The Chinese dream
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Life is due to the dream fly, life is great because of dreams. Give yourself a dream since I was a child, a big goal in life, so that the dream with his life in the vast sky fly free. Dream is a pair of invisible wings of life, but the power of a dream to motivate and inspire our life, out of mediocrity and vulgar, to the best and brightest. And the buds of a little dream, are playing upon my heart quietly germination. Some people want to be a win honor for our country's athletes, some want to be a "try to dead silk ended.candles burn" teacher, but I do want to be a pen, to record life as a writer. I love writing, love more pen to record the dribs and drabs in life. I write the campus life, write the moving things in life, odd science fiction... Everything is my favorite. An article is like the sea, and the word is colorful, beautiful sea fish. In my pen is jumpy, rises, I like these "small fish". Every time I read books written by someone else, I can't help but admire the author of the book, praised their clever conception... Reading these books, I sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes excited, sometimes lost, but anyway, I love of reading. Bizarre story, I like "liao zhai zhi yi" admire "if give me three days light" the hero of the strong... . These are what I like, every time when I read these books, I am more sure of my dream!!!!! Yes, this is my dream - to become a famous Chinese writer, popular among people, write a praise of our Chinese nation five thousand years long history and culture of the "China dream". I think about, after 20 years of one day, I am pride with tzu chi's written a new book, "China dream"! It records the nuwa made man, god created, qin shi huang unified the six countries, zhang qian to the western regions, the four great inventions of shocked the world, emperor taizong of the dynasty prosperous time, genghis khan a bow to shoot diao, high establishment, write the opium war to the people of disaster, write the qing government c