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上课流程:常考话题;话题词汇;活动示范; 思路,句型; 改进,实践,作业



A. 喜欢去风景区旅游

I prefer natural sceneries. Mountain and lake is my favorite. they are very beautiful and very nice, and everything is quiet. I enjoy it.

If we have unhappy thing ,I will go there, because it is quieter .I can concentrate on thinking for working out these difficult problem.

B. 喜欢去名胜古迹旅游

We like to go historical sites. China has a history of 5000 years. There are many historical sites in my country. I can visit them. Visiting them can help me to learn china history.

第二环节:如果该题出现在第二环节, 以下交际话题可以从旅游角度谈




旅游地的不文明现象、乱刻乱画、到此一游等、随地吐痰, 黄金周出行带来的拥堵。




问题:Are you interested in traveling? Why?

Where have you been?

What was your first impression of ...?

Can you say something about the place you travelled?




1. 先描述图片:旅行途中,一成年人在柱子上用笔写下" 到此一游" ,一儿童模仿大人 2. 表达观点:旅行中的不文明现象 3. 危害:损坏文物等;父母或成年人对子女或青少年言传身教的影响;4. 原因:缺乏公德心;损人不利己;5. 措施 当事人:父母应以身作则 相关部门:制定法律法规保护文物、景点设施 我们:提高自身修养,从我做起 讲解词汇和思路串联范例:


According to the pictures we can see/conclude that...

The picture shows/tells/reveals us that...

As is shown/can be seen in the picture/chate...

The picture/table is (gives information) about...

It can be seen from the pictures that...


1) Introducing Your First Point 阐述你的第一个观点

To start with,I'd like to consider... 我想先考虑...... /我想先谈谈......

First of all,I'd like to look at... 首先,我要谈谈......

2) Finishing a Point 结束一个观点

Those are the main points on... 这些是有关...... 的主要看法。 That's all I have to say about... 这就是在...... 方面我所要的说的。 So that,then ,is... 仅此,接着是......

Now we've looked at/dealt with... 到此我们已考虑/讨论了......

3) Starting a New Point 接着阐述另一个观点:

Now let's

turn to...



move on...


I'd like now to






Next we come to... 下面我们来看看......

Turning now to... 接着转向......

Lets move on now to.. 让我们接下去考虑......

The next point i'd like to make is... 我想阐述的下一个观点......

4) Referring to What You Have Said 提及你已说过的

As I said at the beginning.. 正如起初我所说的。

I told you a few moments age that... 刚才,我已告诉你......

In the first part of my talk,I said... 在我讲话的第一部分,我曾说过...... As I've already said,... 就像我已说过的......

As I mentioned earlier,... 正如先初已提及的......

5) Referring to What You Will Say 提述你将要说的

I'll come to that later.过会儿我将提及这点。

I'll return to this point in a few minutes.我将回头谈及这一点。

... and I'll talk about this in the next part of my presentation.......并且我将在讲话的下一部分涉及这一点。

...I'll comment on this in my conclusion.我将在结论中对此加以评述。

6) Summarising 综述

So now I'd just like to summarise the main Points.那么,现在我仅对要点作一概括。 In brief,we have looked at... 简言之,我们已考虑了/已谈到了......

7) Concluding 结论

That's all I have to say for now.这就是现在我所要说的。

(I think)that cover most of the points.(我想)这已概述了多数要点。


1、It have been discussed for a long time that how to deal with the uncivilized behaviors during the travel, such as write on the place of historic interests, or claim to old trees. This kind of things happened in China more often than any other countries. What can we do to prevent those actions? Though we have advocate education of the tourists for years, the situation was not better than be imagined. In my opinion, we still have to encourage the education of our tourists, but with some change. For example, we should not only disseminate "Don't Do Sth.", but also with the reason and an explanation that it is not cool to sign names or words everywhere, in the contrary, we have to ashamed of that. Make a comparison between foreigners and us can also increase our consciousness.

2、7天长假好吗 (旅游途中人满为患的拥堵等)?

Some people can use the seven days reading books or studying, and you know when they are working, they don't have time to do it.

Since most people don't have other vacation time, everybody is travelling during the week-long holidays, so at the beginning and the end of the holidays, place such like airports, train station, long-distance bus station are often over-crowd, for example, in last labor day holiday i went to beach. I want to enjoy the beauty of the seashores and was planning to swim, but when I reached the long-distance bus station, I found that people were everywhere. I swore I would never go travelling in a week-long holiday again.


With people's living standard raised more and more in the recent years, they tend to choose travelling in their spare time. Some people like to choose package tour, while others prefer independent tour.

Actually, both package tour and independent tour have their own advantages and disadvantages, which is largely dependent on people's time, money, and the number of people who plan to be on a tour.

As for me, I am in favor of package tour, because the travel agency will help me arrange for anything about the tour, including the tickets for the train or airplane, for hotels, and for sightseeing. And what I should do is just enjoy the whole journey without worrying about the details.


背诵词汇,背熟一篇 文章


peak/busy/low season for tourism 旺季/淡季

rural excursion/ city tour 乡村/城市观光

a place rich in historic relics 历史古迹

a sacred place for pilgrims 圣地

tourist attraction/sightseeing spots 景点

famous spots and historic sites

feast one's eye/ feed one's eyes independent tour/group tour/individual travel 自助游/组团游

return to nature a must for visitors必到之处 a paradise for sb./sth. shopping tour/ souvenir 购物游

take a scenic drive/ travel afoot 驾车游览/徒步旅行

aquarium 水族馆 pavilion 亭子,楼阁 amusement park botanical garden植物园 tomb garden

famous mountains and great rivers 名山大川


densely-wooded hill/rolling hills

a pool of water/ a torrent of water/flow of water

lash against the bank/water vapor/wander eastward

reflect in the calm water

skip stone on the water

fascinating sight/fantastic sight奇景

an atmosphere of peace and seclusion

an island of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the city

garden architecture

get a bird's eye view of


sheer cliffs and steep mountains

snow-capped/ a vast plain

villa-type holiday village/ folk custom village

广袤无垠的中华大地 the boundless expanse of the Chinese territory

绚丽多姿的自然景观 gorgeous and varied natural scenery

如诗如画 poetic and picturesque

名胜古迹 places of historic interest and scenic beauty

兵马俑 terra-cotta soldiers and horses

故宫 the Imperial Palace

五岳之首 the most famous of China's 5 great mountains



the Imperial Palace


the Forbidden City


Terra Cotta Warriors/soldiers and horses


the Great Wall


Juyongguan Pass


He who doesn't reach the Great Wall is not a true man.