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unit7 语法+作文

语法:There be 句型

There be 结构: 表示某地有某物。 通常可以和 have 做同义句型转换

结构:There be + 名词+介词短语。 否定句:在be后面+not

There is + n.单数、不可数名词 否定: There is not….. 疑问:Is there….

There are + n.复数 否定: There are not…. 疑问:Are there…

Some: 肯定句, any 否定,疑问句

There be 就近原则: There is a book and three pens on the desk.

There are three pens and a book on the desk.

Eg ;There is a piano in the room .

------There isn’t a piano in the room.

-----Is there a piano in the room?


----What is (there) in the room? 划线提问)

How many pianos are there in the room?

There is some milk in the bottle.

------ Is there any milk in the battle? 划线提问)

------ How much milk is there in the bottle?

There are some books in the shelf

There are two boxes of milk in the kitchen. 划线提问)

------Who is (there) under the tree? -----Who is playing on the playground?

注意:What & Who 做主语时, 谓语动词用单数



Do you want to know about my bedroom? Come with me! Let me show my bedroom to you。

I have a beautiful bedroom. It is a little small, but it is very clean and comfortable. There are many things in my bedroom: a bed, a computer, a bookshelf and so on. Now there are many books on my desk. My sister and I always study here. On my bed, there is a cute teddy bear. My dog usually sleeps under the bed. On the white wall, there are two maps. One is a map of China and the other is a map of the World. We both like reading and studying in my bedroom.

This is my bedroom. It is very nice to live in. What about yours?