Medicine safety(药品安全写作)
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Medicine safety counts a lot for human beings

Even if human beings exist as a kind of advanced species, everybody may be sick in their daily life more or less. In order to feel better soon, many patients would like to follow their doctors’ advice and take medicines. Actually sometimes medicines play a very important role in our life, especially when epidemic disease emerges. But medicine safety always confuses people. We will feel dreadful once there is a report about the poisonous medicines.

To guarantee the security of medicines, State Food and Drug Administration should be responsible for it. The government needs to check all iatric productions when they will be promoted to the market. And they also should take actions to prevent some factories from producing poisonous medicines. Moreover, drugstore and hospital should purchase the medicines via legal channels. If thedealers do not have eligiblecertification for their medical productions, hospital should refuse to use it. In addition, it is a better choice for patients to be undergoing treatment in regular hospital instead of unknown clinic.

Drugs are related to human life and health security. We need to pay more attentions on the safety of medicines. Governments’ supervision and administration will reduce the amount of poisonous drugs in our markets. To make sure that we can get effective treatment, using medicines by legal approach is of great importance.