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Regard…highly 看重

Firmly 坚定的

In contrast=on the contrary 相反

Well -rounded 发展全面的

Comprehensive quality 综合素质

Extra -curriculum 课外活动

In these days, people regard sports and social activities more highly than the past. These outdoor activities even have become a part of person evaluation. Whereas, many critics and pseudo-critics still firmly hold that universities and colleges should give the academic classes more financial support. While, in contrast, I sustain that extracurricular activities should have the same financial support as academic classes.

First and foremost, equal financial funding could help universities cultivate their ideal students. Recently, the student which high academic institute want to cultivate are well-rounded person who not only has outstanding grades of tests also has good experience of extra-curriculum activities and good characteristic. While to give equal financial support, the sports and social activities in the university would be developed, and this would result in more and more students join these activities and benefit from this. For example, once the principal of my high school has said, social education notion is advanced, nowadays, students shouldn’t only be good at grades, they should also have comprehensive quality, he has given much financial funding in the last few years to the extra-curriculum activities of school to make students be more well-rounded, and the result is just like what he wanted. Thus, you could see, giving the equal funding could help schools to cultivate the really valuable students.

What’s more, the beneficial facility and policy which the same funding has resulted could attract more good students. Many students, especially good students these days have their habits, so, and the good funding of the

extra-curriculum activity would be very helpful to them. Therefore, if the university or the college could have the equal support to the extra activities, they would be more dominant to raise good students. For example, one of my cousin, Susan. She is really an outstanding student who could choose university rather than be chosen by the university. She really like playing piano, so one of the important factors of choose is the financial support of the extra activities. She has told me that, she really wanted to study in a university which could help her have more opportunities to get advanced in the piano playing. I mean, she may a presentative of the good students, and if so, the same financial support could help the university a lot.

In conclusion, sports and social activities should have the same financial support as the academic classes do. Owing to the limitation of room, I am unable to give more examples but I believe that the two causes mentioned above have already proven the validity of my viewpoint.