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1. Some students scribble and litter casually, making our environment from bad to worse. ----朱文泽16班

2. Walking along the school road, I always see some students throw rubbish around. What’s more, some even scribble on the wall, which I can’t put up with. Their behavior damages our school ’s image as well as set up a bad example to others. ---孙婷 8班

3. I’m writing to tell you that there are some students who like to scribble and litter around regardless of our school rules.

4. The more serious is that the students have made it a rule to litter everywhere, both of which cause great damage to the environment of our school.

----黄小秦 16班

5. With the joint efforts of both teachers and students, our school will become a more enjoyable place in near future.

6. As we all know, a civilized campus can not only help students to concentrate on their study, but also helps us to create a comfortable atmosphere. ---26班 孙铄

7. Effective measures should be taken immediately to punish the students who scribble and litter on the campus, and more strict rules should be made, too.

---8班 李璇

8. Last but not least, I want to put forward some advice that may make a


---19 班 张越

9. Hard as it might be, we should spare no efforts to forbid the behavior.

----26班 付帅泽

10. Thank you for your consideration. 如能考虑,感激不尽。


June 8, 2011

Dear Mr. Headmaster,

I am Li Yue, a student from class I, Senior II. Nowadays, some students

scribble casually and litter everywhere, which is obviously harmful to the beauty of our campus. Feeling angry about the immoral phenomenon, I’m writing to ask you to pay more attention to this issue.

It goes without saying that we high school students should form the habit of protecting our campus from pollution, for we can’t emphasize the

significance of protecting the environment too much. As a result, those students are to blame for what they did.

Last but not least, I want to put forward some advice that may make a

difference. For one thing, we can put up some signs to remind the students of protecting the environment. For another, lectures should be given to raise the public awareness.

Thank you for your consideration.


Li Yue



The summer camp is to be held at West Lake Middle School located in California, lasting 20 days from August 1st to 20th . ----7 班 周至豪


It goes without saying that talking face to face with American students is a good chance to improve your English skills and broaden your horizons. What’s more, it will also lay a solid foundation to your further English study. ----- 17班 宋林

It ’s of great significance for us to seize the precious opportunity to expand our scopes of knowledge and develop our social skills. -------- 26班宿小雨 结尾:

As far as I am concerned, this summer camp will leave you a deep impression, which can be your great memory in your life. ------- 7班 李婷

Anyone who is interested in it can sign up on Friday afternoon.

-----18班 吕双全

So precious is the chance that on no account can you miss it.

----- -18班 房艺

All in all, I’m convinced that the activity will be of great benefit to enhancing your oral skills and broadening your horizons, which you can’t afford to miss.



Attention, please. Here is wonderful news to you.

A summer camp organized by our school will be held during the summer vacation. For the purpose of enhancing friendship with American students, we are expecting you to participate. Detailed information is as follows.

We are heading to the Westlake Middle School in California. The camp will last 20days from August 1st to 20th, during which time we can enjoy the different life there. First of all, we together with local students will learn in the same classroom. Chances are also provided to communicate with them and visit the camps, making it possible for us to have a better understanding of American culture. Besides, host families are available to us to live in. Exposed to an entire English environment, we are definitely to improve our English swiftly and expand our scope of knowledge in the meanwhile.

Whoever is interested in the activity, don’t hesitate to sign u p for it on Friday afternoon.

That’s all. Thank you.

-------- 10班 孔翔龙

1) I ’m writing in response to the information you’ve put on the Internet, saying that a tour guide is needed for your travel to Shandong.

2) With the Confucius Institute set up in Qufu, the city with a long history has

witnessed how Chinese culture became greater and greater.

3) If I should be your guide, I’d love to lead you to climb Mount Tai, watching the attractive and fascinating scenery on the top.-

4)Long distance as Jinan is to Qufu, your tiredness will be washed away by the fascinating forests there.-

5) Happiness flooded in every corner of my heart when I read your plan about a trip in Shandong.

6) Taking account of the fact that it was Confucius’ hometown, I am fully convinced that the visit will impress me so much.

Dear Stephen,

I’m LiHua, a student from Shandong Province. I’m glad to know that you have an interest in my hometown and I’d like to be your guide during your visit to Shandong. First, as the hometown of Confucius, Qufu is worth paying a visit to. Secondly, it’s a good choice to climb Mount Tai, meanwhile you can appreciate articles and poets written by famous writers to express their love for Mount Tai. Lastly, we will visit the various springs in Jinan, which is Jinan famous for.

I will make efforts to make your travel unforgettable and valuable. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours, LiMing 写作佳句:


Faced with so many difficulties we can’t work out by ourselves, we can’t emphasize the importance of cooperating with others too much, which will not only be of great benefit to making our study and work more efficient, but also improve our social abilities and communication skills.

Many years of life has taught me a lot, of which the most important is cooperation. It ’s cooperation that keeps me away from troubles and makes me more efficient.

Since we live in a fast-developing society, cooperation has become more and more important, through which we can broaden our horizons and acquire what we want.

It goes without saying that cooperation plays an important role in the age of information and communication.

Although high marks are an important factor in evaluating students, the ability of cooperation should never be ignored.

That everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses makes it necessary for us to turn to others to go through the tough times.

Cooperating with others is more than a way to acquire information. It can also serve

as a perfect way for us to fit in with the society.


Our partners can be our classmates, our teachers, our parents and even strangers. Cooperating with our classmates and teachers can help us study more efficiently while cooperating with parents can lead to a happier and easier life. Cooperating with strangers when faced with an emergency would have marvelous power.


Getting along well with partners can build a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, making the cooperation more efficient.

Armed with rich knowledge and a strong will to help others, we ’ll be a popular cooperator.

It ’s patience and tolerance that count a lot in cooperation.


Good afternoon, everyone!

The topic of my speech today is “Cooperate with others”.

As we know, cooperation plays a more and more important part in our life with the development of modern society and the irresistible trend of globalization. It is a kind of teamwork which can give us a chance to share our experience, learn new things from teammates and then stir up the potential of all partners to reach the goals. In this process, we tend to cooperate with those who have an advantage over us in one aspect but are weaker than us in another. Working together with them, we can get real mutual benefit and become more competitive in the changeable society.

What’s more, respect and trust are two significant factors in cooperating. Only if we respect others’ feeling and put enough trust in our cooperation can we work more efficiently.

That’s all. Thank you. --------15班 高子钧

Good afternoon, everyone!

The topic of my speech today is “Cooperate with others”.

As is known to us, cooperating with others plays an important role in our daily life and study. If we want to accomplish our work efficiently, we must learn to cooperate with others. Cooperation can save us a lot of time and energy. Besides, we can learn much from our partners by cooperating with them.

When we cooperate with someone we like, we will feel happy. We can share our pleasure and sadness with him. But it challenges us to get along with others to cooperate with someone we dislike. What’s more, we should focu s on our work, instead of our partners. Perhaps in working together with him for a long time, we’ll find out that he is a man to get along well with.

How can we become a good partner? In my opinion, we should try to listen to others. If they make mistakes, we also try to point them out. Als o, we mustn’t embarrass others to make them in unfavorable position.

Thank you for your listening/attention! --------参考例文


1. What counts is that we should be on good terms with our classmates, which

contributes to a harmonious atmosphere and help you study in a good mood.

2. Last but not least, despite the fact that time is valuable, we should participate in clubs after school, which makes us relaxed and lets us study in a happy mood next day.

3. Nothing in the world can ease us so much as taking an active part in school activities, which are of great benefit to broadening our horizons and enhancing our social abilities.

4. We can’t emphasize the importance of getting good grades too much, but there is also no doubt that living a happy life if of great significance. Therefore, it’s vital to keep a good balance between study and our life.

5. Less important though/as relationships seem to be than grades, they can be beneficial to us in our future life.

6. Many students complain that life is tough during the senior high school. There is no denying that it’s true, but if we can arrange our study and life properly, we can lead a more relaxing life.

7. Faced with the pressure in study and limited sleeping time, we have to make sure that we are energetic enough to deal with problems we meet in our school life.

8. Only if we put ourselves in each other’s position can we have a better understanding of each other’s feelings.