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Writing Vocabulary

Level 1

获得:obtain; gain; acquire, achieve, have access to

拥有:have, own, possess, with, occupy, account for

缺乏:shortage/deficiency/lack/go without/impoverish/deprive/ 足够、充足:enough, adequate, sufficient, ample, abundant, abound, 使得、促进、导致:make, enable, cause, lead to, result in, contribute to, speed up, give rise to, bring about, induce, promote, spur, stimulate, arouse, spark, prompt

帮助:help, aid, assist, facilitate, give a hand to, be a contributing factor to

利用:use, utilize, exploit, take advantage of, make use of , make the most of, exercise, employ, draw on, exert ,

能够:can, be able to, be capable of, be equal to, skilled, talented , gifted, professional, proficient, adept, expert

提供:give, offer, provide, supply, afford, confer on

尝试、努力、奋斗:try, attempt, seek, struggle, strive, endeavor, go for sth, have a go, make great efforts to do, spare no pains 执行:do, conduct , carry out, implement, undertake

需要:want, need, desire, require, be eager for, long for, crave, fancy 认为:think, assume, hold, maintain, argue, claim, deem, reckon, As far as I am concerned, From my perspective

考虑到:take …into account/consideration; when it comes to..; concerning; in light of; considering; seeing that

关注:focus; pay attention to; concentrate on; highlight; attract/capture/catch/draw one’s attention; deflect/distract/divert one ’s attention; concentrate/confine/focus one ’s attention; shift/transfer one’s attention onto

越来越多:more and more; be on a rise; increasingly; a(n) growing/increasing/expanding number of; the number of. …is growing/increasing

积极的、正面的:positive; optimistic; beneficial; profitable; effective; constructive; superior

消极的、负面的:negative; pessimistic; damaging; harmful; deteriorating; inferior

主要的、次要的:main; basic; leading; chief; essential; fundamental; foremost; elementary/ secondary; alternative; substitute; inessential; auxiliary; subordinate; inferior; lesser

可能的:possible; likely; probable; conceivable; doubtless; presumable; there is a good chance that; chances are that…

坚持、放弃:uphold; persist in; adhere to; insist on; stick to; persevere ; keep at; keep on/give up; abandon; desert; give in; surrender; concede; relinquish; waive; cede; renounce ; abdicate 阻止:stop; prevent; keep from[protect…from …]; prohibit; ban; bar;

forbid; avert; preclude; veto; disallow; thwart

区分:differ; distinguish…from; differentiate; tell…from …

源于:originate from; stem from; derive from; result from; date from

奉献:devote; dedicate; sacrifice; selfless; unselfish; generous;

Level 2

人们:people; individuals; citizen; advocate; opponent

我认为:I think; in my view/opinion; as far as I am concerned; as to me; from my perspective; personally

观点:opinion; view; idea; position; assumption

话题、问题、现象:issue; problem; concern; phenomenon; dispute 出现:appear; arise; emerge

领域:area; range; field; domain; sphere; realm

肯定、支持、赞同、怀疑、否认、反对:affirm; support; stand by; back; plunk for; agree; approve of; suspect; doubt; cast doubt on; distrust; deny; oppose; disapprove; disagree; object to; rebuke 中立:[neutral, nonaligned, adiaphorous, crossbench, absolute, opinionated, dogmatical, arbitrary, artificial]


Development: progress; progression; advancement; improvement;

growth; develop: improve; promote; enhance; strengthen; upgrade; boost; reinforce

重要、重视:important; significant; essential; critical; crucial; vital; pivotal; highlight; emphasize; put/place much emphasis upon; focus on; attach importance to; give priority to

忽视、轻视:ignore; neglect; overlook; turn a blind eye to; be blind to; turn a deaf ear to; disregard;

超过:outweigh; prevail over; exceed; excel; surpass; outnumber; excess; outstrip

加速:speed up; accelerate; quicken; hasten; expedite;

追赶、同步、落后:catch up with; keep pace with; keep up with; fall behind; lag behind; backward; drop behind; draggle

让步妥协:give way to; give in; concede; compromise; come to terms; split the difference; temporize

原因、归因于:reason; cause; factor; contributor; trigger; give rise to; attribute to; owe to; ascribe to

结果、后果:bring about; as a result; as a consequence; aftermath 作用:play a….role in; exert a…part in; perform a …function in

影响:make a difference; affect; influence; disturb; bother; have a …effect; exert a…influence on; exercise a…impact on

缓解:relieve; ease; alleviate;

限制:limit; restrict; restrain; constrain; confine; curb; suppress

承受:bear; stand; endure; put up with; tolerate; be burdened with; 实施:carry out; implement; conduct; perform;

适应:adapt to; adjust to; accommodate to; agree with

寻求:look for; find; seek; search; pursue; go after; hunt; explore 应该:should; be supposed to; it is one’s responsibility to do; it is necessary for…to do; …..is required to be done

优缺点:advantage; merit; virtue; benefit; upside; strength/ Disadvantage; demerit; defect; drawback; downside; weakness

解决、处理:solve; resolve; dispose of; fix; handle; deal with; cope with; tackle; address; combat

干涉:interfere with

消除:get rid of; remove; eliminate; wipe off; wipe out; delete; 障碍:barrier; obstacle; roadblock; hurdle; obstruction

依赖:depend on; rely on; reliance on; count on; be determined by; be dependent on; rest on; hinge on;

损害、破坏:destroy; damage; ruin; devastate; demolish; do harm to; diminish; dismantle; reduce…to ashes/bubble

威胁:pose threat to; risk; endanger; hazard; imperil

有益:helpful; constructive; advantageous; worthwhile;

be good/beneficial/profitable to; contribute to

关于:about; in terms of; concerning; regarding; involving; as to; with regard to; with respect to; when it comes to; relating to;

related to

采取措施、方法:take action; adopt; measure; undertake; approach; carry out initiative; implement policy

改变、变化:change; transform; alter; switch; shift; convert; 建立:build up; establish; construct; erect; set..up; put..up 设施、设备:equipment; device; facilities

能力:ability; capability; capacity

效果、效率:effective; efficient

合适的:be cut out for/to be; appropriate; suitable; fitting; apt 合理的:reasonable; justified; fair; equitable; acceptable; Even-handed

可行的:feasible; practical; viable; realistic; workable; achievable; attainable

强烈的,紧张的:tense; intense; fierce; stressed; strained; constrained; under pressure; uptight

特别的:particular; special; extraordinary; specific


Level 3





不可避免的:inevitable 不可或缺的:indispensible