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1 作文模版




模板:It is widely accepted that ___________(主题),_____________(名扩插入语,对这个主题进行一些修饰), 谓语动词+扩展从句(有宾语可以使用定从,无宾语可以使用状从)However, others argue that___________(主题的近义词,避免与上一句重复), more often than not (副词做插入语), is harmful to the people _________


It is widely accepted that pressure in work, forcefully imposed on the employees in this competitive world, can bring some positive results on the grounds that it can stimulate the staff immensely. However, others argue that stress, more often than not, is harmful to the people who cannot assume excessive pressure in their work.


(主题),_____________(名扩插入语,对这个主题进行一些修饰),谓语+宾语+定从。In my opinion, there are several factors responsible for this (phenomenon, increase, situation, problem…….)

not, is harmful to the employees who cannot assume excessive pressure. It is no simply task to identify the negative ef.fects of this phenomenon which involves several complicated factors./ In my opinion, there are several factors responsible for this problem.


(主题), _____________(名扩插入语,对这个主题进行一些修饰Therefore it is high time that measures were taken to prevent this.

Nowadays, mounting attention has been turned to the high pressure in work, invariably brought to everyone in this competitive world. The immediate consequence is the damage of individual employee ’s health. The longer-range result can be a decline in physic for the whole workforce since this problem has become more evident in each working unit. Therefore it is high time that measures were taken to prevent this.






As the proverb says “No garden is without its weed”. ________ (形容词(as 的倒装句), I still advocate ______________(自己的观点).


(as 的倒装句), I still advocate reducing it by efforts.


From what has been discussed above, we may reasonably come to the conclusion that __________(主题) 。We must call for an immediate action, because the current situation of (主题) _____________, permitted to continue, will surely lead to the end/destruction/damage of/to ______./

或This situation/tendency will surely continue that it deserves more intensive research and public concern.

模块7:How 型结尾

Following these suggestions may not guarantee the success/solution, but the pay-off might be worth the effort. It will help/benefit/contribute to_____________(效果) eventually.



或work strain is more devastating than beneficial. First, too much pressure can damage employee’s health.(简单句) It is the decline in health that in return produces a negative effect on the work.(强调句) For example, due to the high pressure in work, a prominent journalist died on his way to interview a scholar, which is a tragedy and loss of the whole country (例证句).

模块9:中间第3段 the love of one’s career, rather than the external pressure, can the employee be driven to accomplish the tasks in work as quickly and as well as possible. (倒装句)

模块10:中间第4段 a strained mind of the employee may reduce their to improve the output for each working unit.(n1,+ n2+名扩)

第四部分 例文



It is admitted that the practice of assisted suicide or euthanasia, a controversial issue in medical area, is to some extent positive on the grounds that it can help some dying patients to die painlessly under their requests. However, others argue that this kind of performance is inhumane for it may mercilessly deprive humans of their rights to live. The principal argument advanced by those advocators is that euthanasia, more often than not, can soothe the unbearable pain of the patients, ease the heavy financial burden of their family, and save the limited public resources, such as the hospital facilities, for those possible to recover from serious diseases.

But according to me, the permission of euthanasia is more cruel than considerate. The immediate reason to prohibit it is that in many cases, a patient’s right to die has subtly become a duty to die. It is the pressure from the

3 exhausted and impatient relatives that push them make the decision. For example, a woman, whose relatives gathered for her planned euthanasia from overseas, had last-minute doubts. But the family said, “You can’t let our relatives come all this way for nothing”. Instead of ensuring that the patient’s true wishes were observed, the doctor carried out euthanasia. Besides, vicious crimes often come with this kind of mercy killing. Not only can greedy relatives of the patients hasten their death as quickly as possible through euthanasia, but also some impatient doctors who intend to withdraw the treatment may perform it without the requests. Finally, assisted suicide or euthanasia, an easy but prompt way to end human life, may throw away the patient’s opportunities to wait for the near future when the doctors may possibly come up with a new treatment, the treatment effective to terminal illness at the moment.

Humane to some degree as euthanasia is, any country cannot afford to permit its practice. If those approving of this measure can take into consideration of its serious consequences, euthanasia may seem unfair.


It is wildly accepted that students’ evaluating or criticizing their teachers, as a kind of feedback, is to some extent positive on the grounds that it can help to eliminate unqualified or irresponsible teachers so as to enhance the quality of education. However, others argue that this kind of performance will result in a loss of respect and discipline in the class.

The principal argument advanced by those opposing it is that by adopting this “critical” method, students might be encouraged to be ready for arguing, to disagree and to criticize no matter the teachers are excellent or unqualified. The immediate consequence is that the contempt to teachers brings about the loss of discipline in the class. The longer-range result is the ruin of the teacher-student relationship, which will effect the student ’s development, even to the rest of his life.

But according to me, implementing evaluating system in school is an effective way to improve the quality of education. The most immediate reason is that it can bring about a benign competition among teachers so as to distinguish those unqualified or irresponsible teachers from the top ones. It is the motivation generated by this kind of rival-ship that makes a great progress in teaching. For example, New Oriental School, one of the first class language training centers, carries out the “evaluating system” on teachers from the beginning of its establishment, which infuses immense energy to the growth of its “fleet ”. Besides, by this practice, students and teachers would have better communication with each other for students can voice their own opinions and teachers are able to obtain a better feedback about whether what they teach is grasped or not and whether the teaching methods are appropriate or not. Finally, this performance facilitates the students to have original ideas, gain a deeper understanding of their lessons and learn the art of disagreeing, the art essential for one’s career development.

Critical or stressful to some extent as evaluating system is, it is indispensable in education area. If those who strongly oppose this practice can take into the consideration of the benefits it brings about, then evaluating and criticizing the teachers would not seem so unfair.

例文3:playing a game is cheerful only when you win. Agree or disagree?

It is stressed that playing a game, such as taking part in a relay race, is cheerful only when the competitors win on the ground that merely the final results can prove everything. However, others ague that this kind of attitude (mentality) is not correct, for it may make the contestants overemphasize the outcome while ignore the course.

The principle argument advanced by those supporters of the notion is that plentiful people affirm that winning a game is the main purpose of attending it. Another reason is that consequence is the best evidence to demonstrate the best qualities or outstanding capabilities of the competitors involved.

But according to me, the opinions mentioned above are more unreasonable than proper. The immediate reason to support my view is that in every match or game, winning is not the ultimate aim. It is the process of participation, more important than final result, that can reflect the values of the contestants. To illustrate, Waldne, a 40-year-old table tennis player, just ranked 4th in Athens Olympics games last year. But he fully demonstrated his spirit of persistence to the world through the excellent performance in the game. Besides, apart from the pleasure brought by

4 a winning result, friendship, established between the competitors in the game, is also valuable. Not only can it help the athletes underestimate the importance of the result, but also let them enjoy the game itself. Finally, the attitude of ignoring the final result can ease the nervous contestants who may play the game under pressure, the major barrier for players to fully exhibit their abilities.

Practical as the notion —winning result is the fun for playing a game —is, I still insist on my view. If those approving of the attitude can take into consideration of the arguments I have proposed, it may seem unreasonable.


How do people achieve happiness?

An ancient Greek pot once said, “Nothing is more indispensable than happiness in life”. In this competitive world, annoyance, worries and pressure, more often than not, disturb us. The immediate consequence is the decline of individual’s heath. The longer-range result can be the deterioration of life quality since this problem has become increasingly evident in our country. Therefore, it is high time that measures were taken to help people to achieve happiness.

The first clue to feel enjoyable is to become satisfied with your present life and to make a realistic evolution of yourself. It is the main source of unhappiness if you are extremely critical about yourself and pursue an unrealistic life style beyond your means. For example, to buy a well-known brand car, your thirst for a luxurious life, can burden you with a large amount of debts, as a result of which you have to overwork exhaustedly to earn more money. Instead of enjoying the new life after owing a car, you may feel highly stressful and worn out.

Secondly, we should learn to modify our attitudes on the source of happiness. It makes no difference to enjoy our lives no matter whether it rains or shines because happiness is not the absence of problems but our attitudes on how to deal with the problems, the ones that everyone must come across inevitably.

Thirdly, we can enthusiastically participate in some interesting activities, such as watching films, going to operas or theatres. Only through enriching our culture life, can we enjoy our life more delightedly.

To sum up, if only we can possess a content attitude, and if only we can take part in may instructive activities, I think, we can live and work happily.