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Work Experience Nowadasy many universities encourage and organize students to take part in social practice activities . During the holidays , more and more students choose to be the volunteers , take part-time jobs , or take part in other practical activities alike . It's obvious that social practice is playing a more and more important role in China's college education . Undoubtedly , college students have benefited a lot from social practice . On one hand , they are provided with more opportunities to contact the real world outside the campus and can apply their knowledge to the wolution to the practical problems . So their practical skills are improved greatly . On the other hand , social practice helps strengthen students' sense of social responsibility . Considering the above-mentioned , I think , it is necessary for college students to participate in social practice . But it should be noted that some students may spend too much time on taking part-time jobs so as to ignore their study . Therefore , we should try to balance the relationship between social practice and study . Should outsiders be allowed to study in university

Nowadays many universities ban outsiders to study in their classrooms. They send security personnel to guard each entrance to the classroom buildings, only students and teachers may enter. So whether universities should allow outsiders to study in their classrooms? My answer is yes.

There are three justifications listed to support my argument. Firstly,everyone has equal opportunities to study. What's more if we do so, the learning resources will be made full use which will help improve the situation that although there is a wealth of books in university library, the utilization rate is not high.If Secondly,to prevent out siders to enter classrooms,there must be security personnel to guard each entrance which is an extraordinary waste of human capital and school must spend more money on paying for security personnel. Thirdly,it is good to boost the academic level of our nation.Superior education will speed up the pace of society. Furthermore, with the average education level being developed, the more societal issues, such as murder rates, unemployment rates, devoice rates and so on, will be solved easily.

This is why I prefer to agree with that outsiders should be allowed to study in university classroom. Studying in university is not only an inseparable part of our life but also a significant complement to societal development.

An Important Skill

The world today is a very competitive place. Therefore, it is necessary to develop some skills to increase one’s chances of success. Many skills, for example,

leadership, a second language, and technical skills such as computer programming, are very useful today. However, I believe that the most useful skill is the ability to communicate well with others.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of good communication skills. In today ’s society we have to work cooperatively with others. A good communicator finds it easier to put forth his ideas clearly. In this way there will be fewer

misunderstandings, which can lead to bad feelings as well as lost time and effort. In addition, a person with good communication skills is a good mediator and negotiator. He or she can play a valuable role in resolving disputes and enhancing cooperation. This means that a good communicator is often a natural leader. Finally, with good communication skills, it is easier to persuade others to accept your point of view. Having your views and plans approved of by others is a vital step on the way to


For all the above reasons, it is my belief that strong communication skills are the most important to have. Good communication is important in all situations, so a skillful communicator will always be in high demand.




等,现在都非常有用。然而,我认为最有用的技能是擅长和别人沟通的能力。 良好的沟通技巧,其重要性再怎么强调也不为过。在现今的社会中,我们必须与他人合作。擅长沟通的人比较容易能将自己的意见清楚地表达出来。如此一来,便能减少误会,以免造成不良的感觉,甚至浪费时间和力气。此外,具有良好沟通技巧的人会是一个优秀的调停者与协商者,在解决纷争、加强合作时可以扮演重要的角色。这就表示,善于沟通的人常常就是天生的领导者。最后,具有良好的沟通技巧使你比较容易说服别人来接受你的观点,而你的意见和计划能被别人认同是迈向成功很重要的一步。 基于上述理由,我相信,卓越的沟通技巧是最重要的必备技能。良好的沟通在所有的情况中都非常重要。所以,善于沟通的人总是非常受欢迎的。

Honor graduate are lost go?

Internships, part-time and more, scholarship, doing research and less time naturally. Master should be "graduate" or "job students"? Recently, the China Youth Daily dispatch center by Sohu this topic survey of 1,800 people, 61.6 percent of people think that graduate students are students first, and another 38.4% of people agree with graduate students is job hunting students. Zhongguo Qingnian Bao of the survey show: because they can not work while a graduate student who accounted for 58.2%; 46.8% of people think that graduate school is to find a better job; 21.0% of people think that employers need highly educated, and 15.9 percent of people do not want to prematurely into the community.

Graduate student, what was once a glorious title. She represents the highly educated, high capacity, and high social status. However, her all this has gone. From the source, the graduate student enrollment decline in the quality of it. A teacher with a few dozen or even dozens of graduate students is nothing new. A graduate class 60 people, is not that strange. Data show that countries in order to mitigate the pressure on employment of college graduates in 2009, the Ministry of Education graduate enrollment plan on the basis of 2009, increased enrollment of full-time master degree program 50000. Whether or graduate education sector themselves, they have failed to graduate cherish this once people feel the glory of the title, honor graduate loss naturally makes sense.





Interest Is the Best Teacher

Everyone has many teachers during the school time. But there is one which is best among them always staying with you. That is interest.


Interest can be a very good teacher. It guides you to discover things you are

interested in and explore the mysteries of some amazing thing. When your teacher asks you to learn something, you are forced to, not active. But if you are interested in something, you will be glad to study it. You will search the Internet to find information or ask someone who knows something about it. You will try your best analyze it and understand it. Doing so always has a good effect on yourself.


The famous basketball player, Michael Jordan once said: "I love this game." When asked why he could get great achievements in basketball. Interest became the teacher of Jordan. The love of basketball took him into the glory of success.


Rooted in everyone’s heart, interest is not far away from us. What’s the most important is how you take it. Our hearts are many wireless stations, the more you receive messages sent by interest, and the more successful you will be.

兴趣离我们并不远,它植根于每个人的心中。最重要的是你如何对待它。我们的心就像许多无线电台, 你从兴趣中接收的消息越多,你将会越成功。

In recent years, housing prices in some areas of Beijing has quadrupled over so many young people can not afford a house in a cell. No matter what causes rising prices, will increase the financial pressure on parents. The people of this do anything, can

only express their dissatisfaction. Fortunately, there are data show that the central government's efforts to control prices has been noticed.

a gift to my parents Parents give us so much love that we should appreciate the love our love. The best gift to our parents is ourselves . To achieve this we must pay attention to the details in life,which have been

negleted by most people .we blindly believe that income-generating livelihoods more we are, the happier we are,however,beyond our expectation,it’s not.A happy family is our real achievement .Hence,we should usually call home to share some good things or bad with parents just like friends,so they can worry us less.Sometimes what we just need to do is to go home for the most part,it’s the gift.With waking up in the morning, our parentscan see us and spend time with us,this makes them the happiest. In the morning,I make breakfast and we eat together happily. After lunch we go for a work in a quiet countryside. It’s such a nice day, their happiness is simple,so we are.

The best gift to my parents is me,for the reason I’m the crystallization of their love.

竞争与合作 My view on Competition and Cooperation Cooperation and competition are both important and necessary for a person to achieve success in his life.

In modern times, people are living more and more cooperatively. For example, in a football match, all players on the team must work with joint efforts in order to win the match. Such activities require teamwork. You can see workers doing parts of work individually, but you can hardly see any products finished by only one person. With the rapid development of economy, cooperation is becoming more and more necessary and vital for a person. But competition is also very important in modern society. If you are a businessman and wish customers to buy your products, you have to compete with others. Competition stimulates people to improve their work and makes the world develop rapidly.

Both competition and cooperation are involved in every field of life and work. Actually, in many activities, both are required. For instance, in learning English, we compete with each other. As a result, we all make great progress. Our study also demands teamwork. We often help each other by pointing out each other’s mistakes and exchanging ideas.

While we attach importance to competition, we should not neglect cooperation. Only with both competition and cooperation can we achieve success and live in peace and harmony with each other.


Many hands make light work. 众人拾柴火焰高。

Many people are fond of competition because it enables them to bring their

knowledge or skills into full play.

Without competition, people will remain idle and have no ambition.

If you want to remain competent in the fierce competitions, you have to spend much time studying to make yourself talented.