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1 8AUnit1词组 1.

have a good sense of humour 有很好的幽默感 2.

a boring magazine 一本枯燥的杂志 3.

the slimmest girl in our class 我们班上最苗条的女孩 4.

fatter and fatter 越来越胖 5.

more and more beautiful 越来越美丽 6.

keep the secret for me 为我保守这个秘密 7.

one of the most patient teachers 最有耐心的老师之一 8.

children in need 困难儿童 9.

be better at English than I 比我更擅长英语 10.

much healthier than --- 比---健康得多 11.

lose weight 减肥 12.

the taller (one )of the twins 双胞胎中较高的那个 13.

tell us funny jokes 给我们讲滑稽的笑话 14.

wear a smile on one’s face 面带微笑 15.

never say bad words about others 从不说他人的坏话 16.

be willing to do sth 愿意做某事 17.

be ready to help people any time 随时乐意帮助人 18.

never feel bored with him 和他在一起从不感到无聊 19.

knock books onto the floor 把书撞到地板上去 20.

when something worries me 当某件事使我烦恼时 21.

choose him as our monitor 选他做我们的班长 22. the six students 在六个学生中 23.

travel around the world some day 将来时某一天环游世界 24.

want to be as famous as he 想要像他那样有名 25.

be famous for his songs 因为他的歌曲而闻名 26.

a girl with a ponytail 一个扎马尾辫的女孩 27.

bright smiling eyes 炯炯有神又笑眯眯的眼睛 28.

care about her weight 在意她的体重 29.

The more she eats, the fatter she will be. 她吃得越多,她就会越胖。 30.

What ’s the height of the high building? 那座高楼的高度是多少?

2 8A Unit2词组 1.

have a weekly test on each subject 每门功课有一次周周练 2.

have fewer days off than 比----休息的天数少 3.

have a lovely time doing sth 做某事很开心 4.

have a lot of time to do sth 有很多时间做某事 5.

keep diaries in English 用英语记日记 6.

don ’t need to wear school uniforms or ties 不必穿校服和打领带 7.

my ideal school 我理想中的学校 8.

have an hour of homework 有一个小时的作业 9.

a foreign language 一门外语 10.

spend at least two hours doing homework 花至少两小时做家庭作业 11.

at most seven days 最多7天 12.

look through the questions quickly 快速浏览问题 13.

at the end of each class 在每节课结束时 14.

during my stay in Australia 在我待在澳大利亚期间 15.

offer me help= offer help to me 给我提供帮助(2) 16.

the fewest tomatoes and the least rice 最少的番茄和最少的米饭 17.

eat less and exercise more 少吃多运动(管住嘴迈开腿) 18.

choose subjects to study 选择科目学习 19.

study the fewest subjects 学的科目最少 20.

keep trying 不断尝试 21.

Time seems to go faster than usual. 22.

The number of the students in our class is bigger than that in theirs. 我们班学生的数量比他们的大 23.

Who do you plan to discuss the problem with ? 你打算和谁讨论这个问题? 24.

Our school ends earlier than usual. 我们学校放学比平时早。 25.

He came third in the race. 在赛跑中他名列第三。 26.

He is taller than the other students in his class. 他比班上其他学生高。 27.

He is taller than any other student in his class. 他比班上其他任何一个学生高。 28.

He is taller than any girl in his class. 他比班上任何一名女生高。 29.

Shanghai is bigger than any city in Jiangsu. 上海比江苏任何一个城市大。 30.

I could easily answer all the questions. 我能轻而易举地会带所有问题。 31.

It was easy for me to answer all the questions. 对我来说回答所有问题时容易的。

8AUnit3词组 1.

not as large as 没有-----大 2.

leave the children by themselves 把那些孩子独自留下 3. 由 做的 4.

be busy doing sth 忙于做某事 5.

be too busy to help us 太忙而不能帮助我们 6.

show great interest in doing sth = be interested in doing sth 对做----感兴趣(2) 7. 到达江阴

3 8. 9.

teach oneself English= learn English by oneself 自学英语(2) 10.

enjoy oneself= have fun= have a good time 玩的开心(3) 11.

take good care of = look after---well 好好照顾(2) 12.

put the photos on the home page for everyone to look at 把照片放在主页上供大家看 13.

by oneself 独自 14.

go and see it for yourself 你亲自去看看 15.

cheer for our team 为我们队欢呼 16.

keep the secret to oneself 保守秘密 17.

invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 18.

Don ’t tell anybody about this. 不要把这件事告诉任何人。 19.

places of interest= interesting places 名胜(2) 20.

The world itself is becoming smaller and smaller. 世界本身在变得越来越小。 21.

There was too much traffic on the way. 路上有很多车辆。 22.

What a good time we had! 我们玩得多么开心啊! 23.

How sweet the cake tastes! 这蛋糕尝起来多甜啊! 24.

I couldn’t wait to get on it. 我迫不及待地上了车。 25.

It is free for groups of 20 or more students. 它对20个或以上的学生团体免费 26.

The model looks as great as the real one. 模型看上去与真的一样棒。 27.

I can’t believe my eyes. 我不敢相信自己的眼睛。 28.

The cost of the trip is too high. 旅行费用太高。 29.

The match will take place this Saturday. 比赛将于本周六举行。 30. With your support , we will win . 有你们的支持,我们会赢的。 8A Unit4词组


be crazy about doing sth 对做某事很痴迷 2.

leave it in the air for some time 把它放在空气中一段时间 3.

leave the books in the classroom 把书忘记在教室里 4.

forget to do sth 忘记要做某事 5.

leave the children alone 把孩子们独自留下 6.

Don ’t begin your work without reading the instructions. 不要不看说明就开始你的工作。 7.

leave without saying anything 什么也没说就离开了 8.

try to spell each word right 努力把每一个单词拼对 9.

drop the paint on the floor 把颜料掉在地板上 10.

pay someone to do it 花钱请人做这件事 11.

stick it on the cover 把它粘在封面上 12.

an active girl 一个活泼的女孩 13.

make few mistakes 几乎不犯错 14.

paint it blue 把它涂成蓝色 15.

take a course in DIY 参加一个DIY 课程 16.

fill the cup with coffee 把那个杯子倒满咖啡 17.

for example 例如(后加句子) 18.

from one city to another 从一座城市到另一座城市



decide to do sth 决定做某事 20.

tips for doing sth 做某事的提示 21.

go wrong 出错,出故障 22.

cut out pieces of card 剪出几张卡片 23.

attend an important meeting 出席一个重要的会议 24.

show me your finished article 把你写好的文章给我看看 25.

The dish tastes as terrible as it looks. 这道菜尝起来和看以来一样糟糕。 26.

Don ’t give up working hard. 别放弃努力。 27.

Luckily, he didn’t hurt himself. 幸运的是,他没有伤到自己。 28.

Let ’s go shopping instead of staying at home. 让我们去购物吧,别带待在家里了。 29.

Not only the parents but also the child k nows the secret. 不但父母而且那个孩子都知道这个秘密。 30.

You had better tidy up your room. 你最好把你的房间收拾一下。 31.

He lives two floors above me. 他住得比我高两层楼。 32.

Make sure (that) the salad is fresh. 确保沙拉是新鲜的。 33.

His whole house had a power cut. 他家的房子整个都停电了。

一. 根据以下信息The life in my school以为题,用英文写一篇短



2. 上午八点开始,下午四点半结束;

3. 开设许多课程,最喜欢的学科是英语;

4. 每天作业少,最多只有一个小时的作业,有许多时间进行体育活动。每年夏天有两个月的假期。

5. 每月有一次旅游活动。玩得很开心。

My school life is colourful and interesting. It starts at 8:00a.m. and finishes at 4:30 p.m. We have many subjects and my favourite is English. We don’t have too much homework. We have at most one hour of homework every day. We have lots of time for after-school activities. We have two months off in summer every year.

We go on a trip once a month. We have a good time.


二. 介绍一下上周末你去世界公园的旅行

1. 上周末,我参加了去世界公园的学校旅行,在那儿玩得很心;

2. 早上7点乘坐大巴从学校出发,路上交通拥挤,我们花了一


3. 参观了公园内的一些名胜古迹,我不敢相信自己的眼睛,金


4. 我拍了许多照片,并把它们放到主页上了。这次旅程后我更


Last weekend, I joined the school trip to the World Park and had fun there. In the morning, we started from our school at 7:00 by bus. There was much traffic on the road. It took us one hour to get there. We couldn’t wait to get off the bus. We visite d some places of interest in the park, I couldn’t believe my eyes, The model Golden Gate Bridge looked as great as the real one. I took many photos and put them on my home page. I learned more about the world after this trip.

三. 假设你喜欢DIY 。用英文写一篇介绍你的DIY 短文。

1. 你对DIY 着迷,经常在有空时独自做些东西,有时候不得不仔


2. 上周,你认为卧室单调,于是决定把它涂成黄色;

3. 妈妈让你停下,但你继续涂饰,直至卧室的墙和天花板都成



4. 昨天你将一个架子装在床的上方,并将许多故事书放在了它


5. 现在很容易拿到书, 我就不必去书房拿了。

I am crazy about DIY, and I often do some things by myselfwhen I am free. Sometimes I have to read the instructions carefully. Last week, I thought my bedroom was boring, so I decided to paint it yellow. My mother told me to stop, but I kept painting until the walls and the ceiling were all yellow. Yesterday I put up a shelf above my bed, and put many storybooks on it. Now, it is very easy for me to get the books, I don’t have to go to the study for them.