A Big Heart for Life 一个大的心生活
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I will never forget that moment when I was pressing the buttons on the phone .I was entering a hot line to find out my results in the final examination of junior school. I remember having a hopeful but anxious feeling in my stomach. Kill or cure? The big moment had come. On hearing the voice say "Congratulations! You come top in the exam." I cheered up.”You make it!" I just smiled a big smile to myself. The success really encouraged me a lot.


There is no doubt that for the youth the Internet is an important tool for study. Nothing can be compared with its convenient operation, high speed and varied information resources. As long as you click what you need, you’ll get a large number of information picked out in such a short time. Besides outputting the information, at the same time, yon can input your own works and send them to the Internet. In this way you can have more opportunities to share the tremendous spiritual excitement with the ones who have common goals. By comparison, the youth prefer to spend the long and friendless evenings in front of the computer—it seers to be the only form of entertainment. They have a variety of experiences: from the chat to the love online from the network game to the network crime. Perhaps they have led the cultural trend of the network, and they are the spreader of the Internet culture.毫无疑问,对于青年网络研究的一个重要工具。没有可以相比,其操作方便、高速度和多种多样的信息资源。只要你点击你需要的东西,你会得到大量的信息挑选出在这么短的时间内。除了输出的信息,与此同时,你可以输入你自己的作品,送他们到互联网。这样你可以有更多的机会来分享巨大的精神兴奋与有共同目标的人。相比之下,年轻人更愿意花前的漫长而寂寞的夜晚不想预言家是唯一的娱乐形式。他们有各种各样的经历:从聊天到爱在线从网络游戏到网络犯罪。也许他们已经导致的文化趋势网络,网络文化的扩张器。精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

The old, however, sometimes imagine .the Internet to be a sort of place full of mystery. They often failed to understand how the ‘net’ works. One thing is certain, however, they always go into raptures at the mere mention the Internet. They are forever talking