The Sound of Music 音乐之声简介
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Maria is a sister in Salzburg Convent, she always gets into trouble because of her character that is lively and active. Dean mother thought she was not fit to be a sister, so she decided to send Maria to Captain Von Trapp’s home and made her find the real goal of life.

When Maria arrived at captain’s home, she found captain was strict with his seven children. And she also knew why all teachers leaved. Because children made fun of them in order to attract their father’s attraction.

However , captain demanded Maria teach them in his way. But Maria didn’t follow him .Gradually her gentle and kind-hearted won children’s friendly.

Later , captain left home. During the time, Maria played with children and taught them to sing. Children also became happier than ever before. When captain came back, he invited uncle mike and his girlfriend. Children played puppetry for them. Captain found music came back his home again and was infected by Maria.

Several days later, captain hold a ball. When captain and Maria danced together, their love was obviously. Baroness saw this and she said Maria should go back to convent. So Maria left.

After Maria left, all things changed. Children wanted Maria can come back, so they went to convent to meet Maria. But Maria didn’t appear. Dean mother told Maria she should be brave and face her feeling. When Maria came back, she and captain expressed their love to each other. And they got married immediately. Unfortunately, when they finished their honeymoon to come back home, captain received a letter that said he must register to Nazi’s navy. Captain hated Nazi’s behavior , so he decided to leave Australia with his family. When they left home, Nazi stopped them. So captain told them they were rushing to Salzburg Festival. With Nazi company, they played Edelweiss and infected all people. After the show, they escaped when people awarded. Under the help of convent, they escaped Nazi. In the end, they returned Alps and left Austria

见习修女玛丽亚是个性格开朗,热情奔放的姑娘。她爱唱歌跳舞,还十分喜爱大自然的清新宁静。但是修道院院长觉得玛丽亚不适应这种与尘寰隔绝的生活,于是她来到萨尔茨堡当上了前奥地利帝国海军退役军官冯. 特拉普家7个孩子的家庭教师。在此期间,玛丽亚她关心孩子们在成长过程中的所作所为,很快就成了他们的知心朋友,建立了深厚的感情。爱与追求是通向和谐幸福之路。作者同时也指出, 玛利亚是以简·爱为代表的西方新女性形象的继续和延伸。