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I am a middle school student. In my opinion, it is very important to protect environment . on . we must turn off the lights and water taps when we don’t need them. We also need to recycle and reuse some things .Don’t waste things . We ’ d better not use plastic bags . (文明旅游Finally , We must plant more trees .I hope our world is more and more beautiful .

Good environment (low-carbon life)is good for everyone . We should try our best to protect environment .



2、光盘行动,文明用餐 节俭惜福,反对浪费 Save Food and Eat Healthily

To save food, we shouldn’t waste any of our food. We should eat up all the food. We shouldn’t order the food more than we can eat, because many people in the world don’t have enough food. To eat healthily, we should eat healthy food , we ’d better not eat junk food. Also, we must eat a balanced diet. We’d better not eat in small restaurants. The food and the oil they use are not healthy enough. If we have time ,we ’d better eat at school or at home. Saving food is very important for us . We should try our best to save food .


3、(怎样保持健康How to keep healthy)

I am a middle school student. In my opinion, it is very important to keep healthy . I think we have many good ways to keep healthy . First, we must have a balanced diet . We should eat more vegetables and fruit , and we’d better eat less meat. We can’t eat junk food . Second , we should do more exercise every day . For example , we can take a walk, play basketball and so on. Third, we should keep happy , we can make some good friends(交一些好朋友). Don’t stay up too late(不要熬夜太晚), we must have enough time to sleep. We should try our best to keep healthy .

4、 My Summer Vacation(我的暑假, 打算做什么)

My summer vacation is the best time of the year. There is no school for two months ,and I can do what I want. With no tests and no homework, I'm as free as a bird. I can do many things during the summer vacation. I relax by reading books and watching TV . I also play basketball with my friends . Sometimes I travel with my family. However, I don't only play in summer. I spend my free time to learning more. This summer I may study computers or English. How about you?

我的暑假是一年中最好的时光。两个月不用去学校,并且我可以做我想做的事。没有考试、没有作业,我自由地像只小鸟。暑假期间,我可以做很多事。我通过阅读与看电视放松。我也与朋友打篮球。有时我与家人一起去旅游。然而,暑假期间,我并不只是游玩。我充分利用闲暇时间去学习更多。这个暑假,我可能会学习计算机或英语。 你呢?

5、回顾初中三年成长过程,你一定有很多感受,从学习, 生活,爱好等方面作出自我评价 ( 毕业 回顾评价)

I have studied in middle school for three years. I have learned a lot. I have changed a lot. I have learned not only lots of knowledges, (爱好). I like PE。 I like sports. I often play basketball, football and ping- pong with my friends. Basketball is my favorite(最爱). I am good at English and Chinese. But my math is a little weak(弱). I think I will try my best to learn them well.

我在中学已经学习了3年. 我学到了很多。我改变很大。我不仅学到许多知识,而且学到怎样与他人相处。

6. 与父母相处的话题 假如你是Han Mei, 下面是一封你的笔友Alice 给你发来的e-mail, 请你根据e-mail 的内容给她写一封回信,与她交流看法,并帮她排忧解难。

Dear Han Mei,

I'm afraid I've got a big problem recently. My mother talks too much to me. She always tells me, "Be careful while crossing the street." "Put on more clothes." "Did you do a good job at school?" and so on. I'm annoyed(烦恼) 。What shall I do? (翻译:我恐怕我最近有一个大问题。我的妈妈对我说得太多…… )


回信例文 Dear Alice, (这里是回信,以第二人称写you should…。如果不是回信,以第一人称写we should…。)

As a student, I met the same problem as you. But now I can get along well with my mother. Don’t worry. Here are some ideas for you. Your mother talks much, because she cares about you. Maybe it's not a good way, but it shows your mother's love. So I think you should listen to her. If your opinions are different from your mother's, you can communicate with her, and tell her what you are thinking about. If your mother doesn't take your advice, just keep silent and give her a smile. I hope what I say can help you .

作为学生,我遇到和你同样的问题。但是现在我能与我的妈妈相处很好了。别担心,下面是 Yours 给你一些主意。你的妈妈说得多,因为她关心你。也许这不是一个好方式,但那显示着你母亲的 Han Mei 爱。因此我认为你应该听她说。如果你的观点与你妈妈的不同,你可以与她交流,并且告诉她你的


7、怎样学英语?How to learn English ?

I like English very much. I started learning English when I was 12 years old. How did I learn English ? Now let me tell you. There are four ways to learn English: listening, speaking, reading and writing. First, we should do lots of listening practice, such as listening to tapes , English songs and so on . Second, we should try to talk with others in English. We can join an English club. Third, we can read English loudly every day . Finally, we should often practice writing skills.

8. 你在求学中遇到过很多好老师,你最喜欢哪位呢?以The Teacher I Like Best为题,

Of all my teachers, I love Miss Li best. She taught us English. She is tall. She has long straight hair. She often wears white clothes. And she wears glasses.

She had many ways of making her classes interesting and exciting. She helped us use English by doing interesting activities, such as, making surveys, playing games and so on. Miss Li was a strict(严格) but kind(心好) teacher. She often asked us to be on time for class , and do homework by ourselves. When we had trouble(有麻烦), she often helped us out. Thanks to(幸亏) Miss Li , I started to love English. I love Miss Li and her class.

9、以“Mary ’s Healthy life ” 为题,介绍Mary 的日常生活。(介绍你的日常生活,以第一人称I 来写。)

Mary is a student in Newbridge School. She is living a healthy life(她过着快乐的生活). She likes riding to school from Monday to Friday. She does exercise with friends every day . She often eats vegetables and fruit , she doesn’t eat junk food. She spends holidays twice a year. She wants to go hiking or travelling . When she is tired, she would like to relax herself , so she surfs in the Internet once a week . This is Mary ’s healthy life.

10、九年级的学生应该做更多的锻练。Grade 9 students should do more exercise.

In my opinion, Grade 9 students( 或用We ) should do more exercise. Exercise is very important for us .First, it is helpful for PE cxam. Second , we can relax ourselves. Doing exercise can keep healthy so that we won’t ill. we have healthy body, we can study hard. So we should exercise one or two 例如) running, playing basketball , playing ping- pong and so on.