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A World Without Thieves 天下无贼 《Rob Movie clips/打劫片段》

The story is adapted from the film "A World Without Thieves" rob fragments , the plot is interesting, humor, funny.


Plot/情节:In a long-distance trains Two thieves gangs(one is Wang Bo and Wang Li, another is Uncle Li gangs)compared to steals the technology. 在一辆长途列车上,两帮贼(王博,王丽 和 黎叔帮) 为了比偷术.

Wang Bo protect Sha Gen's a package of money,and Uncle Li designed to seek to steal it.王博保护傻根的一包钱,黎叔设计谋去偷。

Unlce Li successed but found the money had been transferred packets,it become a sacrificial paper money 黎叔成功之后却发现钱已经被调包了,变成了纸钱。

Uncle Li went to warn Wang Bo, then another group of robbers broke into train box for robbery.黎叔去警告王博。这时另一帮打劫的冲进车厢打劫。

Surprisingly, these two men is a stammerer Fan Wei, one is a sissy man,they made a long list of downtown joke.没想到是这两人一个是口吃 范伟,一个是娘娘腔,在车厢上闹了一大串笑话。

Unfortunately,A policewoman as passenger already was in the trian , was found undoubtedly by Fan Wei, policewoman have tracked two thief gangs. 不幸的是,早就藏身在乘客中的女警察被范伟无疑发现了,女警察一直跟踪两帮贼伙。

Policewoman caught them immediately,also the two groups of thieves was swoop. 女警察当即抓了他俩,顺便把两帮贼一网打尽。


wang Li( Rene Liu)/王丽(刘若英) ,Wang Bo(Andy Lau)/王薄(刘德华) ,Uncle Li(Ge You)/黎叔(葛优),Uncle Li's follower/黎叔手下,stammerer Wei Fan/口吃者 范伟,Sissy man Wei Fan's partner/娘娘腔 范伟同伙,Policewomen/女警察。

Props/道具:Some chairs/几张椅子,一包纸钱,A pistol/一把手枪,Two axes/两把斧头。Two masks/两个面具。。(The plot props to imitate A World Without Thieves)/(具体道具情节模仿天下无贼)

Train Radio (background radio)/列车广播(背景广播) :

visitors comrades Please note!


Just received a warning of the passenger, that his package of

hard-earned money are robbed.


so we remind everbody again所以我们再次提醒大家,

must Protects your Belongings and Baggages from the Thieves


If you discovered any suspicious personnel, please immediately

report to the train police.


Rene Liu/刘若英:what happened? 怎么了?

Andy Lau/刘德华:we`re lost , the money is stolen by them. 我们输了,钱被他们偷走了。

Rene Liu/刘若英:Really? 真的?

Andy Lau/刘德华:they are too cunning ,is simply impossible to guard against. 他们太奸猾了,简直防不胜防。

Rene Liu/刘若英:that must be an old men playing the washboard. 一定是那个老头打的搓!

Uncle Li's follower/黎叔手下:they switched the bag .钱给掉包了。

It`s all fake money. 全部是假的。

Uncle Li/黎叔:Really? The boy dares to play this trick with me. 真的吗?臭小子竟敢和我玩这招。

Uncle Li's follower/黎叔手下:How to do with them? 我们怎么办?

Uncle Li/黎叔:You sit here! 你先坐着!

Uncle Li went to two Liu 黎叔走向刘两。。。

Uncle Li/黎叔:good. 行啊!

Switched prince for a pauper. 跟我玩狸猫换太子。

I challenged you only because I respect you .黎叔看得起你才跟你过招。

but you didn`t play fair . 偷奸耍滑呀你是。

stop acting,It must have been you . 想什么呢,肯定是你

I can reliably inform you that 我可以很负责任的告诉你

uncle lee is very angry 黎叔很生气

the consequences will be severe 后果很严重。

Uncle Li leave ...黎叔离开,,

Rene liu open peper package刘若英打开自纸包,,

Rene Liu/刘若英:It was swichted. 钱被掉包了

You think his guys did it? 会不会是他手下干的

Andy Lau/刘德华:Could have been switched long ago 也许早就被人家换了

There must be another master .We've been played 一定还有高人,我们被耍了

Wei Fan's partner/范伟的同伙:shuuu ! this is a robbery. 嘘!!!打劫 (对这黎叔)

Passengers (the audience, the narration)/乘客(观众, 旁白): it's a robbery! 打劫

Wei Fan/范伟: rr-rr-rr…打 打 打

rr-robb… 打 打……

Wei Fan's partner/范伟的同伙: robbery 劫

Wei Fan/范伟 :right! it's a robbery! 对, 打劫

Uncle Li/黎叔(葛优) :can't stand you armed robber types.最烦你们这下打劫的

no technical skills whatsoever. 一点技术含量都没有

Fan Wei punch into Unlce Li'bdomen.Follower would like to fight back ,is stopped by Unlce Li'eyes.范伟给黎叔腹部打了一拳,黎叔手下欲动被黎叔示意停止。

Wei Fan's partner/范伟同伙:oh uuu !!哦吆吆…..!

Dare to fight back!还敢还手!是吧!

Be honest ! Sit frankly!给我老实点!坐好喽! Take out your money!把钱拿出来!

Wei Fan's partner/范伟同伙: everyone sit down. sit down. 都坐下 坐好了

it's a robbery.(don't you know?这句 剧中

译文没有 我加的 )打劫 知道吗?

Wei Fan/范伟 :all your cards.各种卡啊

hurry it up! 快主动啊

why not gave me? 让你不给我

what's this for? 你这是什么东西?)

Wei Fan/范伟: big brother 大哥

Just wait a moment! 稍等一会

I want to steal some beauty. 我要劫个色

IC ,IP , IQ cards, i want the passwords to all of them. IC IP IQ 卡,统统告诉我密码

Wei Fan's partner/范伟同伙:hand it over by yourself.自己主动点!

Andy Lau/刘德华: excuse me, Mr.robber. there's no IQ card. 报告打劫的 没有IQ 卡

Wei Fan/范伟 :why not? 怎么没有

Andy Lau/刘德华: i have an iq.but you don't.我有iq. 你没有

Wei Fan/范伟: w-w-well, if you gave me yours,then i'd have one.把你得给我 我不就有了吗!

Andy Lau/刘德华:you c-c-can't use it! 给你 你你你也用不了

Wei Fan/范伟: if you gave me the password, i could use it.

Andy Lau/刘德华: there is no password. 没有密码 iq is "intelligence quotient". iq 是智商

Wei Fan/范伟 :what's that? hand it over. 智商是什么东西 拿来

Andy Lau/刘德华:it means brains. 智商是脑子

Wei Fan's partner/范伟同伙: you're thick! he's saying you have no brains. 哎呀真笨 他说你没脑子

Wei Fan/范伟 :you're the one without brains. 你他妈才没脑子呢

Wei Fan's partner/范伟同伙 :i didn't say you had no brains. he did! 不是我说你没脑子 是他说你没脑子

Wei Fan/范伟: you said i have no brains! 你咒我没脑子你

Andy Lau/刘德华:i didn't say you had no brains. 我没有说你没脑子

i said you lacked a mind. 我说你缺心眼

Wei Fan/范伟 :what if i take your head off! 我让你缺脑袋你信不信

what's that in your hand? 手 手里什么东西?

what's that in your hand? 手 手里什么东西?

Andy Lau/刘德华: money….money 钱 钱 钱

Wei Fan/范伟 :hand it over! 钱你不拿来

Andy Lau/刘德华:it's a gift for my daddy. 这是孝敬我爹的

Rene Liu/刘若英:Yes,plese do not put our money and my boy friend. 是的,请不要动我们的钱,还有我男朋友。

Wei Fan/范伟 :i'm your daddy now! 我现在就是你爹

Wei Fan's partner/范伟同伙 :take it out! 拿出来

hand it over! 把这交出来 交

Wei Fan/范伟 :big brother 大哥

he's playing with me. 他耍我

Andy Lau/刘德华: i told you … 不是说过嘛

Wei Fan/范伟 :you think i'm stupid? 你以为我傻呢 是吧

this is the money they give dead people.这是给死人用的纸钱 Wei Fan's partner/范伟同伙: you're not taking this seriously! 严肃点 严肃点

no laughing!this is a robbery! 不许笑 我们这打劫呢


Wei Fan/范伟: you think this is a funny? 就你觉得这个事有意思吗?

you know what this is? 那你认识这个是什么吗?(对旁边女乘客)

Policewomen/女警察:an axe.斧子

Wei Fan/范伟 :waist 腰 your w-w-waist 腰 腰 腰

what are you hiding there? 腰藏着什么?

Policewomen/女警察 :nothing 没什么。

feel for yourself. 不信你摸

Wei Fan/范伟: you'll let me feel you ? 你让我摸的啊

Policewomen/女警察: feel something? 摸到了吗

what is it? 什么呀

Wei Fan's partner/范伟同伙:what is it? 什么呀

tell me if you feel any thing. 摸着什么了你说话呀

Wei Fan/范伟 :g-g-gun! 枪

Policewomen/女警察: freeze! police!(对这范伟俩) 不许动 警察。

also you two(刘两),,,, 还有你们俩,,,

I follow you for a long time我跟踪你们很久了!

Policewomen/女警察:you (黎叔手下),,,,,, 你,,,

Uncle Li's follower/黎叔手下:I don`t have robbed,I`m a common person. 我没打劫,我好人啦!

Policewomen/女警察:Are you common? 你好人?

Stands up! Another thing for you. 给我站起来,有别的事找你。

Uncle Li's follower/黎叔手下:you are wrong,I `m undeserved. 你们搞错了,我冤枉啦!

Policewomen/女警察:You(黎叔),,,,, 你

Uncle Li/黎叔:I`m carelessness,there are some ambushers.This is mantis catching cicada, oriole in the post.

我大意了,原来还有伏兵。 真是螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后。 Policewomen/女警察:Frankly ! stand well!Stand a good team!老实点!给我站好喽!排好队!

go go !走……走……(离场)

Train Radio (background radio)/列车广播(背景广播):

visitors !旅客朋友们!

Now we play for a good news现在给大家播放一则好消息,

just police arrested three gang thief once 刚刚列车警察一举抓获


Applause for the dear police向我们尊敬的警察同志们鼓掌。

remind everbody again:car safety!Protects your Belongings and

Baggages 再次提醒大家乘车注意安全,看管好您的财物箱包,

I wish you a pleasant journey!祝您旅途愉快!