think that the will-known literatures are better for children, for which has wittren handrends of years, and servied, that means many people think those books are good and worthy to read. ….

【文三】From the picture, we can see there are two peoples. A woman is giving a book to a child. The woman looks happy but the child has a different attitude. He ;looks unhappy. So we know the child don’t like reading literatures.

Now, not only the child don’t like read literatures. With the development of society, more and more people are busy in

getting message from the internet or TV. People has ignored the importance of reading literatures. reading literature is

good for us. From the literatures, we can get some knowledge about life which many people had experienced. …

【文四】As is shown in the picture, a teacher of a literature class is handing a thick book to her student and says, “Just think of it as if you’re reading a text message.”, but the student seems to be receiving it reluctantly. It reveals a common phenomenon that the significance of reading literature has not been realized by many students.

However, reading literature is so important that we can’t ignore. First, literature is the fruit of human wisdom, which enriches our knowledge and broadens our horizons. Moreover, literature reading can give us an insight into life and help us understand life better. Finally, literature is to the culture of a country what water is to fish. …

【文五】In the picture, we are see a women and a boy. You can found the women brought a book a boy. and said “Just think of it as if you’re reading a text message.”

Nowdays interfor become widnesty penonmnon in our society, Many people like going computer game, joining the part and suffering the interfors, Reading book is very less than before. As it know well, this modern society must have fast doing. poeple very busy from today to future. … Do you want to become a nice people? You must some time to think. At least as seem to me, Reading book can give our a beautiful life. Only in this way, we can have a bright future.


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2分 — 条理不清,思路紊乱,语言支离破碎或大部分句子均有错误,且多数为严重错误。

5分 — 基本切题。表达思想不清楚,连贯性差。有较多的严重语言错误。

8分 — 基本切题。有些地方表达思想不够清楚,文字勉强连贯;语言错误相当多,其中有一些是严重错误。

11分— 切题。表达思想清楚,文字连贯,但有少量语言错误。 14分— 切题。表达思想清楚,文字通顺,连贯性较好,基本上无语言错误,仅有个别小错。

3.根据阅卷标准,对照样卷评分,若认为与某一分数(如 8分) 相似,即定为该分数(即8分) ;若认为稍优或稍劣于该分数则可加一分(即9分) 或减一分(即7分) 。


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评卷中发现,有同学根本不认识 brief discription, 大谈brief 的重要性……“套用模板说:随着经济科技的发展,越来越多的问题引起人们的重视,其中一个是brief…… 有的不认识 literature 或误把literature 当图书馆或阅览室,大谈如何借书,在图书馆要保持安静。

不少学生猛套模板:程度稍好的,模板写的很漂亮,但自己编的部分错误百出;程度差的,连模板套话也写不全、张冠李戴。还有少数学生 抄阅读理解、反复抄考试指令:You are allowed 30

minutes to write a short essay. You should start your essay with a brief description of the picture and then express your views on the importance of reading literature. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words……一般给1分辛苦分。

评卷十天,每天阅430份CET-4作文,平均20-50秒一份。双眼盯电脑,大脑高速转,机械而紧张,忙里可偷闲--摘抄雷人语句(估计300余评卷老师中,只我一人有此闲心雅兴)。评卷结束后,高度疲劳,休养了一天;花两个晚上整理到word 文档--竟有2000多句!简单分类归纳,摘选少许分享在此。当心,不要笑掉了牙!这是我们莘莘学子的英语!

作文要求(见图):简单描述图片,谈谈阅读文学作品的重要性。You are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay.You should start your essay with a brief description of the

picture and then express your views on the importance of

reading literature.You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words


1.He is a very like study's student.

2.Now read book's people are more and more less(读书的人越来越少)

3. An higher person gives an book to the shorter person. 高个子、矮个子

4.This is the student sad’s reason.(悲伤的原因)

5.We read literature doesn’t in order to gain knowledge. 不为活获得知识

6.Let they think don’t hard work is very bad, to themself not have help.

7 Have most people haven’t read book habit.有多数人没有读书习惯

8 A person grow don’t leave books. 一个人成长离不开书 9 Tody is a teacher day, our should to all teacher say: teacher day happy.


10 A middle-old中年woman is gives a book to a boy. She very like this like book’s boy.

Reading literature should from little baby.// from kid start. 从孩子抓起

I’m very like read book. I believe everybody same me. 大家都和我一样

We must give the teacher the book in the true time, so this book can turn to next want read this book’s people. 我们必须按时还书,所以这书可以转给下一个想读这书的人

The women as if his mother.女人像他妈妈The book given leady[lady] is smiling. She teaches student has 50 years from she was 20 to now still . 她从20岁教,教了50年了

二、【英汉杂交 鱼龙混杂】

In our borrow in book need limao(礼貌).

He likes swim and wanshua(玩耍,play 不会吗?).

A boy and a woman pengzhe(捧着) this book in dands. My school have a little tushuguan(图书馆)

We are jianchi(坚持) 15 days. Let’s zhuhe(祝贺) and gongxi(恭喜) to Tom.

Two peoples have two biaoqing(表情). Yestoday he for teacher jie借 a book.

My mother buy me a <san guo yan yi三国演义> give me. 买了本《》给我

Zengqiang (增强) knowledge is important。I like QQ shuihu. I hope you same as me.


We are should be insist on reading books.【同学,你是动词专业户吗?】

We are should to reading. It can we happy.

The boy looks like doesn’t happy. We am share it together.

During they hand have a book. The woman is happying the boy is sading .

In my little小时候, I like book. I am study is very good. How to should the children to grown?

We are wasn’t learn it. Are you want lose happiness?

Every thing T or F need on you choose by you eyes.(对或错,你用眼选择)

Dear father and mother, have you hearing? (你们听到了吗)

You can ready a cup of tea and relax…(准备茶水)

The boy can’t pay the book, because he don’t money(没钱).

The woman are very happy feeling, the girl are badly feeling.

Read it have no use. Somes think it’s should read to old. Look this picture, has two people. Now every school is have library.

Tom don’t many friends in class, so students’ don’t know his poor.

Because he not through in the text没通过考试, he was feeling sad, sprited was low.

A day Li Lei is teacher(李雷的老师)called he can go to she’s room.叫他去她的房间

Teacher and student takes戴着 eyes mirror眼的镜子. We just beening studied(被学习? ), not to study.


We bigest progream is that our too busy.最大问题 It is unuseless to read as possible as more.

Read can plite your behavior(使你的行为礼貌). I think it usefour有用的?to text考试.

Student’s feel is badest and badest. Students reading literature is littler and littler.

The happy on teacher’s face, but the student’s face writen boring 脸上写着无聊.

If you don’t reding it, I will don’t give you monrey for you eat KFC.不读,没有肯德基吃

I’m a studient. That have we liked aud have we anliked . 有喜欢的 和 不喜欢的

Childer 孩子们 learn take care of myself. They are not happied 快乐at all.

.. to add my knows知识 …Knowlanguage知识 woor 穷, colldeage 大学

As known as I know, each mathe r 妈妈 are want he child would be good in the future.

…teacture 老师 make you have yoursel f’s think你自己的想法.

Sheself said smilely她自己笑着说 We have long time don’t text . 很长时间没考试了

A cion is two face. I’m is Xiao Ming. I’m thanks for you. I think couldn’t think that any more, we should reading with a smeil笑.

When our is a chriduns我们是孩子时. I wish my gole目标 is come true.


Power is knowledge. Like is the best teacher.兴趣最好的老师?

So there is a while, where is a there. 有志者…… 什么意思? Many students have to good good study day day up. 天天向上

Both coins has two sides两个硬币. I call on should reading…

How long our life, we should reading books how long. 活到老

There is a beautiful girl /golden house in the book. 颜如玉、黄金屋?

Reading is life what sky is bird. 【A is to B what C is to D】 To me say对我来说… it is sees to me… in point from my view…依我看

from now start从现在开始. So as far as I’m considered, … Give you fish rather than give you fishes. 授人以鱼? Last but a least最后最差, bookless life as no food life. There is a said , open the book is good. 俗话说:开卷有益 If you read 10,000 of books, that you can write like God . 读书破万卷, 下笔如有神(上帝)


Our’s students know more knowledge is we should do. Bad books more the good books, you must learning to choise.

Parters hope reading that’s good with our yestodays.

Some don’t healthy book is beneft student’s message.【?】 Often read literature can old our eyes. 【?】

Let’s my live pass, reading book is very thing. 【?】 We must be did lots of words. In the way can they will become good. Not peoples think we dishappy. But young people don’t this think. 年轻人不这么认为

I don’t oppsite them because I agree them. 我不反对他们,因为我同意他们?【废话】

We can know our controy is how to development.

Now with the rapid development of advanced our life, the reading have been a popularity problem. As to whether it is a blessing of a curse…【模板,乱了】

As we know, with rapid of economic, it is remarkable

development of people’s living standard. 【背的套话,没记清吧】

?? a bread era面包时代?应是brand-new era吧 Before two years ago 两年前超前?

Reading literature is long time go by make people forget to shouldn’t to do sth.

… he feelings no face to meet the teacher…感到没脸? New century after and after many tengers in addiction to internet games.

From long ago to the at now time, 从古至今?their have some literature.


Today I really know my Eglish is bad. I will study Eglish after this text, turst me please. 【这次考试后学英语?相信你。晚了吧】

Lao shi jiu ran wo guo ba! Wo yi jing lian xu san nian mei kao shang le. Zai bu guo jiu mei you xue wei zheng le.

Wang lao shi da fa ci bei,rang wo guo. (老师,就让我过吧……连续考三年了……学位证……望老师大发慈悲……)

Please give me some marks for me. Thanks.给点分吧

As a collige student who will be finished collige life, I think I was very failed, because I haven’t gone to the libary at once. 我很失败,从未去过图书馆 I’m allowed a lot minutes to write a short essay. I think I can’t do it.【接着抄袭阅读理解】 I ’m should start your essay with a brief…【抄指令,还知道变第一个人称】


Ok, today all over to have. Goodbe y. 今天的课上到这儿,灾见! Good morning, everybody. Now we are start lesson. Please everybody stand up and sit down. You should start you essay with a … 大家早上好!开始上课,起立坐下(抄作文指令) Boy: I don’t know buy what? Woman: what is you like?


Many habit was nothing. Parents in order to making me happy and smeil working hard. However, no work没用. Then my class came a teacher…父母无能为力,老师改变了我 As Confucius constructed: brief ed matters much in one’s life. 孔老夫子说过这吗? 吓唬谁?

My teacher is a good girl. She very happy, because she know I love her. 师生恋?