My heart will go on 爱无止境
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My heart will go on 爱无止境 Every night in my dreams 每一个夜晚,在我的梦里 I see you, I feel you 我看见你,我感觉到你 that is how I know you go on 我懂得你的心 far across the distance 跨越我们心灵的空间 and the spaces between us 你向我显现你的来临 you have come to show you go on 无论你如何远离我 我相信我心已相随 你融入我的心灵 与你相随 ** love can touch us one time 爱每时每刻在触摸我们 and last for a lifetime 为着生命最后的时刻 and never let go till we've gone 不愿失去,直到永远 love was when I loved you 爱就是当我爱着你时的感觉 one true time I hold to 我牢牢把握住那真实的一刻 in my life we'll always go on 在我的生命里,爱无止境

You're here there is nothing I fear 你就在我身旁,以至我全无畏惧 and I know that my heart will go on 我知道我心与你相依 we'll stay forever this way 我们永远相携而行 you are safe in my heart 在我心中你安然无恙 and my heart will go on and on我心属于你,爱无止境