Road Safety
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To cross the road, look around. Not on the road to play and run. See the red light to stop for a while. His trip to see the green light. This is for teachers and parents often told us, we often back, and we should not only talk about this sentence, it still deeply recorded in the hearts of safety in the first place, so that accidents may becoming less and less of. Let us surrounded in a safe happy and healthy growth, the construction of our home more beautiful!

Allow the possibility of traffic accidents have become less and less, it is necessary to known rules of the road, here I am giving you some rules of the road you:1. Cyclists should follow the right side of bike paths.2. Should follow the sidewalk to cross the road (or bridge, the underground passage);3. When the red light to stop, see the green light before.4. Take the bus after the first, not to each other, do not逼抢bit crowded.5. Within walking on the sidewalk, there is no sidewalk to walk on the roadside.6. It should be noted, when we are walking vehicles are not allowed to chase,猛跑.7. Are not allowed in the vehicle suddenly crossed near.8. Not be allowed to pass through, to sit upon the sidewalk, roadway and railroad crossing guard-rails.9. Are not allowed to hold cars on the road to recover the vehicle, forced parabolic拦车and hit cars.10. Pre-school children in the street or walk on the road, there must be led by adults.11. Allowed the railings across the road.

These are our common life should be in compliance with the rules of the road, we would also like to promote in the class column on the column or exhibition, multi-paste a number of compliance with the rules of the road, not red light running and other words like a warning so that students better understand the traffic safety importance. School can also be invited to the police his uncle, the door to the students on the traffic class, so students know better to help the traffic of human bein精彩内容,尽在百度攻略: