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1 有关手机的作文 一

Bringing a cell phone can be both harmful and helpful for a middle school student. First of all, if we have a cell phone, we can contact with our friends and parents wherever we want. Secondly, we can go online using the cell phone. Also, our parents can find us when we are not at home. However, there are some bad things. Playing with the cell phone may affect a student's grade and decrease his interest in study. Moreover, many students are able to use cell phones to cheat during exams, which is absolutely not a good thing. Finally, a cell phone may cost a lot money, but we as students don't earn money. 二

Mobile phones are the main invention of modern technology. They are completely part of our daily lives If we look at our society, we can see that all kinds of people are using mobile phones. Maybe they have many advantages, but they also experience drawbacks(不利条件).

The main advantage of mobile phones is that people can use them anytime and anywhere, so they can use one for an emergency. In addition, people can access the internet whenever they use the mobile phones,so business people can use them at work to get information from internet more conveniently Moreover, it is very easy to send messages to your friends. Mobile phones can make people keep intimacy(保持关系密切) in spite of long distance. Mobile phones are turning the world into a small village where we can commmunicate with each other easily and simply. Finally, another point in favour of mobile phones is that you can avoid disturbing anyone when he is sleeping or working because in that case people often turn off their mobile phones.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks ,too. Firstly, the most important disadvantage is the unknown effects on health in case of over-use. Scientists found that mobile phones can cause brain cancer. if you talk for so many hours, you are going to have headache and ear problems.Secondly,the mobile phone stimulate home for the high cost of communication.If you are in 3 membered family, you would spend a lot of money on mobile phone.Because tow to three of family have it, it cost about 150-200D in a month.Furthermore, the inappropriate use of mobile phones could be bothersome. for example, it is very impropriate to here a mobile phone ringing during a formal conversation, during a lesson ,in a library or in a cinema. Finally, mobile phones waste

people too much time. An American survey show that the teen-ager will spend average 2 hours to send messages every day.

In conclusion, there are some benefits and drawbacks to mobile phones. personally ,I don' t like mobile phones very much, but i need use them. In my opinion, mobile phones are good only if you use them correctly and politely, as in this case, all technology is beneficial!

2 Ten years ago few people had mobile phones.But now mobile phones have become rather common , even high school students may have one . But is that a good thing ? We wondered . It goes without saying that mobile phones bring us much benefits , such as chatting wherever we`re , getting and sending emails , taking photos , playing games and so on . And if we come across emergencies , it will turns out to be very helpful . On the other hand , it`s a big attraction to we high school students . It may have bad influence on us .After all , mobile phones have changed our life , and still will too. We must use mobile phones reasonably , and it`s the most important and necessary.

四 关于中学生使用手机的英语作文

赞成意见 反对意见

1. 现在是信息社会,手机是最快的信息交流的工具之一。

1. 学校已提供了公共电话,因此手机并不能带来更多的方便,而且花费较多。

2. 应充分利用好手机。如偶遇突发事故,可立即拨打手机求助。

2. 若课堂接听手机会影响上课。

3. 可在每天学习之余利用手机游戏放松一下自己。

3. 学生玩手机游戏或接发短信,将无法集中精力学习。

4. 只要正确使用好手机,紧跟时间并无过



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2. 词数:100左右;

One possible version:

Dear Editor,

Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students. In my opinion, we can bring mobile phones to school.

As we know, the 21st century is a modern age and full of information. A mobile phone is one of the quickest tools for us to exchange information. The mobile phone is a fashionable and useful invention, so we ought to make the best use of it. Suppose there’s a sudden

accident, it is more convenient for us to dial for help immediately. There ’re also some games in the mobile phone. We can relax ourselves by playing them when we’re tired of our studies. In my opinion, it ’s not wrong to follow the fashion, but the most important thing is how to use the mobile phone in a right way.

4 Yours truly,

Wang Lin

五作文手机的利与弊(Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cell Phone) 1.手机的好处2.手机的弊端3.我的看法

Nowadays, with the rapid development of IT and information industry, cell phones play a dominant role in towns people's life. But, like everything else, they have both favorable and unfavorable aspects.

First, it's useful. As a wireless mobile telephone, it's easy and handy to early to wherever one goes and call however far away he is. Therefore, it greatly facilitates people's life. Second, it's convenient. Whenever one meets trouble or something urgent, one can make a call immediately. Most important of all, it's a very helpful companion. With a multifunction cell phone in hand, one can easily get on the Net, browsing the useful information, conducting e-commerce and doing whatever one can do via Internet.

However, just as everything has two sides, the cell phone also has many disadvantages. To begin with, it's expensive to buy and costly to pay the hills, esp. that of global service. To make matters worse, it's also easy to lose and costly to get it repaired. Worst of all, it's not as clear as a family telephone and sometimes the number dialed is often not available. Last but not least, it's alleged the microwaves in it might do harm to people's health.

In my opinion, with its expenses greatly reduced after China's entry into the WTO, it will face an ever brighter future in its development. Someday most of them will be developed into new Internet-enabled mobile phones, which will be as useful as pocket computers. And I believe its advantages will not only offset its disadvantages, but also far outweigh them.

Module 6Writing Process as follows:

1)The teacher plays an important part in our class. And when we have some questions, we communicate with our teacher and turn to the teacher for help.

2)Working together may train our team work It is necessary to work with others.

3)In reality/fact, however, after leaving school , you will find out almost all work in many fields is done in teams.

4)On the Internet, other students think that there is some information that is not good for the students. Spending too much time on line will do harm to our health.

5 Possible Version

I don’t agree with this opinion that we can learn all we need on the Internet. The teacher plays an important part in our class. And when we have some questions, we can turn to the teacher for help and the teacher will explain it vividly.

It is very important to have a sense of team work. If we work independently, we will find that there are a lot of questions that can not be solved by oneself. It is necessary to work with others. In reality, however, after leaving school , you will find out almost all work in many fields is done in teams.

On the Internet, other students think that there is some information that is not good for the students. Spending too much time on line will do harm to our health.

In my opinion, we can learn something with the help of teachers and the Internet. Homework.


注意: 1.文章必须包括表中的全部内容. 2. 词数为100左右.

3. 参考词汇: 网络朋友 online friends 上当受骗 to be


Possible Version

Should students make friends online? Some people say yes. The Internet helps make many friends. Chatting online, students can move freely express their feeling and opinions, and even get help with their foreign language studies.

Others, however , think students should not. They say making friends online is a waste of time, which should be spent more meaningfully on

6 study. Besides, some students get cheated online.

It’s my opinion that students should place their study, health and safety before other things. As for friendship, we can readily find it in our classmates and other people around us.