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From Plato to Confucius, from Bacon to Nietzsche, different people hold differing / varying views.

In recent decades, its practical function, namely, a way for students to find better employment, has been increasingly emphasized by the general public.

It is certainly true that the university should give its attendants an advantage when they hunt for a job

far from

It is far from danger.

free from They are free from punishment. The machine is out of control. She failed to complete it. fail to do



now, especially in China, paying more attention to the employment issue of its graduates by the university can be well-justified. fair=justified

The main aim of university education is, or should be, career-oriented.

The friendship between us was, is and will be forever.

Despite its contribution to students ’ employment, university education has more benefits to offer to both individuals and the society as a whole.

In many senses

In many dimensions

From many perspectives

Shape correct attitudes and values Develop rights and wrongs Mould Goods and evils

The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others.

This is the basic architecture of a life; the rest is ornamentation and decoration of the structure.

make a productive member in the society

make a law-abiding citizen

What a university should mainly focus on is the so-called personality education, which would benefit its

finding a job to

support their families, but also what lies behind a job – happiness.

Technology not only brings people more conveniences, but it may be beneficial for business, as well.

What should not be neglect ed / ignore d is its role in developing the

personal morality of the students,

are skillful but

play a role in

play an increasingly essential role in ….

have an increasingly essential role to play in….

top priority should be given to….

I firmly believe that university has more than one role to play, and its very first priority is not to train skillful professionals and guarantee

them better-paid work which can be provided by some vocational colleges, but to benefit individuals and society in a much wider sphere .

in a much wider sphere .

In a wider range

To a much larger extent

co-ed school single-sex school

theory theoretical

practice practical


common sense=horse sense

Inevitably, some things and subjects that are considered to be less important must be left out.

Teachers should be considered as a designer, a helper, an organizer as well as an actor / performer instead

of a leader in the modern classroom.

The education system becomes too focused on academic subjects, leaving our children without key practical skills.

University education offer less and less important career-oriented courses to students, leaving their graduates unemployed.

argue = make an argument that

Many people argue that schools should focus on teaching academic

subjects whilst more practical, non-academic ones should be learnt outside schools, especially in the home from parents.

enough=(in)adequate=(in)sufficient Many parents do not have sufficient practical skills themselves, therefore, they cannot automatically be expected to pass these skills on to their children.


Clear-cut answers to the question have hardly been found so far.

division between academic subjects and practical skills.

For instance, the ability to make a presentation is an interpersonal skill that is useful both in the academic world and in the workplace.

The ability to manage household finances is a practical skill that uses an academic knowledge subject like mathematics.

Sb should be encouraged to raise the awareness of …. in order to…. Be imposed to do


Be exposed to

Be surrounded by

It should be noted that free time activities such as playing sports, listening to music and watching TV can help children learn about practical matters.

Discourage In detail=Specifically, team sports encourage children to cooperate. Listening to music can inspire children to learn to play musical instruments. Many TV programmes teach people about real life and help them to develop

practical skills, such as cooking and how to deal with money.

develop / tap one’s potential hidden

pose a risk to

pose a danger to

pose a threat to

pose an obstacle to

The main reason why … lies in the fact that…

The most obvious advantage lies in the fact that it allows teachers to employ different pedagogic strategies suited to the particular group of pupils.


Tend to

Be more likely to do

Be inclined to do

Be prone to do

For the more intelligent who

have a quicker mind and a stronger knowledge thirsty intention, teachers or tutors can include something more difficult or

Catering industry

Meet people ’s basic needs for their daily life

Be rich in

Be abundant in

Be excellent at/in

Be poor in For some other students who are not that intelligent may be slow at learning or acquiring new knowledge or skills, a correspondingly suitable teaching strategy highly desirable.

In this case, the separate teaching scheme is generally good for both groups of students, since teachers can then design different courses and teaching methods catering for their special demands.

Those who are in support of …. may

argue that….

Those who are opposed to …. may argue that….

reject/ object to /refuse / oppose react


Those who are in support of integration teaching may argue that separating one from another is a violation of individual rights and that everyone, whether smart or dull, should be treated equally. inequality


than before

than previously

prior to…

The less intelligent students can be allowed to choose some advanced courses originally designed for those smarter students, and vice versa. prefer to do=have a preference for choose to do

opt for doing

have no choice but to do

take sth for granted

no wonder that…

take advantage of…

It is not so bad to separate students and nurture them individually that the authorities should take into consideration their pupils ’ own preference as to being in or out of one particular group, thus, the benefits of this system can be maximized.

The benefits should be maximized The drawbacks should be minimized The effects can be optimized.

The benefits should be maximized. The drawbacks should be minimized.

The effectiveness and efficiency can be optimized.

financial burden to a certain extent and it is argued that students ’ motivation would be highly strengthened since they have paid a large amount of fees to obtain the access.

have / get / obtain / gain access to… The downsides should not be neglected.

The economically disadvantaged groups, such as children of impoverished farmers in remote rural areas and laid-off workers in cities, may be put at an extreme disadvantage should be assured of an

equal chance to access the university education by the government. What is more, it is also a scheme to reduce the disparities between the two classes so as to enhance the social harmony.


Opponents may refute this on the basis that the government budget is never unlimited.

The limited budget should be prioritise d and education of people should be the first priority.

The government loan allows the students, the impoverished ones in particular, to go on with their further education in university regardless of their economic status.

Social status

Social role


Take / assume responsibility = obligation

= commitment

Nature and nurture

Idea ideal

Pleasure pressure

The government does not shoulder too much financial burden beyond its capacities .

I am in support of this strategy.

The Internet is developing at a surprising speed and is changing the whole way of our life and education. Discipline

There is no denying that the Internet plays an important role in the domain of education but, as far as I am concerned, it is far from enough to ensure an education as comprehensive and wholesome as

schools do.

Admittedly, the Internet is doomed to play an inevitable role in children ’s education.

If a student cannot explore the virtual world by using IE or Firefox, etc., he or she will be in danger of being kept from what is going on in the world.

that they can browse for more detailed information about the subjects discussed in class, gaining a deeper insight into the events or experiments and acquiring a multi-dimensional understanding of the current issues, since so greatly can a variety of related information be accessed by some powerful search engines such as Google, or Baidu.

This does not automatically mean the Internet can play all the roles a school can, nor that it can take the place of school education.

School education always is, and will remain, essential for children ’s upbringing, because it is not only a platform to impart knowledge but also a stage to educate an individual about values and attitudes, rights and wrongs, goods and evils.

At school, children who are encouraged by their teachers and accompanied by their peers, can benefit in a wider range.

They are more likely to be sociable and outgoing, cooperative and


The Internet can hardly serve these functions.


Children are not mature enough to make a good judgment and their parents, always busy working and absent from home.

Overall, we can see that schools are actually necessary even in the so-called Internet Age and young students should also be encouraged to master the computer skills to

ensure a better future.

The reason for this tendency is partly because, as increasingly more research on genetics indicate these days, genes inherited from parents exert a constant, repetitive profound /far-reaching impact on their

intelligence or behaviours during the whole life of children.

Children for their first 3 to 5 years should stay with their parents for most of the time, when a series of / a wide range of / a great variety of habits, behaviours, even the values and attitudes of life are well-informed, which will definitely have a decisive influence on the future.

Serve functions to

Serve purpose to

Teachers certainly serve significant

functions in their pupils ’ development in terms of both intelligence and social skills.

Environmentally-friendly Well-paid


Brand new




Win-win situation

Most of teachers are well-trained in the related areas such as pedagogy, educational psychology, so they have

obvious advantages over parents when school subjects are concerned.

Teachers are more likely to interest children in a smarter way, prompt them to social activities and enhance their communication skills as well as cooperation spirit.

Overall, this is a question to which no clear-cut answer can be found until now. Both factors should be valued for a better development of children.

Yet we are still unable to decide whether an individual ’s personality and development are more influenced by genetic factors (nature ) or by the environment (nurture ).

It seems that the experiences we have in life are so unpredictable and

so powerful that they can boost or over-ride other influences, and there seems to be plenty of research findings to confirm this.

Instead, the traits we inherit from our parents and the situations and experiences that we encounter in life are constantly interacting. It is the interaction of the two that shapes a person’s personality and dictates how that personality develops.

Find it A to do sth / that….

Make it (im)possible to do / that….

In recent years, graduates are find ing it increasingly difficult to find an ideal job after school or university, thus youth unemployment is becoming a relatively new issue for many countries in the world.

This essay will take a close examination of the severe consequences it may lead to and put

forward some moderate proposals. One of the most immediate effects is that those jobless graduates cannot find a way to earn a living, thus unable to cover the loans which they had for their expensive education and to support their families, creating much pressure on themselves and other family

This is far from a personal or private problem, it is also a problem for the

society as a whole.

When the rate of youth unemployment rises, it may increases the chance of social instability, for the jobless young people with resent and disappointment may easily form gangs or groups to commit robbery or other more serious crimes.

It is really a thorny issue for the government to address deliberately and carefully.

The possible solutions are always

under discussion at both personal and government level.

Some people suggest that governmental allowance for the unemployed should be made a policy in order to maintain social stability as well as give them a better living.

Others think that postgraduate enrollment should be enlarged to relieve / ease the problem to a certain extent.

Live up to one’s expectations

One point I would like to make is concerning young graduates

themselves, who should be advised to lower their unrealistic expectations and embark on some seemingly more fundamental work, for example, that in the communities or rural areas, which is indeed not that “bad ”.

This may work efficiently to reduce the current unemployment rates.

The reasons for this may involve three major aspects.

Working parents spend the vast majority of their time in their offices or even work overtime at home, since they want to ensure an advantageous position in the fierce competition.

Consequently, they have little time for communication with other family members, which possibly result in the increasing alienation in the


A similar case happens to children.

To solve this problem, the crucial point is to ensure sufficient time spent together and enhance the communication between different family members.

Moreover, some traditional values about family closeness should be imparted to the younger generation whether at home or school in their early age, when it is easier to shape a correct attitude towards family.

Overall, great efforts from both parents and schools should be highly desirable to reverse the trend. tendency

Thanks to the development of communication technology, nowadays we can accomplish many of our everyday tasks without meeting each other in person, such as paying bills and buying books. In my point of view, it has both positive and negative effects for individuals as well as our society.

It is clear that fulfilling some tasks without seeing people face to face is highly efficient.

Thus, efficiency of work and life has

been both highly improved owing to the technological advances. Another problem may lie in the fact that people might become somewhat indifferent and feel isolated in the long run without meeting others face to face, since they are emotional creatures.

Overall, there exist both favorable and unfavorable effects on individuals and society if everyday tasks are performed without people meeting each other.

Personally, I am optimistic about its future and I also fully understand the necessity for both individuals and government to pay adequate attention to the safety of such dealings.

It is undeniable that, in terms of speed, cell phone and email surely beat the traditional way.

Besides, the convenience of modern communication is unparalleled.

So letter writing is still necessary even in this Internet era and sometimes unique with its physical being as against other virtual forms of communication.

Clearly, there is still a place for the hand-written letter and there is no evidence that this place will be taken

by technology in the future. As far as I am concerned, different communication ways suit different situations. None is going to disappear. The skill of writing letter would exist as long as human civilisation world.