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1 初中英语书面表达经典句子积累


1. 保护环境是我们的责任。

2. 爱护我们的环境是非常重要的。

3. 我们不应该把垃圾倒在地上。 3. We should not throw litter onto the ground.

4. 我们不应该在公共场所吐痰。 4. We should not spit in a public place.

5. 我们应该种植更多的花和树。

12. Let’s talk about how to solve these problems.

13. 当我们购物的时候应该停止使用塑料袋。

13.We should stop using plastic bags when we go shopping.

15. 我们不应该浪费食物。

15. We shouldn’t waste our food.

16. 节约用水也很重要。

16.Saving water is also important.


1. Great changes have taken place in our city in the past 10 years .

2. Our city used to be small and it wasn’t as beautiful as it is now .

3. There were only several streets in our city, but now there are so many wide streets and there are so many modern shops.

4. In the past, people lived in small , low houses . Now most of us have lived in bright flats in tall buildings.

5. People used to go out by bike or by bus , but now more and more people have their own cars .

6. There are some beautiful parks in our city . We have planted more and more flowers and trees in the city .


6. 我想我永远不会忘记这次旅行。 6. I thought I would never forget this trip.

7. 去年夏天, 我和我的父母去北京度假。

7. Last summer,my parents and I went to Beijing for our holidays.

16. 这是一个放松的好地方。

16.It is a nice place to relax.

2 17. 祝愿你有一个好的旅行

17.Wish you have a good trip


20.I’ll show you around some places of interest.


1. 保持健康是非常重要的 1. It is very important to keep healthy.

17. 我们希望以后你会变得越来越强壮和健康。

17.We hope that you will be stronger and healthier in the future。 18.If you want to be strong and healthy,you must eat more fruit and vegetables.

19. 你不应该熬夜。

19. You shouldn’t stay up.

21. 你应该通过锻炼来保持健康。

21. You should exercise to stay fit.

22. 你应该吃水果蔬菜并喝大量的水。

22. You should eat fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water.

23. 你也应该听音乐放松。

23. You should also listen to music to relax.


1. 我最喜欢的科目是英语。 1. My favorite subject is English.

2. 学英语对于我们每个人都是重要的,因为在互联网上超过四分之三的信息是英语。 2. It is important for everyone to study English because more than three quarters of the information on the Internet is in English.

8. 我希望有一天我能出国,然后我能和外国人说英语。

8. I hope I can go abroad one day, and then I can speak to foreigners in English.

9. 我喜欢英语,我会尽力学好英语。 9. I like English and try my best to learn it.


1. 在中国,最重要的节日是春节。 1. In China the most important holiday is the Spring Festival.

3. 在春节前夕,人们会吃一顿大餐。人们吃很多美食。 3. On the Spring Festival Eve people have a big dinner. They have a lot of nice food to eat.

4. 春节期间,人们有很多有意思的事情要做。

3 4. During the Spring Festival people have a lot of interesting things to do.

5. 人们拜访他们的亲戚和朋友。 5. People visit their relatives and friends.

6. 他们互相拥抱问候, 说“新年快乐”。

6. They greet each other with a hug and say, "Happy New Year".

7. 由于中国是一个大国, 人们在不同的地方以不同的方式庆祝这个节日。

7. As China is a big country, people in different places celebrate this holiday in different ways.


1. 他的名字是杰克。 1. His name is Jack.

2. 他1982年出生在伦敦。 2. He was born in London in 1982.

3. 他身高一米六八,重52公斤。 3. He is 1.68 meters tall and weighs 52 kilos.

4. 他二十岁。 4. He is 20 years old.

5. 他来自英国。 5. He comes from England.

6. 他是一个优秀的乒乓球运动员。 6. He is a good ping-pong player.

7. 他中等身材。 7. He is of medium build.

8. 他留着短发。 8. He has short hair.

9. 他是外向的。每个人都喜欢跟他说话。他与我们相处得很好。 9. He is outgoing. Every one likes to talk with him. He gets on well with us.


1. 听音乐使我们能够感觉轻松

1.Listening to music enable us to feel relaxed。

2. 我的业余爱好之一是看书。 2.One of my hobbies is reading.

3. 当我周末空闲的时候会读书。 3. I like to do some reading when I am free on Sunday.

4. 我可以在晚上上网或者看电视。

4. .I can surf the Internet or watch TV at night

4 5. 我有很多爱好,比如唱歌,阅读,打篮球等等。 5. I have a lot of hobbies like singing, reading, playing basketball and so on .

6. 我的爱好使我很放松,还能使我的生活更加丰富多彩。

6. My hobbies make me feel relaxed and make my life more colorful .


1. I am not allowed to watch TV, surf the Internet or listen to my favourite music .

2. I hope you can give me some useful advice .

3. I often stay up late doing my homework and feel sleepy in class .

4. I don’t have enough time to do my own things . .

5. Some students will tell their teachers or parents about their problems

6. I think we’d better ask our teachers, parents and friends for help when we are in trouble .


1. 我们可以在网上查阅资料。 1.We can search the information on internet.

2. 现在的年轻人在网上购物 交友越来越流行了。 2.It is getting more and more popular to shop and make friends online for the young people nowadays.

3. 我认为这非常方便,能帮我们节省很多时间和钱。 3.It is convenient and it can save us much time and money.

4. 这使得我的父母非常生气。

4.This made my parents very angry.


1. There are many flowers in my school , it looks like a beautiful garden .

2. I hope our school can have a big library and it has a lot of nice book or magazines in it .

3. I hope our school can organize more after-class activities , and we can have more time for sports, art or music.

4. I suggest our school should have fewer exams .

5. I hope our teachers will be our friends and make our class more lively , then we will be more interested in studying .


1. Many parents allow their children to use mobile phones .

2. The mobile phones play an important part in our daily life.

5 3. They also have a bad influence on us .

4. They think it is bad for students to bring a mobile phone. Because the students will use mobile phones

to play games, sent messages, watch movies, etc .


1. My parents don’t think it is necessary for me to spend much time on my hobbies.

2. They think spending time on hobbies will have a bad influence on my study .


1. He is tall and strong, he always has short hair , he likes wearing white T-shirt .

2. He is helpful (generous\ kind \ confident \ creative \ organized…)

3. He has many hobbies, like swimming ….

4. He is always willing to help others .



1、I feel sad about it.


In my opinion,when in trouble,wo should ask our teachers,parents or classmates for help.

3. 你可以和你的朋友分享你所有的快乐和悲伤。 3.You can share your everything including happiness and sadness with your friens.

4. 听说您生病我很难过。 4.I am sorry to hear that you are ill.

5. 期盼收到你的来信。 5.I am looking forward to hearing from you.

6. 时光飞逝。 6.How time flies!

7. 我祝你将来有一个健康快乐的生活。 7. I wish you a healthy and happy life in the future!

8. 看上去你很担心在那里的生活。 8. It seems you are worried about living there.

9. 你愈努力,你愈进步。

9.The harder you work, the more progress you make。


1. 一方面。。。另一方面。。。(用在两方面时)

1.On one hand,…..On the other hand…

2. 首先……第二……第三……最后……(用在多个方面时)

First of all,…..Secondly….Thirdly….Finally……

6 3.我认为, 3.In my opinion,

4. 事实上, 4.In fact

5. 当然, 5.Of course,

6然而, 6. However,

7. 最为重要的是, 7.Most important of all,

8. 总之, 8. All in all,

9. 这幅图画展示的是……

9.The pictures show us that……

10. 从这个图表中我们可以看到很多重要的变化。

10. We can find many important changes from this graph.


4. 我认为中国的父母对他们的孩子太严格了。 4.In my opinion,Chinese parements are too strict with their children

5. 记住要遵守交通规则。 5.Remember to obey traffic rules.

6. 作为一个学生,我们应该举止文明。 6.As a student,we should behave well.

9. 希望有一天我的梦想能够成真。

9.I hope my dream can come true one day. 名言警句

01. Practice makes perfect.熟能生巧.

02. Time is money.时间就是金钱

06. Knowledge is power.知识就是力量

10. No pains, no gains.不劳无获

20. Time and tide wait for no man. 时间不等人