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Strong earthquake damage so large, to show once againbrought out. In the vicinity of the epicenter, and in somecities and villages, many houses collapsed and damagedroads, telecommunications disruption, many schools andhospitals have become ruins. Human vibrant homes,Zhuanshun between appalling.

This is a natural disaster caused by difficult to avoid thetragedy, it is sad. And this kind of tragedy, and in fact the long history of human companions,Ruyingsuixing. Far not said that the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, despite the past 32 years buthas remained a matter of fear. In 1998 the major flood disaster in 2003, the atypicalpneumonia crisis, the end of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the recent tropical storm inMyanmar, have caused a large number of casualties and property losses. Human nature is nostranger to disaster, but when Wenchuan earthquake and the plain reality of the time, thenatural power of human beings before the fragile, exposed completely.

Wenchuan earthquake, the people to disaster areas has caused tremendous physical andmental suffering, but also makes the map as

a small region, the people throughout the countrythe most about the place. As a so-called human life, compatriots suffering in some of the time,the country’s grief out of the full performance. The international community has also expressedconcern about the rapid and condolences.

When a major earthquake has occurred, and aftershocks continued, the key word at thistime only a matter of fact the word save and assistance. In a sense, the assistance is also savean integral part. There is no doubt that relief has become China’s current government and thepeople most important task.

Disaster relief to save what » This seems to be without a thought. But in fact, the truemeaning of disaster relief must be clarified. The primary task of relief, when in order to savelives. Compared with the life, property loss and post-disaster reconstruction and so has beenrelatively minor, or that include the rescue of property and the seismic reflection of theproblem, should be moved back to save lives extremely important After that.

In the earthquake disaster site to direct rescue of Premier Wen Jiabao said a word, as longas both hands, will be able to rebuild their

homes - these words to the real interpretation ofthe true meaning of the disaster. In other words, this is also the Chinese government will as aprimary task of saving the idea of the source. That is only one life, not to the other ofalternative, the response must be to the fastest speed, with the GREatest efforts, even at thecost to take any means, at any cost, the disaster areas to save people’s lives.

This means that the government-led rescue system should be the focus fell on the lives ofthe rescue. With the passage of time, the number of casualties will also continue to increase.Safety of the lives of tens of thousands of people, in fact, the most severe disaster order. Aslong as there’s hope that the front line, who must rescue efforts to hundredfold, from the ruinsin search for possible survivors, from under collapsed buildings in a rescue every life.

It should be noted that not only rely on relief confidence, courage and a spirit of solidarity, butalso rely on the professional rescue teams and technical configuration. Although available fordisaster relief to everyone, but under certain conditions, relief is also a live technical,professional and strong, high-risk, large amount of labor. Can not fail to mention that Chinesesoldiers once again played a steel wall role in the relief difficult conditions, the elite combatunits in t

he affected areas to give full expression to the mighty army of glory. The youngChinese soldiers in the affected areas of the rescue scenario is indeed deeply felt the blood isthicker than water like fish and water deeply.

Will save lives as the overriding priority, also means that aid must race against time, anddeath race. Those dying in the ruins of the life, is eagerly awaited relief. Time is life, meaning,at this point has been the most vivid expression. Early into the second relief to the affectedareas, we can save a life back. In the epicenter of local traffic inconvenience or eveninterrupted the circumstances, Premier Wen Jiabao asked the rescue team is to walk as soon aspossible into the most affected areas, highlighted the earthquake relief the importance of theconcept of time.

It should also be noted that the earthquake disaster relief is not just a matter of theGovernment. As the face of ever, a major natural disaster, the government’s influence, life-saving operations, but also relies on public and non-governmental organizations surmount.Including encouraging the spirit of the people of disaster areas, material support, includingpositive and practical actions, such as blood donation, both will have a positive effect rescueoperations. Wenc

huan after the earthquake, many enterprises and individuals, has begun anemergency donation of property, to the most needed areas. Non-disaster areas the people’sblessings and encouragement, people have fully felt the warmth and firm national strength. No Valentine’s love of natural disasters. In a battle to save the lives of all people, the victorywill come after a disaster test of the Chinese nation.

强地震的破坏力如此之大,又一次淋漓尽致地呈现出来。在震中以及附近的一些城市与乡村,许多房屋倒塌,道路毁坏,电信中断,不少学校与医院成了废墟。人类生机勃勃的家园,转瞬之间惨不忍睹。 这是一场由自然灾难造成的难以躲避的悲剧,令人悲痛。而这样的悲剧,事实上与人类漫长的历史相伴,如影随形。远的不说,1976年的唐山大地震,尽管已经过去32年,但至今依然令人心有余悸。1998年的特大洪涝灾害、2003年的“非典”危机、2004年底的印度洋海啸,以及最近发生在缅甸的热带风暴,都造成了大量的人员伤亡和财产损失。人类对于自然灾难并不陌生,但是,当汶川大地震现实地摆在眼前的时候,人类在自然威力前的脆弱,显露无遗。








战在灾区的精锐部队充分体现出了威武之师的雄风。年轻的中国军人在灾区救援的情景,确实令人深切地感到了血浓于水的鱼水深情。 将拯救生命视为压倒一切的首要任务,也意味着,救援者必须争分夺秒,与死神赛跑。那些废墟里奄奄一息的生命,正在急切地等待救助。“时间就是生命”的含义,在此时也得到了最真切地体现。救援者早一秒进入受灾地区,就能早抢救出一个生命。在震中地区交通不便甚至中断的情况下,温家宝总理要求救援队伍“就是步行也要尽快进入受灾最严重的地区”,突出强调了地震救援之时间概念的重要性。